nothing but the tooth

December is the month for doing things that I have been putting off and/or dreading for a long, long time.

1.) I took Livi and Ava for their first dentist visit Wednesday. After hearing tooth horror stories from moms who nursed their babies to sleep and gave their kids juice (mixed w/water) in sippy cups in the middle of the night and let them eat too many fruit snacks (guilty of all three), I was plenty nervous. Especially since Livi is six and has never been to the dentist. Praise the Lord–they must have their father’s teeth! Not a single cavity. Everything looks wonderful. Livi will need braces and Ava is tongue-tied and needs her tongue thingy clipped, but no cavities!! They can’t wait to go back. Ava was in her glory with all the attention she got in that big, comfy chair.

2.) I went to the dentist myself yesterday for the first time since I was 8 months pregnant with Ava. I think the poor little thing could feel my pain, because she jumped so violently while I was in the dentist’s chair that my stomach muscles were sore for a week. Someday I will write a blog about why I hate going to the dentist, but I’ll just give the highlights now. Gabe’s boss recommended this one. His name is Larry, and for some reason, I was picturing an old guy with bushy eyebrows and stinky breath. And mean hygienists who berate me for neglecting to floss. Okay, so the dentist’s office looks like pottery barn, and the hygienists are beautiful and angelic, and the dentist looks like Michael Jordan–and he is kind and funny and quite possibly a Christian. I have reversible gingivitis, a couple cavities and some mild decay. The full mouth debridement I got was NOT fun. I go again next Thursday. From now on, I will floss religiously.

3.) The other things I dread/have put off will probably not happen until next December–a deep cleaning of my bathroom, painting the living room/bathroom/Livi and Ava’s room, learning to drive a stick shift better than I can now, and going to the eye doctor and getting some glasses (I wear contacts).

Some quick tidbits before I go:

–As of 10:00 last night, Target had 1 Butterscotch pony in stock. One little girl’s life is going to be so much better once she has this fabulous toy. Incidentally, the store model was malfunctioning and wouldn’t stop nodding and neighing and shaking. It looked like a mild seizure and was quite freakish.

–Ava and Nina are both getting baby dolls for Christmas. I so want to get Livi one but she absolutely does not want one. She’s “too big” for dolls and wants more office supplies and perhaps an outfit. I’m almost positive I was still getting dolls until I was at least 11 or 12.

–Oh my word! I am so excited about something I could bust! My friend Courtney’s dear Mom, Patty, made my girls Little House on the Prairie dresses (and pinafores and bonnets) for Christmas. I’ll have my own little Mary, Laura and Carrie! She also made me (Ma) an apron and bonnet and Charlotte dolls (like Laura’s) for Livi and Ava. I don’t know if I can wait 10 more days for the girls to open them! They have LHOTP Season 1 on DVD, and I want to get them Season 2 to go with their dresses but can’t find it anywhere.

–I’m going to Livi’s holiday (CHRISTmas) party this afternoon at her school. I’ve never been in her classroom while it’s in session, and I am soooo excited! I’ve only ever been to parties as a teacher–what a fun new experience this will be. She asked me last night what I was wearing. I told her I could dress up (black sweater and jeans) or not (Virginia Tech sweatshirt and jeans). She picked the VT–girl after my own heart. 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!

19 thoughts on “nothing but the tooth

  1. tonialynn59

    Do you know how many times I’ve said that I would rather labor and deliver a baby than to sit in a dentist chair and the worst part is I mean it!:))  How was the Christmas party at Livi’s party?  Hope a good time was had by all.

  2. YoYoYoder

    You not watching movies was actually meant to be a compliment. I think it’s honorable that you spend your time reading, writing, being creative with your daughters, baking, etc! I like TV and movies way too much and it’s people like you that I aspire to be like.

    I had a revelation after reading your blog and some of your comments–Stewart should have had his tongue clipped! That’s why he had speech problems and couldn’t say his R’s until he was 13! He totally can’t stick his tongue out, either. I just told him today that if any of our kids have that problem, we will pay to have their tongues clipped. They don’t need that embarassment!

