more pics

Gabe posted more pics on our Flickr page. Woohoo! Click on Ava’s lips to check them out.

21 thoughts on “more pics

  1. kkakwright

    ^Such nerd talk by Gabe, with all these d40s and d40x’s.  Nothing has changed I see. 

    Moving on, Ava is super gorgeous, as are the rest of your girls.  I agree with locking her up till she is 30. 

  2. gtaviano

    To answer two questions (luvmynoah and faithchick):

    Luvmynoah – I’m just now starting to get into the SLR photography, but haven’t done any photo shoots for others / clients. So I’m not sure what I’d charge to be honest, lol. Some of the news Marla will be sharing soon might shed light on this as well.

    Faithchick – I’m using a Nikon D50 digital SLR camera. Nikon has stopped making that camera, and are focusing on the D40, which has upset some photographers. The D50 was a better camera for pretty much the same price. There’s also a D40x out now that seems to be a great option. You can find the D50 online – more affordable these days than a while back and I recommend it!

  3. jbnygaard

    Who took the photo? I thought she didn’t take a good photo?!

    I’ve already talked to Gabe about arranging her marriage to Eden. He was okay with it as long as we planned the wedding. So…I’m thinking we should go with a Fall wedding, with Orange, Red and Brown colors…..

  4. gsowell

    I love that Ava is wearing a fancy dress and her gym shoes. That’s what my girls end up wearing, too! Livi looks so grown up walking home with little sis. Just precious. I think I’m ready for an all Nina post sometime soon. I know she’s up to stuff…

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