october fights back!

UPDATE: Hugely Pregnant and Adorable Mary just called me from her hospital bed in TX. She’s 5 cm. dilated and waiting for her epidural. We chatted and laughed and prayed, then I sent her on her Mary way to push baby Jake into the Big Wide World. Love you, Mary! Baby Jake update in the morn!

My hugely pregnant friend Mary (is it okay if I call you that, Mare?) wrote a post last week that struck a chord deep, deep within me. She asserted that people with October birthdays have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, shafted.

Just look at the calendar hanging on your wall. Provided you remembered to flip the page a week ago, more likely than not, you’re staring at a hideous picture of goblins or jack-o-lanterns (or a puppy dressed as a witch).

Mary (who turns 26 on the 10th) is married to Seth (who is just four days her junior), and they’re expecting baby Jake sometime before Hideous Calendar Page Month comes to an end.

That poor family.

As a girl who was born on Halloween, I told Miss Mary she had nothin’ on me. And it only gets worse with age. As my birthday nears, my darling children aren’t plotting sweet surprises for their mama’s special day so much as they’re plotting how many different Beggars’ Nights they can go to in one week.

Call me the Trick-or-Treat Martyr.

I’m thinking from now on, all October calendar pages should be adorned with something like this.

I don’t know who to petition about this injustice, but I’m not just going to lie down and take it.

Okay, so maybe I am.

Anyway. I’m curious.

1. What’s your Birthday Month?

2. And where do you think it ranks among the other 11 as far as Cool Calendar Pages go? (1 being the awesomest, 12 the lamest)?

3. And why?

51 thoughts on “october fights back!

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  2. O

    I have a November Bday which I love, sometimes it falls the day before Thanksgiving too so I get to think the whole family gathering is all about me. Luckily I love pumpkin pie because that has been my birthday cake alot!
    I’d rate it a 12!

  3. Brownie

    I have something in common with one of your bloggers. Gail and I were born on April 17 and seem to agree that that is a great birthday. She referenced the occasional occurrence of celebrating on Easter. Approximately every eleven years that has occurred, and believe me I have lived through a lot of those cycles and am thankful for every one. I might also mention that I named my first child Gail, but she was born March 30. Spring is my favorite season so I like everything about the day that I was born — We celebrate the Resurrection which clinched God’s salvation plan, and the plants and trees in Ohio soon begin reminding us of that new life as they show us that though they appeared dead, they are really alive. I want you to know that there will come a day when people will attend my funeral. I will not be dead. I will be more alive than ever before. I am looking forward to that.

  4. Nixie

    May is the bestest month ever to have a birthday ;P

    It’s pretty much right in the middle of the year – it’s Spring (in England anyways) – and I just love the sound of May!!!!!!! And it’s right between Christmas’

    My poor son was born 1 week before Christmas – that sucks and gives October a run for it’s money!!!

  5. Melissa R

    September! It’s the #1 month in my book. It’s a month of perfect weather (esp this year) and every once in awhile, my bday falls on Labor Day. With school starting, there’s lots of crisp new things in our house. It’s a time of new beginnings. I was just thinking last month that it is the most perfect month for a birthday. Marla, I think you need to make a photo calendar for 2010!!

  6. Holly V.

    Seriously….you think OCTOBER is the worst month? Seriously?

    My bday is in December. Its always forgotten or “rescheduled” because it is stuck in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Or better yet….family feel they only need to give you one gift for both occasions. Really. OH…and one more thing…..all my birthday gifts are wrapped in CHRISTMAS PAPER. Christmas napkins, Christmas everything….and did I mention my name is HOLLY?

    Good thing I like Christmas, eh? But I’ll have you know that both my kids have summer birthdays! 😉

  7. Hannah

    I’m a Feb baby, and I don’t like it because it means I don’t get all the cute winter accessories that you get when you’re born in winter! Even Christmas for us is in summer, so I totally miss out!

    Plus it’s Valentine’s – so Feb is always filled with love heart pages on the calender. Boring!

  8. Shannah

    I’m with Cousin Kelly, as we share a birthday (yay for Feb. 16th). On calendars, February is either all about presidents or Valentines Day. How about a nice winter scene?!?

