my baby

I’m about ready to burst with…something! I’m not sure what. My baby brought home her first school pictures today. My smiling firstborn against that familiar background of cloudy grey. I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life. I can’t quit staring at them. I’m not sure how they are even possible, since I vividly remember getting my own kindergarten picture taken, and it couldn’t have been 25 years ago! (okay, 26)

I love her half-squinty eyes and subsequent eye-wrinkles, her crooked grin, her new front teeth in all different stages of growth, the fever blister on her bottom lip, the lip gloss she wore to cover it up, her perfect complexion, her thick hair in all shades of gold, the way it frames her little face and flips under “just like Lucy Pevensie” (we used a curling iron to get the desired effect), her short-sleeved turquoise shirt with a striped shirt underneath.

I wish I could freeze her innocence. I’m not ready for the braces, the zits, the make-up, the scornful expressions… The only thing I can think to do–well, two things actually. Pray my heart out for her, and soak up every single moment of her childhood.

I love you, little Livi.

14 thoughts on “my baby

  1. bekisue

    I am seriously crying right now! That is beautiful! Isn’t it so awesome to be a mom?!?! I try to soak up the moment too. Sometimes that is really hard. I don’t know your sweet Livi, but she is cute as a bug’s ear! Thank you for your inspiration. I love the comment about God looking down on you on that familiar background. So cool.

  2. angntug

    How adorable is she? I’ve been getting on xanga just to show Reese Nina’s picture…..and what a bonus to see a new pic of Livi!!!She gets so excited about seeing everyone!

  3. rocknnell

    That is soooo awesome !  You beat yourself up sometimes…with this mood , that mood…. Jesus Christ looks down…at “Marla” on that “grey background of life”…with her squirmy squint…her jagged moods…her soft heart…and says… ” I’ll soak every minute up…..I love that, ” little/ ok tall skinny Marla !”   HE DOES… I didn’t use a curling iron on Gabe’s ….. I loved it too !

  4. kkakwright

    You just re-iterated (is that spelled right) what I was thinking today.  I’m always so physically tired and worn but I know that, truly, these are the good ol days.  We aren’t dealing with talks about birds and bees or worrying about who they are with and how they late they will stay out.  The things I deal with are pretty trivial still. 

    Can you imagine what our own parents thought of our school pictures when we went through those awkward junior high years?  I cringe to even look at them still today. 

    I’m sure we would all love to see the pic. 🙂

  5. gsowell

    Um, yeah, there’s one more thing you must do: ORDER LOTS OF PICTURES!

    I can feel your joy and the twinge of pain that comes from loving your children so much. I’ve been really burdened to pray for my kids more intentionally. Thanks for making me slow down and look more closely at my little angels. I’m practically bursting now, too!

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