oh, the weather outside is frightful!

But the lightning show’s DELIGHTFUL. I love, love, love summer storms! (I could do without the obnoxious tornado siren, but my local weather bureau’s just lookin’ out for me, I suppose.)

Gabe’s mom just called to see if we knew about the tornado warning.

“Yeah,” Gabe says, “I’m leaning out the bedroom window taking pictures.”

“Taking pictures? You’re supposed to be taking shelter!” (Teehee. I’d need to see an actual funnel cloud heading my way before I’d drag three sleeping beauties from their beddies to the basement.)

While Gabe snapped photos upstairs, I was downstairs finishing up my Bible study homework for tomorrow. If you’ll remember, it involves starting each day on your face before God. (I’m behind, so I did two days this morning and one tonight.) I was on the living room floor listening to the thunder clap and siren whirl and thinking, “Wow, here I am, talking to God on my face. And this is the safest place to be in a tornado–as close to the ground as you can get.” And the safest place I can ever be in any kind of situation? Flat on my face, surrendered to God. Not standing up, dancing all around with my dukes up. Flat on my face, surrendered to God. (I need to remember that.)

Then I sat down to work on my study. The day’s title? The Lord is Your Shelter (Psalm 121). Amen to that.

Anyone get a free Chipotle burrito tonight? Yeah, me neither. But it wasn’t for lack of trying. I can’t blog about it yet, because the disappointment is still too fresh. I believe “deflated” was the word I used when describing my emotions to Gabe. Pbbbbt!! (what’s that sound Terri’s always writing??)

The girls spent some time in their pool and on their new slip-&-slide (Ava’s b-day gift) this afternoon. Good thing because it’s not supposed to be nice again for a few days. The slip-&-slide is probably floating away as I type.

Thanks so much for your prayers for Saturday. I’m gathering some great ideas and feeling much more peace about the whole thing. And anti-climactically, I thumbed through a couple books this afternoon (Blushing and Is That All), and whaddya know? I actually wrote some stuff about guys and girls that I can use. Who knew?

Something random and cool–I was awarded a marketing scholarship from Cec Murphey for my new book Expectant Prayers. It’s a $4500 package of publicity and stuff. More details when I get them. (and I just realized I already mentioned this in my previous post. another brain toot.)

Bug bites/fever update: Minimal complaints of itching/no fever after 9 a.m. today. Woohoo!

Okay, enough of the sirens. It’s almost 1:00 a.m. People are in bed! (where they will die, I suppose, if a tornado hits without warning so never mind.) I’m surprised (but thrilled that) the girls are sleeping through all the loudness.

And now I’m just rambling (and stalling because I hate flossing my teeth, and for the first time in my life I’ve done it every night for four months).

Gabe’s headed to bed, so I think I’ll join him. He seemed surprised that I was blogging again, but I told him that I don’t have time in the morning on Thursdays to blog, and I like to come home from Bible study to lots of comments.

Happy Thursday, friends! Stay safe! Seek Shelter (Psalm 121–it’s a good one)!

25 thoughts on “oh, the weather outside is frightful!

  1. Airdee26

    We have a chipotle just around the corner from us and it was backing up traffic yesterday.  My hubby was going to venture out but decided it wasn’t worth it especially since people from church have been bringing us meals all week. 🙂

    The storms last night were crazy.  Of course with a newborn I was up most of the night and heard just about all of the thunder, lightning and tornado sirens 🙂  Fun Fun!

  2. Nixter77

    I would totally be taking photos out of the window too – very cool!

    Yay for your scholarship. Do they want to give you an ‘Australian Scholarship’ too so you can come here?

    Glad bug bites and fevers are better 🙂

    Love you

  3. kellycohan

    @DerrickandKenny – @jenhul – I agree with the comparison between Qdoba and Chipotle (as an avid lover of both). Chipotle’s carnitas burrito is fabulous, but so is Qdoba’s mango chicken salad… mmm…

    Marla – where did you hear about the free Chipotle burrito? I know it’s too late, and I don’t mean to prolong your despair about not getting one… but I’m curious.

  4. MarlaSaunders

    Marla, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I felt as if I were sitting in your living room watching you think out loud. Which of course is the sign of a great writer in your genre!

    And not to be redundant, but thank you for the reminder that flat on our face is not always a bad place to be. Isn’t it creative of God to have so many ways to get us on our faces?

    Here it is hurricanes, which come with lovely bunches of warnings. My secret is that I love a near miss on hurricanes. You get to eat all that cool food you stocked up on (which is why I always include ice cream: power goes out and you simply MUST eat it before it melts!), everyone takes off work and hangs out in their yards (putting up shutters, but still…) and the adrenalin flows. My kind of day.

    Thanks again!

  5. jenhul

    How exciting about the publicity money!
    Sorry about the disappointing trying-to-get-free-Chipotle experience. I’ve never actually been there, but LOVE Qdoba…and I’ve heard it is similar. Our first year being married we lived off the buy-one-get-one-free coupons from Qdoba. It made for delicious, cheaper, more frequent dates! I acquired quite a few coupons…thats another story.

