oh, blessed spring! please don't go!

22 thoughts on “oh, blessed spring! please don't go!

  1. Martha

    Okay truth.. I love the pictures. I covet the blog layout!!!!!

    Gabe.. Granny wants a sweet clean beautiful blog site like Marla’s. It is the absolute best ever!

    Of course I wouldn’t ever have the blogging (writing talent) of your dear sweetie. But I’d sure love a blog to try on that looked this nice.

    Then maybe you could take my pics too!!

    Love you guys

  2. Allison

    FLOWERS! When we left our house in Tennessee my daffodils and tulips were just coming up…I miss watching them grow already! I wonder what spring means in Alaska? Today it is about 0 degrees!

  3. Missy

    I love snow crocuses. It was the first flower in my parents yard every year and I loved, loved, loved seeing them!

    Hang in there..spring will be here soon (for good)!

  4. Stephanie

    I like that you and Livi and Nina are all sitting the same way with your legs and hands in that last picture.

    LOVE the one of Ava taking a picture. She’s like a little ball of pink cuteness.

  5. Mary

    What beautiful pictures!! When y’all were getting the warm weather we were FREEZING AGAIN! In Texas it’s been in the 60’s, 70’s for a few weeks and then bam! Another brush with the 40’s. To us, that is way too cold to function 🙂 The first picture is one of those you should put on your mantle…fantastic timing!

  6. Holly V.

    I am coveting the photos…..and the camera. I really must talk to Gabe about his camera……

    Hugs to you today.

  7. Joyce

    You should definitely enter that first pic in a photo contest somewhere….what an awesome shot. We had a beautiful spring day here yesterday too…God knew I needed the sunshine and to see my cherry tree blooming when I had to put my daughters on their flight back to the US. Happy Monday!

  8. Sarah

    Love it! That is such a cool park – my husband has taken me there when we are back in town visiting. My crocus are blooming too (or were before the dog trampled them) and soon the daffodils too!

  9. janelle taviano

    Crocus’s ? – MOM loved Crocus’s…we would drive to find the first ones of spring…usually in country club hills on the way home from Grace Baptist …yeah they are there…not here yet….lol ( you live so far south !)

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