my people

The week before Christmas is one of my favorite weeks of the year. My sister Stephanie and her husband Daniel (and this year they have Mia!) drive up from South Carolina and spend a week here (they split time amongst us all).

I have one family member at my house already, three arrive tomorrow, and three on Saturday. Three of those will leave Saturday night, three Sunday, one Monday. Then all 18 of us will be together Tuesday and Wednesday, some of us Thursday, before we all disperse Friday.

So I’ll be soaking up my peeps and maybe popping in here and there to say hi or share something irrelevant.

May your week be filled with joy and hope and being Jesus to others every chance you get.

Thankful for all of you. So thankful.

5 thoughts on “my people

  1. Kaye

    Enjoy the blessing of being together with your family. Hope all of you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas.
    Much love to all,
    Matthew 21:22

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