Nina Day?

It’s 9:40 am, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Nina will be born today. On the other hand, I’ve thought that same thing for the last 12 days. Today seems different though… Time will tell. I’ll let you know either way…

2 thoughts on “Nina Day?

  1. AgapeCreations

    Hey Marla…  we wanted to let you know that we hope all goes well with the birth. We are still having faith that the Lord willl bless us with one, two, three…. well, you get the idea. Nice blog … keep it real, keep it Christ!

                                       Dan & Steph

  2. joy4u_101

    Hey Mrs T!

     This is Joy. I didnt know you had a xanga! its been sooo long since i talked to you. I hear from Laura though that you are going to have another baby! Thats exciting. and any day now 2… thats awesome.

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