oh, sweetie…

In which a veteran mom hijacks her old journals and gently pokes fun at her newbie-mom self…

October 25, 2000―Following in the footsteps of my dear mama, I’m starting my first prayer journal. With less than two months to go before our first baby comes, the focus of this journal will be our children. But I won’t limit it to just them. This won’t be an all-inclusive journal of everyday happenings. But it will be a record of the intercession I make for others, namely our children. And it will be a record of God’s faithfulness in answering my prayers. In the years to come, I will be able to look back at all the amazing answers to prayer and thank him yet again for all he has done.

November 23, 2012―Holy cow, dude. Them’s some lofty goals. You sure you’ll be able to keep up this poetic mumbo-jumbo? In all seriousness, you’re right on one account. You’ll look back at these journals one day and thank Jesus. But there’s going to be some rough stuff in these pages―and some hilarity. Let’s take a look.

November 21, 2000―Gabe accepted the job, and they assured him that my labor, delivery, and recovery would be covered by his new insurance. Whew!

November 23, 2012―Well, that’s awesome. Gabe’s last day on his old insurance is Friday, December 1. His first day on his new insurance is Monday, December 4. As long as you don’t have the baby from 12:01 a.m on December 2nd to 11:59pm on December 3rd, you’re fine. Your baby isn’t due until Christmas Eve. And first babies rarely come early.

November 30, 2000―I really wouldn’t mind having a baby this weekend. Not in the least.

November 23, 2012―Well, aren’t you the little prophet?

December 2, 2000―Today is Baby Day. Absolutely unbelievable. I’m in a hospital bed with an IV in my hand, and monitors on my stomach. This is unreal.

November 23, 2012―Hold on tight, girl. It’s the first day of the rest of your life.

December 3, 2000―I just took a shower and put on make-up, and I feel marvelous. Seriously. I’m a bit sore, and I can’t poop (just pass gas), but I feel great. I still look pregnant, but I have a beautiful baby to prove I’m not.

November 23, 2012―Those are the drugs talking, sweetie. But you’re right―your baby girl is beautiful.

December 8, 2000―I must admit I’m feeling a little of the baby blues. I am soooo happy to have Olivia―she brings me complete joy. Last night as I nursed her I just cried and cried. She means the world to me, and my love for her is so intense. It’s so intense sometimes that it just hurts. Is this what it means to be a mother? It’s like I want her to get bigger quickly so my love and concern for her will lessen in intensity. But I don’t suppose it will.

November 23 2012―Bless your heart. You’ve supposed correctly. But the postpartum hormones will fade, making that love for your children more bearable. Sometimes though it will beat so hard it hurts.

December 27, 2000―I got my first hemorrhoids this weekend. Fun.

November 23, 2012―Oh, sweetie. I’m not even going to tell you what happens to you later in life. Let’s just say that pooping will never again be the joy it once was. Enjoy it while you can.

January 18, 2001―10 Things I Want to Do Before I Get Pregnant Again: 1.) clean out the guest room. 2.) learn how to sew. 3.) pay off credit card (and Dad) 4.) renew teacher’s license. 5.) start photo business. 6.) catch up completely on all scrapbooks and photo albums. 7.) lose my pregnancy weight. 8.) get rid of everything we don’t need.

November 23, 2012―You always have been an ambitious one. Let’s see. You fell pregnant (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase) about eight months after you wrote that list by which time you had accomplished exactly one item on it (#7). Nearly 12 years later, you checked off exactly one more (#3). Way to go!

April 25, 2001―Livi is such a sweet little creature. And she won’t be a baby for long. She’ll sit up when I lay her in her crib. She’ll get up and walk away when I set her on the floor. She’ll answer when I ask her a question…

November 23, 2012―She’ll roll her eyes when you tell her to clean her room. She’ll make excuses when you ask her why she isn’t listening. She’ll start wearing a bra and size 9 in women’s shoes…

(Stay tuned for the next installment sometime in the next three years…)

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  3. joyce

    I love this. I have to say keep journaling. This fall my oldest (age 24) and her longtime college boyfriend broke up. She was heartbroken-she definitely thought he was the one. We loved the boy, and while he is a tender hearted young man he is not a Christian. (He is definitely seeking so we’re praying for him still). Anyway, in the midst of all her heartache and tears I pulled out my journals from way back when and was able to read some to her…the bits about her sweetness and her heart for Jesus and my prayers about her future mate and how God would roadblock her from going into a marriage ‘unequally yoked’. I think my words written years before this event really helped her see the breakup in a different light. In her spirit she knew that she could not marry him as things stood, but seeing my words written out in prayer so many years before she even met this boy really helped her see the situation from another perspective.

    Sorry to be so long…all that to say keep journaling : )

  4. Marcy

    I love it when someone else isn’t afraid to use the word “poop” in their blog. LOL! You cracked me up…oh, did it again!

    LOVED it! Wished I’d kept a journal all those years…oh yah, it’s called a blog and I started it only 3 yrs ago.

  5. Shannon B

    This totally made my night, and completely encouraged me to start my own journal, and look at it again when my 3 year old starts high school. 😉

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