Nashville Zoo (#14 of 52)

Wow, okay, so it was just a smidge chilly on Saturday. A lot of the animals were off-exhibit (wimps). But we still had fun.
Nashville TN

Poor Nina got sick in the middle of the night at DeWayne and Gail’s. No puking, just a hacking, barking cough. And a fever. And a runny nose. It just got worse and worse as the weekend wore on. But at least her hair looked good. Miss Gail did it. “Gail made my hair so pretty,” she kept saying.

These were some plump meerkats. They were a hoot as always.
Watching Meerkat

What a pretty cougar (puma, mountain lion, catamount, panther).

Here’s a better view of Gail’s handiwork. The older two opted out. 🙁
Posing in bamboo

Oooh, I like white tigers.
White Tiger

It was so cold we couldn’t even use our free carousel tokens. Boo! The Jungle Gym saved us though. The girls had a blast on it.
Nina having fun

So, what do you think–are zebras white horses with black stripes, or black horses with white stripes? The answer might surprise you. Or even more likely, you don’t especially care.

And the jungle gym. 66,000 square feet of fun. It was awesome. That green tube slide you see in the background about did me in though. It was crazy high and fast.
Girls at Jungle Gym

Gabe’s brother, Tug, was in Nashville this weekend too (for the National Youth Ministries Conference), so we stopped by his hotel after the zoo. Then headed 3 hours east to our hotel in Knoxville. Wiped Nina’s nose a bazillion times. She has a black eye (from a little incident earlier in the week) and now huge red splotches on her cheeks from getting her nose wiped. She looks a fright.

We got pizza from Pizza Plus (and had the leftovers at the Knoxville Zoo today for lunch) then went swimming at the hotel. In bed by 9:30, but Nina was up from 11:30-2:30 feeling miserable. Gabe took the older 2 swimming again this morning after a yummy continental breakfast.

Our Knoxville Zoo experience was 85% delightful (with 10% poor Nina and a 5% Episode by Ava). The highlight for me was the Baby Chimp. (be still my heart)

Knoxville recap tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “Nashville Zoo (#14 of 52)

  1. Hoffmom

    Try some Aquaphor by Eucerin cream for Nina’s cheeks.  It’s the best for quick healing of chappiness.  And, it doesn’t smell or sting!  (important for someone like my David)

  2. der_lila_Stern

    I would never have guessed Nina was sick based on the pictures!  I hope she is feeling better.

    I cant wait to read the next zoo update! 

    Kudos to Gabe for his (always) amazing photography skills!

  3. jbnygaard

    You know….for all the burnt baking episodes I have experienced in your house….I’ve never had your chocolate chip cookies!!!! Sounds like I need to have one! (or two) 🙂

  4. gsowell

    Drat. I was hoping Nina was cured. Did the cold air help the cough?

    And I would like to announce for the world that Marla may make the best chocolate chip cookies EVER! We enjoyed them immensely. Almost as we enjoyed hosting your family. Please come back anytime.

  5. M3mine

    Wow! Looks like great zoos. Sorry to hear it was so cold. Must have to go to the deep south this time of year to find warmth? Hope Nina feels better soon! Praying…

  6. jbnygaard

    I LOVE Nina’s hair!!! nice job Gail!!!

    I wondered by looking at Tug’s facebook status if he was there for the Youth Ministries Conference. My brother was there too!!! Did any of your other “Youth Pastor family members” attend????

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