more pics–and a winner!

Busch Gardens FL
Our day was over and we hadn’t found a good sign to get our picture taken with. We asked the Parking Guys, and they said, “Wow, we don’t really have a sign, do we?” We saw ^this^ sign, but there was a bed of flowers in the way. They told us just to trample them. “Landscaping replaces them every day anyway.” Then once we were standing on the flowers (and people everywhere were staring at us), they pretended to call Landscaping. It was funny.

White and bengal tigers sweet. Awhile later, the orange tiger nearly chased the white one clear off a cliff. The entire crowd gasped in horror. She caught herself by her front paws and climbed back up. Just like a movie.

Wishing to stay dry
Congo River Rapids–right before we got dumped on. We were DRENCHED by the end.

Hungry Hungry Hippos
Hippos are so amazing. How did God come up with them?

Livi's first rollercoaster!
Can you find Livi and Gabe? Livi’s first real roller coaster!

Giraffes and zebras
This exhibit was sooo big and soooo beautiful. I heart giraffes.

Elephant from sky ride
Gabe snapped this pic from the SkyRide.

Tiger in falls
We love tigers.

Lion resting
And lions.

Gabe has picked the winner of the Tampa Zoo Caption Contest. She wins a copy of the fiction thriller The Bone Box. (it’s better than it sounds.) And her comment made me laugh out loud. (see below) Good choice, Gabe! He says the Runners-Up (who get Big Congrats but no Lovely Prize) were Sarah and Michelle’s captions about the baby elephant.

Great job everyone! One last Caption Contest later this week! Happy Monday!

10 thoughts on “more pics–and a winner!

  1. smarkas

    I’m loving all the pictures – it looks like you all had a fantastic time. I grew up with house cats thus I’ve always had a fascination for wild cats of any kind. I love the picture of the orange and white tigers together!

    Oh, and thanks for the follow on Twitter. I’m new to that world, but so far so good. It’s like Facebook status on crack.

  2. mtaviano

    @ladymiss3739 – Columbus is the best, hands-down. Plus I live here and will invite myself to go with you and show you the ropes. Cleveland is nice, but very, very spread out = lots of walking. Akron is very small, but cute and charming. Cincinnati is good. The Tampa Zoo is spectacular. 🙂 Oh, Ohio?

  3. ladymiss3739

    @mtaviano – Wow!  I won something for the first time ever – how fun!    Thanks, Marla!

    Question:  I want to plan a trip to a zoo for the kids (Leah) this spring.  Which OH one would you recommend?  Thought I’d ask you since you’ve been to a few…. 

  4. tonialynn59

    That caption is hilarious!!  That Missy!

    I just love all the pictures you share.  I’ll buy the book just for the pictures!  (Although we know our favorite writer will have lots to share!)

  5. mtaviano

    And the winner of the Caption Contest is the girl who thought the hugging meerkats were saying, “Last one’s gone now, dear. Shall we convert his room to an office or an extra bath?”

    I love it! Congrats, Missy! I’ll mail your book to you by the end of the week.

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