  9. Rachele

    I’m a December baby, the 28th to be exact and I used to think it sucked because it was too close to Christmas, but my parents have always been good about keeping it all separate. And, I never had to go to school on my birthday which was awesome! I rank December as a 6 because it’s a nice happy month with lots of holiday spirit and remembering Jesus’ birth, but too cold for outside parties.

  10. Mandy

    My birthday is in January. I give it a 1 for calendar pages, a 4 for best-time-of-year-to-have-a-birthday (my sons were born in spring and summer and I think pool parties rock!) It’s kind of cool (lit. and fig.)having been born during the first month of the year. I usually have nice snowy woodland scenes on my calendars, and I don’t mind getting a few more gifts after Christmas. I don’t really enjoy getting together with family AGAIN after the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s marathon, but that’s just because I’m a grumpy, reclusive sort who doesn’t enjoy more than one party per month. Give me a night alone with my husband for my birthday and I’m happy.

  11. Sarah S

    I’m a January baby, specifically the 11th, and that’s too close to Christmas. I was always jealous of summer birthdays because their gifts are spread out in the year (like my husband in July). Then, in high school, my birthday was always during exam week and easily forgotten. I went to a small school where they read birthdays during morning PA announcements… except during exam week!

    I don’t understand the complaints about calendar pages though. I mean, aren’t you in control of which calendar you buy? I am very much enjoying my October image of a beautiful flowering tree in the middle of a typical Brooklyn backyard (reminds me of the wonderful book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn). And I love Mel’s idea about DIY photo calendars!

  12. Christy Lockstein

    I do believe that kids born in December get the worst shaft. They never get as many presents because it’s so close to Christmas, but I do think that my birthday in August is pretty rotten. I don’t know about what the calendar picture would be because Dad always had up a tractor calendar, but for timing, it has to be an 11. My birthday is the 28th, so it was always just before or just after the first day of school, which was too soon in the year to be bringing cupcakes. I never had a fun birthday party, because they just included cousins and neighbors, or kids of my mom’s friends. August kids get ripped!

  13. Leica

    June is my birth month, so there is always a pretty summer picture on the calendar! However, I have a “Friendly Kritters Inspirational Calendar” which is give to us McGill girls every Christmas by our wonderful Mother-in-law/grandma. This calendar is chock-full of really cute drawings by Tom Allen, with whimsical animals every month, and a great scripture verse each month too! I love these calendars and the giver! It has become quite a tradition for us. This month is a picture of a cat, and two dogs playing in beautiful fall leaves. The scripture? Psalm 118:24 “This is the day which the Lord hath made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

  14. Emily

    I have a November Birthday.

    November is the best month of the year. Pumpkin Pie. Apple Cider. Corn Mazes. Orange, Red and Yellow Leaves. Crisp, cool air. Jackets and scarves. Thanksgiving. Time with Family. Anticipating Christmas.

    Need I say more?

  15. Denise N.

    I was born Sept. 12 and I give it a 12 of lame – though I have calandars that have nature on them too…but still…eh september is when school starts, fall starts.

  16. Cousin Kelly

    February 16th. Tacky red and pink hearts and cheap chocolates. But you know, I kind of love my birthday month despite all the hideous decorations. Valentines Day, my birthday, Presidents Day… It sort of makes my b-day seem like a national holiday. But right now February sounds really, really depressing. :/

  17. Mel

    It occurred to me while reading your blog today that I haven’t bought an old-fashioned picture calendar in several years. I have become entirely dependent on Outlook, and on the rare occassions where I need to put a calendar on the wall for family purusal (for those busy weeks or months when there’s just too much going on), I print out that month from Outlook.

    My advice to you, Marla, since you have some many great pictures, is to take them to Staples (or Walmart or wherever you prefer) and have them print you your very own custom calendar for next year. And while you’re at it, print some extras so give out to family and friends at Christmas. Then you can choose what goes on October and make it your favorite picture!

  18. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    I’m a June baby and I have to say, I think we June-ers are pretty much Top Five in calendar pages. Roses, pastoral picnics, strawberries . . . all of these are quite common for those born under that (mostly) Gemini sign! In fact, all four of us have pretty good calendar months (we’ve got January, August, and September, too).