  6. FlyingCAB

    I love summer storms!  I am impressed with your morning devo schedule – I know that’s not why you do it or blog about it – but still, it’s a great effort and commitment.  I just keep thinking – ewww, my carpet is gross and smells like a dog no matter how many times I vacuum it.  Would face flat on the bed count do you think??

  7. stephaniedawnbasham

    I had two or three people ask me last night at youth group if any of my family was caught in the storms/ tornadoes/ flash floods that they heard about all over the news in the Midwest. I said, uh, I don’t know…

    The weather is so boring here. Our storms last 8 seconds. Boo.

    I want to see the pictures that Gabe took from your window!

    Love and miss you!

  8. Anonymous

    I’m so laughing at tonialynn’s hubby on the porch and Gabe hanging out a window!  Neal stood on our front porch for most of the storm too!  I’m in watching the TV to see if I have to go wake up the girls (I’m so with you on that one) and he’s out seeing if it’ll make a good picture or not!  I’m just thrilled we were all safe, and blessings to us all, the girls slept through it too!!  Off to read Ps 121.  Love to ya, girl!  Glad to hear the girls are feeling better!  Happy Thursday!

  9. rocknnell

    Rock, wanted me to call………. just to see….we knew you had it under control…colubus tv said….after gabe said he was hanging out the window…”stay away from windows” we had to laugh.

  10. faithchick

    we watched the storms for a few minutes from our window.  actually, it was just lightning, but we couldn’t stop watching because we could not figure out if it was police lights that had pulled somone over or lightning.  it was that constant and flashy.

    how’d i miss the free burrito thing?  not that i want one, but i could have sent matt for dinner & then I wouldn’t have had to cook—-oh…wait.  we had pizza. 

  11. KmHunsberger

    After MANY people’s rave review of Chipotle I am expecting something out of this world if/when I ever get to go there. We don’t have one here .

    Pretty awesome about being flat on your face during a tornado…I need to remember that next time we have a warning…bc ususally I am in the basement with a pillow over my head rocking back and forth begging God to spare my family. My all-time phobia are tornados. P -E-T-R-I-F-I-E-D. Thankfully, we get like one warning every few years

    Hope you had an awesome morning at Bible Study.

  12. kellycohan

    So the tornado sirens go off even if there’s no actual tornado in the area? That would be irritating if the idea wasn’t to, you know, save people’s lives! Love how your whole post comes back around to God as our great protector and provider.

  13. schmett73

    Marla, I’m sorry, I really meant to throw myself into your blog entry and learn a thing or two from it, but I just couldn’t get past the fact that I missed a FREE CHIPOTLE BURRITO????  Chipotle is my favorite place EVER.  I’m going to beg my husband to take me there this weekend.  If one ever opens up within five miles from our house, we’re in serious trouble.

    No, really, I did take some things from your entry, not the least of which is how faithful God is to embed lessons in everyday occurrences, like looming storms.  Wow.  Flat on our faces before God is definitely the safest place to be.  You’ve motivated me to plant myself there this afternoon. 

    Congratulations on the marketing scholarship!  That’s no small thing!

    Praise God that the sickies and uncomfies seem to be vacating your house finally.  Blessings a-plenty to you and yours today. Stay safe!


  14. kellyleelizabeth

    Hey, we had a summer lightning/thunder storm last night too! It kept me awake half the night, and I could barely drag myself out of bed.

    I stole your blog title idea and played that clip from the song before my weather reports/recap of my sleepless night this morning. 🙂 I also talked about your Chipotle experience. Boooooo. 🙁

    Sooo… thank you for providing the material for half of my show this morning. Heeeeeee!

  15. gsowell

    ^Ditto about the dancing around with my dukes up.^

    Here’s another comment for you to come home to (you’re starting to sound like me, blantantly campaigning for comments!!! LOL!).

    Marla, I think you’re incredible. I thank God for the friendship He’s grown between us in the short time I’ve known you. You challenge me to no end: on my parenting, on my faith, on my marriage, on my writing. And you do it without even knowing you are doing it, 99% of the time. God is using you mightily, and I am honored to call you friend.

    And I’m giving my hairdresser a copy of Diapers today! Yippee!!!!

  16. jessyomama

    My favorite quote of the day = “I was on the living room floor listening to the thunder clap and siren whirl and thinking, “Wow, here I am, talking to God on my face. And this is the safest place to be in a tornado–as close to the ground as you can get.” And the safest place I can ever be in any kind of situation? Flat on my face, surrendered to God. Not standing up, dancing all around with my dukes up. Flat on my face, surrendered to God. (I need to remember that.)”

    Thanks! I need to hear that, um, every day. Maybe I’ll make a sticky note and put it on my fridge.

  17. tonialynn59

    Our pastor just mentioned this recently about women/kids taking shelter and men standing outside looking for the storm like they are going to take it on and save their family.  I know Mike stands on our porch in a storm.

    I love what I’m hearing from you about Stepping Up.  Can’t wait till we do that.  I think we are doing Believing God this fall and Stepping Up after that.

  18. M3mine

    It’s almost 3AM and we here in Clark Co. Ohio (due west) are up with more thunderstorms, so I’m checking Xanga and hoping you in the east are not still up with tornado warnings.  I’m going to read Ps.121 cause I can hear more storms west of us.  Thank you for the suggestion.

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