my children keep rejecting me.

Two minutes ago…

Nina: (following Gabe to the door) Mommy, I want to put my cherry boots on!
Me: Honey, Daddy’s going to a meeting. We can’t go.
Nina: Whyyyyyyy?
Me: Because it’s just for Daddy.
Gabe: (to Nina) When Daddy gets back, he’ll take you for a walk in the snow, okay?
Nina: (beaming, turns to me) Mommy, you can’t go with us. We’re super heroes.

Just to clarify–this didn’t hurt my feelings. I was rolling (ROLLING) with laughter for a good 5 minutes after she said this. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing. But I will still accept hugs and such.

EDIT (1:32pm): Gabe’s car got a flat tire on the way home from his meeting, and I had to go “rescue” him. Who’s the Super Hero now, Nina?

14 thoughts on “my children keep rejecting me.

  1. Airdee26

    Hugs…girls love their daddy’s!! Mine will choose daddy over me anytime unless she’s sick or hurt. Savannah gets so excited when Sonny comes home but she could care less if I walk through the door. Daddy is good for fun stuff and I’m good for taking her to the potty, fixing her owies and giving hugs. 🙂

  2. jbnygaard

    I think it’s so neat that Gabe has a special place in their hearts. Don’t take offense to it…it really is neat….and good for them. And they DO love you silly woman! Don’t believe those lies Satan’s givin ya!

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