    Fun post! I’ve never, ever thought about that before. I need to grow in my calendar page compassion.

  19. Elizabeth

    My birthday is in November, which I love, so I give it a #1. It’s in the fall, my favorite season, and it’s far enough away from Thanksgiving that I don’t have to share my special day with a holiday. When we were trying to get pregnant with Jake, I calculated and if I got pregnant in January, my due date would have been October 31st. So we waited a month and he was born on November 20th! My g’ma’s birthday was October 30, but most of us think it was actually October 31st and she changed it so it wasn’t on Halloween. We never knew her true birthday. Just an idea:)

    I’ve been thinking about you a ton! I’m clearly behind on all things computer-related, but you’re at the top of my list to re-connect with. Love you! Can you believe it’s been 6 months since you were here?!

  20. Teresa

    My birthday is in August. When I was in school I was always a little sad that I didn’t get to have the “birthday celebration” in class like everyone else. When I became a teacher, I took all the summer birthdays and we assigned a day during the school year to celebrate their birthday. I don’t mind it now so much. I am a single mom of three and they usually forget that it is my birthday until half way through the day! So I have kind of given up on celebrating it! Which is fine with me…as I scoot over the fourty yard line!

    I think that creating your own calendar with pictures of your family would be a great fight back tool to those lame commercial calendars. 🙂

  21. Krysten

    I have a September birthday and love it! It had cooled down a little but still warm enough to have an outdoor party. There is also a tradition in my family to take a birthday horse ride. September works well because the weather is nice and hunting season does not start until later.

  22. Kristi

    Not sure that I’ve ever commented on your site, but I just had to say having a birthday in Dec. (2) STINKS. Okay, I’m over it. 🙂 My family has always done well with recognizing my birthday, but as I’ve gotten older (I’ll be 30 this year — gasp!) I have gotten the occasional Christmas dish towel… Then to make matters worse my husband’s birthday is Dec. 27, we got married Dec. 28 and have a little boy who will be 1 Dec. 16. In defense of getting married in Dec. it was between semesters in school and we had waited long enough! Thankfully our daughter’s birthday is in April, which has to be close to the perfect birthday month!

    P.S. LOVED your book Changing the World One Diaper at a Time Needed it badly at the moment! God bless!

  23. Erica

    answering your questions wouldn’t be that exciting. BUT i have always felt bad for my sister and her December birthday…I mean how do you compete with our Savior’s birthday?? and my husband’s grandmother’s birthday is 9/11, I feel bad for her… I mean are you allowed to celebrate?

  24. deanna

    I’m a September kid. I love the birthstone (sapphire). Sometimes my birthday falls on Labor Day, which is fine by me because that just means I get a day off work to celebrate! 🙂

    One really cool thing about my birthday is my mom had to have an emergency c-section with me and I was born at 11:59 PM. The doctor asked my mom which day she wanted my birthday to be on.

    I also know a set of twins with different birthdays because a similar thing happened. Their mom had to have an emergency c-section and one was born at 11:53 PM and the other born at 12:08 AM the next morning.

  25. whimzie

    My birth month is December. It’s a given that my calendar page will have something to do with Christmas. I love Christmas. It makes for a happy, pretty, festive page, but it’s always Christmas. So I’d rate it high for aesthetic beauty but low for originality.

    Do nature or animal calendars have ugly October pages? How about a nice Marjolein Bastin calendar?

  26. Erin R

    My birthday is in January (so is Savannah’s). I always thought January birthday’s were bad because everyone has just celebrated Christmas and little thought goes to your birthday. But now that I’m a parent and older birthday’s just aren’t the same as they were when I was little. Savannah’s birthday is 5 days before mine…so her birthday will always overshadow mine. Which is fine because like I said, now that I’m older it seems like just another day 🙂

  27. Kaye

    December, ug:( In fact 3 of us have Dec. birthdays, more ug:(
    Have always said I changed it myself to the 4th of July, and like it so much better:) Of course my siblings are sweet enough that they now recognize both of them. Think they feel sorry for me (ha), being a middle child and having a late December birthday just isn’t fair, right??!!
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  28. Crissy

    I am an April baby! I like my birthday month, I would say it is around a 12. (Only because it is my month)

    I think that every month has it’s good and bad points when it comes to calendar pages. However, in our house I usually make a big deal, all month long, about the person having the birthday that month. After all it is about celebrating their birth right?! We all count down to the person’s B-day! (10 days until your birthday! woohoo!) Then count down after too! (2 days past your b-day! Woohoo!)

