nina gabe

Daddy and Nina

Oh, sweet little girl. I can’t believe you’re three already. You bring so much joy to our family. None of us can imagine life without you. These three years have been the best of your mommy’s life, and you played a HUGE (one of your favorite words) part in that.

I love watching your face light up, and the way you cover your mouth with your hand when you’re surprised, nervous, or really excited. I love doing puzzles with you and reading books to you. I love watching you laugh and clap at zoo animals and point out state outlines on highway signs. I love your independent streak and your outrageous sense of humor. I love the tight curl that bounces right in the middle of your forehead and those beautiful feet. I love how you swallow your gum and don’t like your hands to be sticky. I love to listen to you pray and talk about God and Jesus.

I just love you. Period. You’re fun and funny, smart and beautiful, sensitive and loving, determined and a bit of a spitfire. You’re awesome. Just awesome.

Thank you for being my baby. And thank you, Jesus, for entrusting this little doll to us for a time. She’s such a gift.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Nina Gabriel! We love you!

Love, Daddy, Mommy, Livi and Ava

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  2. luvmynoah

    I love that picture!  What a precious little girl you have.  I loved hearing more about her personality!!  I’ve only seen her once and I didn’t get to know her at that time.  Soon I hope!  🙂  Have a blessed day with your little one!

  3. rocknnell

    Yes we do….. Rock fell asleep by Honda Parkway…but again, ” why did we Blitz “….they……lol  Happy Birthday NINA….you are a true gift ! ! ! ! ! ! ( she is deserving a a HUGE group of exclamations ! )  LOL

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