not my idea of a holiday!

So, we painted Livi and Ava’s room Friday night through Sunday afternoon. Ugh. I hate painting. But the poor girlies have lived in an airplane/cloud-themed bedroom for 19 months now, with all their frilly-girl decor packed away from our move. I promised them long ago that we’d do it this weekend, thinking my McGraw-Hill deadline would be a thing of the past.

Anyway, today is shaping up to be insane. MGH due tomorrow (last, final deadline). Friends coming for dinner tomorrow night. Everybody home from school and HYPER. Trying to put the girls’ room back together. Diapers book stuff. Waaay behind on my Bible study. Nothing to complain about–just feel like tearing my hair out a little.

So, Bilbo e-mailed me and corrected me. The “oops” line in the Diapers book wasn’t a typo but a line edit. A over-zealous copy-editor (Bilbo’s words) changed my wording without thinking (or thinking wrongly). Since Bill is so wise, I offered him the job of line-editing my blog, so I can sound like I know what I’m talking about. He called me a ding dong. This is what  I have to deal with, folks.

Have I mentioned that I’m really excited about the new book? Well.

Our family is praying about which little girl we want to sponsor through Compassion International. I’ve been following some of the bloggers who just spent a week in Uganda. And their words and pictures tugged, tugged, tugged at my heartstrings. I’m passionate about missions, and I want to get rid of our debt and clutter, and go! Sponsor kids, go on missions trips, adopt kids, write about the world–whatever God has for us! We sponsor a 7-year-old girl from Uganda right now (through World Help) and I can’t help but think how many little ones could be given hope if our $ was going to them instead of car payments each month. Sigh.

I “met” a writer for Compassion through the comments on someone’s blog this weekend. I asked a question, she saw it, e-mailed me, we got to talking. God orchestrates things in the COOLEST ways. Wow. He flabbergasts me. Her new book comes out in March, and I’ll blog about it after I read it.

So much to say… I might be back. Have a good one!

10 thoughts on “not my idea of a holiday!

  1. Anonymous

    We just got a new Compassion “daughter”–Audrey has two, and now Emma does too. We’ve searched by birthdays–so both of my girls have two “sisters” around the world with almost the same birthdays. Very cool.

    Cracks me up that you call Bill “Bilbo”!

    Love you,


  2. KmHunsberger

    I was kind of fond of those airplanes Will you post pictures when you are all done…I want to see the new room!

    i love how excited and upbeat you seem these days. Helps me in my extremely BLAH funk I have found myself in lately. I can’t wait for your book either!

  3. ladymiss3739

    We’ve talked about Compassion recently and are really interested in it!  Glad you brought it up today.    We also have a friend who we learned (last week) is heading to India for a year to work with International Justice Mission, rescuing girls from forced sexual slavery, and other people from slavery in general.  Sometimes it is so hard to decide which causes to choose! 

    BTW, I don’t think you are a ding dong.  Typo v. overzealous editing both = wrong message.  I really am sorry for it, and am amazed at your grace in handling it, and I’ve been thinking more and more that maybe God is going to use that typo/overediting in some crazy way.  I like Bilbo, but everytime I hear that name all I can think of is a clown. 

  4. OkinawaAna

    Hey!  We sponsor a little boy from Uganda through Compassion!  It’s been about three years now, and we really like how involved we can be in writing to him, sending pictures, etc.  I always get excited when I hear about others getting their kids involved in this ministry — what a great way for your girls to learn about the world!

  5. bethelaine

    i LOVE painting.  but that’s probably because i live in an apartment that doesn’t allow me to paint, and we all know that we all tend to want things that we can’t have……. 

  6. gsowell

    I also dislike painting, but I need to do my upstairs bathroom soon. It is currently the ugliest wallpaper you’ve ever seen.

    Praying for you to get done all you need to today!

    I like Bilbo more and more every time you mention him.

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