oh, sweetie… (part 2)

In which a veteran mom hijacks her old journals and gently pokes fun at her newbie-mom selfโ€ฆ

(Read Part 1 here.)

And, um, guys (as in menfolk), just so you know, even though I’m not sharing EVERYTHING from my journal, some of the, uh, “graphic” stuff might have made the cut. Beware.

September 10, 2001–I don’t know about this weaning thing. My boobs are sooooo small, and only the left one is making any milk. I feel so deflated. It’s really an odd feeling. I mean, I feel a little sad and a little depressed. But I guess I’m okay with it too. I’d really like to be pregnant again. And not just to get my big boobs back. I know one thing–my hopes of having big boobs after my childbearing days are over… are over. Oh well. There are more important things in life, eh?

November 27, 2012–Ding, ding, ding! You were so right! No big kahunas for you, sweet thing! (for the most part, you’ll learn to be pretty accepting of the body God gave you–it’s awfully freeing, by the way) And you’re right about something else too. There are more important things in life. In fact, just a few short hours after you wrote that, you spent the day glued to the boob tube (ahem) in shock and horror as lots and lots of people died in New York City (and Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania) at the hands of some very misguided religious fanatics.

October 10, 2001–We get to meet our new niece tonight! I’m so excited! This reeeeeally makes me want another baby! We haven’t really been trying, but we haven’t not been trying either…

November 27, 2012–Congratulations, girlfriend!! You were actually already pregnant when you wrote those words!! After months and months of trying for Baby #1, it took you about 3 minutes to get knocked up with Bebe Numero Deux.

{I can’t find the journal I wrote in while I was pregnant with Ava, so I’ll have to catch up on that another time…}

June 23, 2002–Ava is three days old. She is such a doll. She is soooooo good. It would be so great if that lasted. She’s so calm and easygoing.

November 27, 2012–Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Ava?? Calm and easygoing??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Good one.

June 25, 2002–I don’t feel so hot. My body aches. I haven’t been resting. I’ve been making long trips to Wal-Mart and cleaning and pumping milk and changing the sheets Ava peed all over and taking care of two beautiful girls. My bleeding is still bright red and kind of heavy and clotting. The nurse at Dr. N’s office told me bright red blood means I’m doing too much.

November 27, 2012–Oh, sweetie. Ten years later, you’re still doing too much. But good news! The bleeding stopped!

June 26, 2002–I’m watching Oprah, and it’s all about moms who started businesses from home. It’s really inspiring. I really want to write more books. I wonder how I can work that into my life. I probably can’t start today.

November 27, 2012–Um, hon, not to be a nag, but wasn’t it just yesterday that you were bleeding all over and DOING WAY TOO MUCH?? You have an 18-month-old and a SIX-DAY-OLD. How about you sit down, take a deep breath, and start that book TOMORROW?

July 2, 2002–I hope for Ava’s sake that she’s pretty like Livi. And I’d love for her to have curly hair, but she seems to have more of my traits than Gabe’s. We shall see!

November 27, 2012–We shall see indeed! A beautiful mop of curls we shall see! The curliest hair of all your girlies. And yes, she turns out to be pretty like Livi.

July 9, 2002–Livi went pee-pee in her new potty tonight. Wow! My little girl is growing up!

November 27, 2012–Oh, sweetie. I’m happy for you and your little girl. But you don’t even want to know how many days until she’s really, truly potty-trained. I’ll give you a hint. It’s a number greater than 400.

July 11, 2002–I really don’t have time to be writing in a journal, but I don’t have a prayer of remembering a single blessed thing about these last three weeks if I don’t write stuff down. It already seems like such a blur. I’m sure if I’d read back over what I wrote yesterday, I wouldn’t remember any of it.

November 27, 2012–True story.

July 12, 2002–Livi just put Big Bird on her potty and then sat on him. She hasn’t gone on her potty since that first night.

November 27, 2012–{snicker, snicker}.

September 11, 2002–I’ve been throwing lots of stuff away. I’m trying to simplify our lives so that when we move, our lives will be less chaotic and stressful. Help me, Lord, to reeeeally do it this time!

November 27, 2012–I think I just prayed that same prayer last night.

November 11, 2002–Lord, you know how frustrating this day was for me. I’m trying to potty-train Livi, and she’s really fighting it. She did pee twice (and 2x on the floor) but it was a big struggle. I feel like a failure. And I really get annoyed (although I’m trying not to) when Janelle [Gabe’s mom] tells me how easy it was to potty-train her boys before they were two. And how she can count on one hand how many times they disobeyed her their whole lives. It sounds like they were just absolutely perfect. How about I adopt an attitude of humility and not let it get to me?

November 27, 2012–Good luck with that.

12 thoughts on “oh, sweetie… (part 2)

  1. Hannah

    Thanks so much for sharing Marla! I’m sure your journals will be as much a treasure for your daughters as they are for you now!

    I’m sure they will appreciate your honesty as they go through the same trials later on.

    God bless you!

  2. Joy

    Sooo, not to start a controversy or anything but was Ava not as cute as a baby or something? ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think my husband was the cutest baby ever and everyone thinks I am weird and “when I am a mother I will think all babies are beautiful”. Like your brain is rewired or something??? Just so there is no confusion, he did grow into a very hot guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sharon

    Marla – loving this! And can so relate to missing the large chest after you are no longer pregnant/nursing. Though, now that I’m at the end stages of pregnancy, I miss being able to wear any old top and not being worried about accidentally showing too much when I bend over to help my daughter with something!

    Potty training – ahhh! We are in the throws of it right now. Started back in August. My daughter did awesome for about 10 days. But she has regressed big time since then. My Mom swears she can’t remember having any trouble potty training me and my two siblings. Why am I having so much trouble??? I’m gonna tell my husband about the 400 days. I’m trying to convince him that the trouble we are having is very common. My niece started potty trained at the same time as my daughter and is now back in diapers full time…..

    1. Marla Taviano

      How old is she? All 3 of my girls were really close to 3 by the time they were all the way potty-trained. And I refuse to listen to anything older moms say about their angelic, perfect children from years and years ago. They obviously didn’t keep a journal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Sharon

        lol! She was 2.5 when we started, she’ll be 3 in January. So with the next one, I guess we will just wait a bit longer to even start.

        1. Sharon

          P.S. We haven’t even attempted going w/o diapers for naps/bedtime. I’m not a fan of restricting liquids and she goes sooo much at night, I can’t imagine her staying dry that long.

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