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We spent Friday evening and all day Saturday at Camp Swoneky (my cousin Matt is the Director–it’s a Salvation Army camp) at the Annual Yoder Fall Family Get-Together. Anyone know what Swoneky means in Native American dialect? Nothing. It’s an anagram  (is that the right word??) for South West Ohio North East Kentucky. (swuh-NECK-ee)

We had SO MUCH FUN. This is our third annual Fall Fling Thing, and it gets better every year. I absolutely adore these people. You won’t find a quirkier bunch of folk this side of the Ohio River, but every last one of them loves Jesus and is fiercely loyal to his/her family. AND they’re stinkin’ hilarious. AND we go waaaaaay back. (obviously)

The big family pic is my dad’s brother Doug, his wife Char, their four kids, their spouses, and 10 kiddos. Gabe took the pics, and he just finished photo-shopping different heads and bodies in and out until everyone was looking and (mostly) smiling. Great work, hon!

And FYI: the little girl in the red sweater and braids is the infamous Alandra from a previous post.

I think everyone made it into these photos except for my Mom and Dad (sorry guys! love you!) and Aunt Susie and Cousin Tommy. EDIT: And Uncle Nick, Aunt Pam and Cousin Brad. Oops! And while I’m here, just wanted to clarify that some of these people came prepared for family pics with matching outfits. My family (and Josh’s, Bethany’s) hadn’t planned on getting a photo taken. We really do know how to color-coordinate if we set our minds to it. Can’t wait until next year!!

The Doug Yoder Family

Bethany and Stewart and baby

Our kids jumped in

Ava and Anna

The Ross Ashley Family

Josh and Jess's family

Our family

19 thoughts on “my peeps

  1. stephaniedawnbasham

    Ava and Anna are absolutely gorgeous in that picture! Wow.

    I’ve never been able to go to Camp Swoneky. So sad. I’m glad you guys had fun! I just can’t get enough of the fall colors and beautiful leaves in the background! Mmm.

    Can’t wait to see you in four days!!!

  2. hollydue

    hey there. Wednesday pm is fine….Duey works until 7 so he may be unable to join us. Is this too much with you leaving Thursday? Because we could do something next week if it works better for you all. LOVE YOU BUNCHES.

  3. YoGrandmaYo

    Wow!  What BEAUTIFUL pictures!  Gabe did a FANTASTIC job!:)  I agree with you that this “Fall Fling” gets better every year!:)  God certainly has blessed us with a PRECIOUS family!:)  Love you!:)

  4. tonialynn59

    Love the pictures and all the fall colors.  I noticed the ones that were color coordinated but I didn’t even notice the ones that weren’t till you said something.  Still your families are adorable!!

  5. hollydue

    These pictures are awesome. What a great weekend you needed after all your “pruning”. I’d love to get together sometime this week….what’s your do your evenings look like this week? Love you, dear friend.

  6. OneFlossyChick

    A lot of our church camps are named like that too…

    Camp Alamisco (Alabama Mississippi Conference)
    Nosoca Pines Ranch (north south carolina)
    Camp Ida-Haven (Idaho haven)

    It’s kind of neat when you realize that Alamisco and Nosoca aren’t indian names… just anagrams (or whatever it is)

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