oh my, oh my, oh dinosaurs!

Ever read that Sandra Boynton book? I used to read it to Livi all the time when she was little. Have no idea what made me think of it. Anyway, I am feeling overloaded and overwhelmed by the enormity of this week and all that comes with moving, little sisters’ weddings, writing deadlines and getting internet access after days of deprivation (actually, I didn’t feel all that deprived–it was quite helpful not to have the xanga/e-mail temptation for a time).

I have too much to say tonight and will probably have to resort to a bulleted, abbreviated list in order to convey even half of what is racing through my mind. Here goes…

  • Just minutes ago, Ava was crying from her bed, “I feel like I’m getting sick!” Please, God, no. She is supposed to be a flower girl on Saturday, and I am supposed to be a bridesmaid. Sickness is not an option.
  • I can tell I haven’t been on the computer in awhile. Every other word (and I am NOT exaggerating!) I mess up, and have to backspace and start over. This is absolutely ridiculous.
  • It is pouring down rain. I love it. But I have this sick feeling that there is something I forgot outside and it is getting ruined. ???
  • Nina has 2 teeth. She grew them when I wasn’t looking. Yesterday I just happened to catch a glimpse of her gums, and one is all the way through, the other is peeking/poking. Wow.
  • My friend Cami came to take pictures of us for a few hours today–not posed pictures, but real-life pics for a project she is doing on stressed-out moms of young ones and helping them find hope. She got some real winners of me. 🙂
  • Ava is now parked beside my desk with a pillow, blanket, and plastic bowl.
  • Gabe and I share an office now. His side is completely organized, put away, set up–it looks great. Mine is in shambles.
  • Nix, I would love to talk to you more about book promo stuff in Australia. You are such a dear. Han, you too! Thank you for being my friends!
  • Jess, love the hair and the ultrasound pic and my cinnamon-y lip gloss! I’ll send you my address.
  • Yea for Ivy rolling over! Isn’t that just the greatest?
  • I cannot believe my little sister is getting married in THREE days. This is just happening waaaaaaaay too fast.
  • I love, love, love our new home/neighborhood/back yard. I do NOT love all the mess that is taking forever to get put away. Or the lavender (ar?) living room walls.
  • When buying floor lamps, it is better to spend 19.99 than 8.49.

So much more to say, no more time! It’s good to be back!

7 thoughts on “oh my, oh my, oh dinosaurs!

  1. rachmckinney

    yes, unpacking will come…enjoy your sister’s wedding! i hope ava feels better, what bad timing that is! awesome that nina got teeth:she must be an easy teether, that’s good for you! it so unds like life is busy for you:) enjoy each moment you can, even if it is crazy! glad you are back:)

  2. KmHunsberger

    I missed your wonderful posts!!! Oh no…return of the puke! Did it happen?? Landon had another cold last week…and yes, of course, the coughing led to gagging which led to…yeah…wonderful!

    I cannot imagine how much you have on your plate right now (not literally of course 🙂 )Wow!

  3. chrissyheartsjason

    hi Marla.  i ordered your book *from blushing bride to wedded wife* about a month or so ago, and i love it so far!  i’m not a fast reader, but it’s good! 

    i also want to tell you a few things that we have in common.  first of all, Deni and Drew (that were at your house tonight) are good friends.  my husband and i (whom i will get to in a minute) went to BBC with Drew.  secondly, my husband, Jason Schneider, was a counselor at Scioto hills in the summer of 98 and he was friends with your brother in law, Tugg.  he also mentioned something about knowing you and Gabe as well.  thirdly, i believe you were a counselor my last summer at Scioto Hills…were you counsleing with Rachel Beecher?  she was my counselor in the summer of, i believe 97.  fourthly, now this is the kicker…Mike McCleese is my supervisor at work.  and he and Jim Black go to the same church, in Pickerington.  he tells us stories of Cedarville all the time and he’s even showed us pictures. 

    anyway, i just wanted to stop by your site and tell you all of that fun stuff.  hope you’re getting settled in your new place!  where is it exactly?

  4. Nixter77

    glad to hear your bulleted list of things you have been up too.  two teeth = very exciting.  sick little girl = not very exciting at all. 

    re: books, just email me when you have time and we can chat about it AND it’s a pleasure to be able to help.

    Nixie 😉

  5. hcole86

    Even you’re bulleted points are interesting – you certainly have a gift for writing! About that promo….if you want to come over to help, that would be cool – oh heck, bring the whole fam with you!

    I pray you’ll get some rest, some much needed rest and that Ava won’t get sick.

  6. mrsnorthern8605

    I had a great time getting to know you and Gabe tonight! I know Andrew did too! Can’t wait to do it again sometime. And once we move, we can have you all over! Have a great night!

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