  3. jbnygaard

    Eden had his clipped when he was 2 days old while we were still in the hospital. The lactational specialist noticed it and said it would be easier to get it done right away while he was so young. Now he has a “lizard tongue”. Atleast that is what my sister calls it! 🙂

  4. mtaviano

    It’s not available to ship from amazon until after Christmas. Must be a hot item! (Yes, I’ve seen Stepford Wives. And yes, I know the scene you’re talking about. And yes, I do watch movies. I just don’t wear my apron collection.) 🙂

  5. YoYoYoder

    They have LHOTP Season 2 at–were you hoping to purchase it in the store?

    Your depiction of that pony from Target reminded me of The Stepford Wives when one of the wives broke down at the dance party. It was freaky. Have you ever seen that movie? Oh wait. You don’t watch movies so I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about. You MUST bring some aprons with you on Monday and we can all wear them! But don’t feel like you have to share. You can just wear one–seeing you baking in your apron will be enough pleasure for me!!

  6. KmHunsberger

    Wow…sounds a lot better than what we had to do. I was a MESS having to put Landon under anestesia at one year old…a M-E-S-S. The good thing is that it shouldn’t hurt her really at all…he seemed fine with it.

    If Landon and Ava DO get married…they would definitely have some tongue-tied babies…both of them being tongue tied and all…what are the odds? 🙂 Neither Jon nor I are tongue tied so we were surprised that Landon was…are you or Gabe? Come to find out, my dad (who denies biological fatherhood to me) is tongue-tied. I found that to be interesting and a good source of “I told you so” to throw in his face 🙂

  7. mtaviano

    That is awesome about Laura!! Kindred spirits indeed! Ava’s procedure will be done in a doctor’s office and take less than 15 minutes–just local anesthesia. It actually is affecting her speech a little, and he said it would only get worse. NO FRENCH KISSING! 🙂

  8. KmHunsberger

    what in the world is full mouth debidement?

    Landon was tongue tied…the ENT made us clip it when he was a year bc they were afraid of it affecting his speech development. We had to take him to the hopsital and put him under. Do you have to do that? And why, since she is talking and it is not affecting her speech, do you have to clip it, other than the fact that she won’t be able to french kiss my son very well when the time comes 🙂

    When I was little, I thought I WAS Laura Ingalls. I have three dresses, and apron, bloomers, the dishes, four bonnets, two pairs of brown boots,  and a nightcap to share with my some-day daughter. I LOVED hearing that there is another fanatic out there…LOVED IT! We simply must be kindred spirits 🙂

  9. kkakwright

    Full mouth debridement – ouch.  I bet you are mildly sore today.  After 29 years of not, my husband just started flossing.  Something makes my heart go pitter patter when I see my hubby caring about his oral hygiene (I miss my work at the dentist office).  He has PERFECT teeth, never had a cavity, brushes only once a day and has never flossed.  It is so wrong.  Good for you for taking your girlies to the dentist. 

  10. lendy_p

    Funny dentist stories. The one you are not telling must’ve been quite traumatic.
    That’s a lot of painting!
    I agree, pics of the LHOTP dresses are a must. Too cute!
    Have fun at the party 🙂 Enjoy the days that whey want you to come… because all too soon they want you to walk a minimum of 20 feet behind…

  11. ch1pch0p

    I meant to tell you: I was listening to 104.9 the other day, and the stupid afternoon-announcer guy who’s always talking about his wife and kid was having people call in about where to find Butterscotch! THEY WERE SUPPORTING IT! Another reason NOT to listen to that station. Along with the “drip, drip.”

  12. gsowell

    I love going to the dentist! Seriously. I know it’s weird. But I LOVE to go!

    LHOTP outfits? Awesome! Pictures will be a requirement. Give Gabe the heads up.

    Have a great party at school. Too much fun!

  13. tonialynn59

    Oh I hate going to the dentist.  I have horror stories from when I was a kid!  It is much better now but until they make a drill I don’t have to hear and that smell in the office, oh it just makes my stomach hurt thinking about it!

    Love, love, love Little house on the prairie!  Will we get to see pictures???  And jeans and a sweatshirt, that is my kind of girl too!

  14. Marketer319

    I go to the eye doctor next week.  Blech. And it’s a contacts year so I don’t even get to spend an hour trying the patience of the saleslady, picking out cool frames.

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