muddy, icky, busy, smiley

What a yucky day–rainy, mushy, dirty. Just took Ava to the bus stop. I carried an umbrella. I haven’t owned an umbrella in 20 years. I had one at Cedarville for about 6 minutes, until it turned inside out as I walked by the lake. I don’t know what I do when it rains. Get wet? Stay inside?

I leave in a few minutes for Ava’s field trip to…drum roll…Kroger! Joy. Just where I want to go “learn things” for 2 hours. Oh well. I love spending time with her in her school/friend environment. I’m sure we’ll have a swell time.

Went to bed late late last night. Ignored the alarm at 7:00. My kiddos get me up by then anyway. Usually. Rolled over this morning at 8:33. Livi’s bus comes at 8:42. Flew downstairs, packed her lunch, she got dressed, sent her out the door. She ran across the street just as the bus was coming. Perfect. Adventurous. I’ll be getting up earlier.

Speaking of getting up, going to bed, all that, I decided what I’m doing for Lent. I asked God this morning to tell me what to give up, and 2 seconds later, I heard a voice in my head. Here I was trying to decide which sugary food/drink to sacrifice, and the word I heard was “time.” I’ll give more details later, but I’m giving more time to God, to my hubby, to my girlies. A set amount so I really do it.

One of Ava’s friends ran to the bus stop and stood under our umbrella. “I would have been here sooner,” she said, “but my mom ran over our trash can!” I can just imagine the stories my girls tell people about their mother.

I really gotta go, but I’m going to need a smidge of help soon–for something I’m speaking about at Bethy’s church on Tuesday and for the in-law book.

Oooh, I’m gonna be late! Squeeze hugs to you all!

12 thoughts on “muddy, icky, busy, smiley

  1. Anonymous

    Love the idea of giving “time” for Lent… we’ve decided to try to focus on clutter and having less. Kids are so funny with what they tell their classmates, etc.

  2. ClutzyButtercup

    It is raining here today…supposed to be nice the rest of the week though.  I don’t know what is m ore scary…what our children say about us when they are young or what they say when they grow up!  🙂

  3. M3mine

    The days of school buses pass by very,  very quickly.  There are days when I wish I could turn back the hands of time. Your Lent time gift is so important and so very, very neat. 

  4. gsowell

    ^^Hey, Jess, Josie loves “Krogert” because of the cookies, too. DeWayne and I keep score. The sign says “We will gladly give your child a free cookie.” We’ve been there approximately 40 times. We’ve received cookies approximately 40 times. The cookie has been give GLADLY twice.^^

    I’m also jealous of your late bus. I think, with the storms, my kids may have been tardy to school yesterday. DeWayne heard the bell ring as they dashed in the door. It was 7:55.

  5. rachmckinney

    ^oh, please, don’t! ^
    it would be so interesting ot hear our children speak to others sometime. lucky for me, e. is a very quiet little girl:) time…something i’m working on, too.

  6. faithchick

    i don’t think i am.  but, it’s always possible!
    the bambina loves “Proger” because of the cookies, of course.  I like it because of their buy one get one free sausage.

  7. terriwright

    Ha!!! “…ran over the trash can!”

    I’ve been to Kroger today……you should stay home. I went to Morehead State University…2 truisms about Morehead: 1. It rained every Thursday(it did seem to), and 2. If it rains anywhere in the Western Hemidsphere it rains in Morehead. I had an umbrella. I kept up with it for almost a semester. Then I just dripped and ran.

    Time is THE MOST difficult thing to share. I’m giving up brussells sprouts. *sigh* Such a sacrifice.

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