    22 Days Until your Birthday Marla!!! WooHoo!

  29. Conny

    My bday is November 30. November has it’s disadvantages already listed (UGLY birthstone!! I used the MARCH birthstone in my high school ring because it was just SO MUCH prettier) … and turkeys, pilgrims, etc are on the calendar page. Weather is transitioning between the “chill” of Fall & the “freeze your butt off” of winter.
    My favorite thing about my bday is it’s the LAST DAY of the month which makes a lot of people remember !! 🙂
    The calendar page/bday month is about #10 for me.

  30. Kelli

    November…. the 4th to be exact… I think it ranks pretty high… the weather is normally very pleasant… it is in the middle of fall and who doesn’t love fall…. it has been on election day on occassion, but overall I think November is a 1 on the scale! Which is why I got married in November too. It is flat out my favorite month of the year!

  31. Liz

    JUNE… I was going to say probably #1 or 2 however after reading comments regarding the “summer” birthday thing and not being in school… I don’t know if that has anything to do with the calendar page… but it does change my mind about the ranking- – I’m going to go with a 4.
    Aidan however has his birthday on the 29th of this month – it’s hard to plan a birthday party that isn’t HARVESTY and without costumes!!! However, I am giving him his Halloween costume on his birthday – TROY BOLTON! That’s who he really wants to be… however I’ve “convinced” him to just be a Power Ranger — that will all change after his birthday! 🙂 SO EXCITED!

  32. Helen

    Well, I’m a Halloween gal myself and I agree it’s not the best. I really hate getting Halloween birthday cards–why can’t it just be about the birthday?!

    At least my kids do know it’s my birthday, but somehow that is still down on their list! I agree that April probably is a great month–all those pretty flower pictures!

  33. Gail

    I’m an April baby.

    I really think I have the best birthday of all possible birthdays. April 17. Just say it aloud. Doesn’t it sound nice? I love the way it rolls off the tongue.

    And I think April is in the top of good calendar pages. Probably #1. Usually flowers and lushness and so forth. Easter references sometimes. I love it.

  34. Amy

    September!! I think it is the coolest month on the calendar because often times the picture is either of a college football team (and I love college football) or a beautiful picture of the leaves changing color (and fall is my favorite season). 🙂

  35. Liz

    I also have an August brthday and I agree with the “no school birthday” bummer but what made mine so bad was that my brother was born a year and four days after me and we always had to share our birthdays together. It wasn’t fun then but now that we are adults we have a great time with it!

  36. Krisco

    August – it’s (almost) smack dab in the middle of the year – love it! 🙂
    A year or so ago, we got a birthday invitation for a 4 year old that said something like this….
    “Mary’s (names have been changed) birthday is in January and since January is so lame, we are playing the birthday switching game. Please join us July 8th at the pool to celebrate her 1/2 birthday”
    ISN’T THAT TERRIBLE?!?!?! That poor child isn’t old enough to think their birthday is “lame”. They don’t care when it is at the age of 3 or 4, they just want gifts and cake. I felt so bad for that poor kid cause his own parents called his birthday “lame”. Don’t they know they had a little something to do with that?

  37. Valerie

    My birthday is Nov 20th, now the bummer of my birthday is that I was BORN on the OSU/Michigan Game day of 1982. And, I’ve had to share my birthday with that blasted game at least a few times in my life….. it downright STINKS because guess what gets acknowledged?? NOT ME!!

    Also, with how the calender has fallen a few times…I’ve also had to share my birthday with Thanksgiving…. so on those occasions my day gets overshadowed by turkey or ham….not so fun.

    Lets see here what else is bad about November…. the birth stone is hideous, and most of the calender pictures either have a turkey, a festively dressed animal that resembles a turkey, or a not so exciting cornucopia.

    Ranking wise I’d say November has to be ranked really low on the list….I’d say 10 or 11.

