my grandma

Please pray for my grandma. She finally got to come home from the nursing home today. And then an hour after she got all settled and situated, she fell. She was trying to turn her radio on, and a shelf fell on her. She cut her arm really badly, hurt her back and some other stuff. My dad found her, and they called the squad to take her to the emergency room.

My heart hurts for her. She was so excited to be home and have some freedom back. Now, it’s back to square one. And pray for my mama who takes better care of her mother-in-law than anyone I’ve ever known.

I might be back tonight in the midst of the packing madness. We head south at 6 a.m.

9 thoughts on “my grandma

  1. luvmynoah

    Oh man. That has to be so frustrating for her!! Praying for a quick recovery and for safe travels for you all!  I wish you were going someplace warmer!  The snow is following you!

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