nina on humility

If you follow me on facebook or twitter and happened to catch these already, I apologize for the old news.

Ever since Nina turned four last week, it’s like she kicked it up a notch in the funny/profound/sarcastic/intelligent/adorable department. Seriously. She’s been out of control. I spend most of my time either staring at her dumbfounded, laughing my head off at her, or reaching across the Mancala board to squeeze those gorgeous little feet before they lose their pudge forever (well, until she hits her 30’s and it all catches back up with her).

January 11, 11:26am

Nina: Mommy, who made GOD?

January 11, 11:31am

Nina: In your belly, how do you get a baby and then another baby and another baby & stuff?

January 11, 3:39pm

Nina: Why is Daddy younger than you and he’s smart, and you’re older than him and you’re NOT smart?

January 12, 2:00pm (Getting ready to do the Shred)

Nina: Is your belly flat yet?

Mommy: (pulls up shirt)

Nina: Oh. (frown. pause.) Well, THEIR bellies are flat.

And that, my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. And Nina’s not the only sharp tack I live with. The other three are even worse.

But, my goodness, we have fun together. And I love all four of the little (and big) stinkers with everything in me.

Have a great day, friends! If you should happen to need a bit of encouragement, I’ll send Nina your way with an anointed word.

18 thoughts on “nina on humility

  1. Gretchen

    Aren’t you glad you have a record of these? Not only b/c they’re cute, but because when she’s 14 and says, “I never said that!”, you can sweetly smile to her and link her to your blog. 😉

  2. Tiffani

    Dear Marla,
    After reading my comment that I’m writing at 12:43am, I see many left out words and otherwise non-sense making oversights. I know you get it.

    Much love,
    Tired and still typing in GA 😉

  3. Tiffani

    I had to come over here to tell you something and now i’m so in love b/c of have a commenter named “Nixie” and do you know my fave book ever is Dr. Seuss’ ABC? “X is very useful if your name is Nixie also comes in handy spelling axe and extra fox!” WOW. FUN!

    Ok, back on track…no one could hate ice crunching more than me but I’m just glad to know that someone HATES it period b/c it seems the world is FILLED with crunchers!! GRR! OH and kin.dred. we purple pens are my fave! (the best is the TRU gel pen from Office Max). Smooth like buttah!

  4. Liz

    WHOA… whoa… whoa!! All this talk about arranged marriages!!?? Nina is already taken… sorry ladies!! 🙂 My son Aidan has already claimed her and is good that he’s just as witty as she is about saying something crazy!

    Marla… I would have loved to see you in Kettering – we should have planned to do something – even if it was just dessert! 🙂

  5. Jen Griffin

    These did crack me up on Facebook!! Bless that girl! She is too cute. Titus has started coming up with many wonderful things to say to me as well. Hope I can take it as well as you do!

  6. Bridgett

    It is cute the things they come up with and they are so blunt about it. My five year old son is the same way. He asked me why I was not so fashionable like the girls on TV. I asked what fashionalbe meant and he said you know the shiny hair and stuff on your face and pretties(jewelry). It is joke in our house to check my fashionability with him. If I wear workout clothes, he says that I am not because I have a boy shirt on. It is so cute at this age!

  7. whimzie

    As well she should not. I wish I could make a firmer offer but the bottom line is….this was Ruby Jane’s idea….and well, we’re all afraid of her. She’s six, but she scares me.

  8. whimzie

    Don’t take Amber up on her offer just yet. I have a precious little newly-six-year-old boy who might give Miss N a run for her money! He’s been promised to his sister’s best friend Ruby Jane but it’s always good to have a back-up plan.

  9. amber

    Giggle. Snort.

    Please tell me you are into arranged marriages. Because I need me a spitfire for a daughter-in-law. And I think I’d like you and me to be family. You know…share grandkids and stuff.

  10. Tiffani

    I am seriously working on a post about my little girl…because she says some of the funniest, craziest, things and I’m still so awe’d at “girl world” after having a boy first…

    I think she and Nina would be great friends!!

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