    Mike’s birthday is December 18, one week before Christmas. However, he said he has no complaints because his family always acknowledged it separately from Christmas.

  38. Laura

    My birthday is Aug. 13. I always thought Aug was the WORST month because:
    It’s the only month with no holidays
    It was always raining or 100 degrees on my birthday (as a kid)
    I never, ever got to have a class birthday
    But, eh, I can’t complain anymore. That just means my BIRTHDAY is the only holiday in the month! I get the spotlight 🙂 And, of course, my kids are HOME all day on my birthday, as it’s summer vacation. So not having ever gotten a class party isn’t so bad when I get 18 years of all day parties with the kids! 🙂

  39. Denise

    I was born on Valentines Day…..so it’s always been “lovely”….LOL…..actually I got engaged on my b-day (35 yrs ago!)….heart shaped cake…..I do have to share with all the lovers…but my sweetie makes it special.

  40. Charity

    Our third child was due Oct. 30. My husband can’t stand Halloween, so I teased him and said the baby would come one day late. She did. So we do not have anything to do with Halloween. It is our daughter’s birthday, period. We celebrate her day. I think her siblings feel ripped off, because they don’t go trick-or-treating, but so far she is fine with it. Our oldest was born Dec. 30 and is just starting to feel the pain of being so close to Christmas that all his gifts come at the same time of year. As for me, I am in June, which I think is a fabulous birthday month!

  41. joyce

    September…which is fine except first my hubs celebrates his, then a week later my daughter celebrates hers so by the time mine rolls around in week 3 its kinda like, ho hum, another birthday. My husband does a good job of trying to make it special.

    My sisters birthday is Dec. 26th and we try to have a great big family dinner, often with hats and horns and craziness (she’s in her 50’s)…I think as a kid sometimes it didn’t feel as special because everyone was feeling the day after Christmas effect. Now its become a day we all look forward to…I’m having it at my house this year and she’s already told me what she wants me to cook! I think I’m going to do goody bags this year : )

  42. Angela

    March 11- it’s a great month to be born in – there’s always pretty flowers on the calendar page as everyone hopes for spring. I was always disappointed though that I couldn’t have an outdoor party.

  43. Mary

    Hugely pregnant Mary here. Clearly, you know my opinion. I had a friend point out the other day that December kinda stinks more just because your birthday is always overshadowed by Christmas. I suppose that’s true. But I think the cases made for July and September are interesting too! Who knew people had such FEELINGS about calendar pages??

  44. lauren

    September. Thumbs down.

    I never really had a birthday party because school had just started, and my parents had spent all of our money on school clothes and supplies.

    Also, it was too cold to swim.

    And on the calender it was either:
    A: a school house
    B: a tree with autumn leaves
    C: a picture of acorns

    I always wanted a june birthday like my brother.

    My daughter was also due on my birthday, but came early, but not early enough. She misses the school age cut off by 4 days. 🙁

  45. Amy

    I’m an October baby too, and I haven’t bought a calendar in a long time, but usually I lean towards nature calendars and they are usually fall leaves…not too bad but definitely not numero uno either.

  46. Jen L

    My birthday is the 15th, and I agree with you….we got gypped! That may be one reason why I don’t get puppy calendars anymore. 🙂 My $1 flower calendar from Michael’s is nice and neutral!

  47. Lacey

    I was supposed to be born on 10/31 but thankfully (now) I came 7 weeks early and was born on 9/13! I think I would give my birthday an 8 because it is the month you really get back into the swing of things with school and all. 🙁
    Jess – I would much rather my birthday be in July! 🙂

  48. jess

    okay…i’ll give you oct. as being rotten…BUT, I think July would either tie for 12th OR be 11th. I’m over red, white and blue bandanas around puppies’ necks on my calendar page. There’s more to july than AMERICA! (that’s supposed to be said with the voice of a spoiled rotten brat. ;-)) I really am patriotic. God Bless the USA (that’s serious. not sarcastic!) I just sometimes wish July calendar pages would show fireflies in a mason jar, with a yellow ribbon tied around the neck…not a red white and blue. And MAYBE they could sneak a firework or two into the background…but only if it’s blurry.

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