more family fun! & names that start with "j"

I was secretly hoping that the M names would trounce the A ones, but alas, no cigar. Thank you to my darling friends Mary (all four of you!), Marla (not me!), Melissa, Megan, Morgan, Missy, Melanie, Michelle (both of you!) and Meghan. (The A’s beat us 21 to 13. Oh, well.)

Today’s letter is “J” in honor of my sister-in-law, Jessica, who IS TURNING 30!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (and happy Tax Day), JESS!!

If you, too, have a first name that starts with J, you’d better represent!

And if you have an idea for tomorrow’s letter (our final one–I know, so sad), let me know. I’ve just been trying to think of the most common letters off the top of my head, but I’m probably missing the obvious. S? R? C? K?

I can’t seem to stop posting pics, so here are some more of my fam in action:

This isn’t really an action shot, but isn’t my grandma cute??

Speaking of cute, I could just eat my teensy 5-year-old niece, Reese.

First cousins (with a couple adorable second cousins thrown in for good measure).

Brady (Gabe’s cousin Lori’s 2-year-old) and Ava are buddies.

Gabe’s brother Tug (do you see why I call him the Class Clown on Steroids?).

Nina and Grandma sharing an Icee at the zoo.

Isabelle dreams of another delicious frozen bite.


Nina playing croquet with Grandma Taviano.

Miley and Livi (sporting her best can’t-we-get-a-puppy? face). Answer: no.

Confetti eggs!! My friend Sandi in San Antonio introduced us to them last April, and we found some in SC half-off at Kroger after Easter. So much fun!

And there you have it. And lest you think we have boundless energy to be having so much fun, we pretty nigh used it all. We’re pooped.

Happy Tax Day, all! If your name starts with J, don’t hold back!

39 thoughts on “more family fun! & names that start with "j"

  1. Sarah M

    S S S S S I think tomorrow should be S day 🙂 I’m loving all of the pics you’re posting lately. Can’t get enough of that sweet family of yours.

  2. Laura

    I am Jason’s wife, does that count? And I have always called him J. Not Jay, just J. As if you could tell the difference! 😛

  3. Kelly

    I agree with your sister…S is super popular…but I should probably say K since I have a K name…

    HOWEVER…according to Wheel of Fortune, R L S T N E are the most popular letters…

  4. Erin

    okay, so I don’t start with J…but I know lots that do! Justin (and his siblings: Julie, Jonathon & Jarrin). And my sis-in-law Jen. She may have commented already…

  5. Jonna

    Jonna here… joyfully jiggling jello and jotting jingles as I jog jubilently joining jennie, joyce, jerod and jess….. did i do good?

  6. Jennie

    Jennie here…representing the J’s. I’m married to Joshua, whose brothers are Jonathan and Jeremy. My Mom is Jane.
    P.S. Today is the perfect day for an Icee. A Mt. Dew Icee would be best!

  7. Emily Kay

    Y’all don’t have cascarones (confetti eggs) up there?? I mean, I knew they were more popular down here (it’s a Latino thing…cascarones are hotter than candy-filled eggs!) but I just assumed everyone had panties full of confetti after Easter celebrations! 🙂

  8. jess

    i love the icee pics!
    and YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH J!!!! 🙂 though, i gotta admit, it always bugged me in school where there were 14 J kids in my classes and 8 random letters. i wanted a random letter! 🙂

    but i do enjoy the fact that before i was married, my mom and i had the same intials. JMH. And now I share initials with Matt’s brother JMB (which isn’t nearly as grand as sharing with my mom-but still interesting.). And Matt’s sister shares initials with my brother ADH. Consider yourself enlightened. 🙂

  9. amber

    I could eat your family with a spoon…so cute.

    And tax day…blech. We’re still not done with ours. And it would be the, um, 15th. Oh well.

    And my middle name is Janelle. Actually, it’s Janell, but I added the “E” for romance sake. 🙂 My parents were so boring.

  10. Bethany

    Cute pictures! I think you should tie it all up in a cute little bow that starts with the letter “B”….that way your sister and I can sign in 🙂

  11. Joanne @ The Simple Wife

    Joanne representing.

    And, hey!, I met your friend Joy who lives in Phoenix and goes to my church and knows you and Gabe and Tug and your MIL. She’s in the Bible study I’m teaching and came up and introduced herself. And she’s totally beautiful and adorable.

  12. Jen Griffin

    Jennifer again! Shan’s first name is James also! “J” is our popular family name…Joyce…3 Jon’s, Jace, Jayne, Jule, ….ect and it goes on forever!!!!!

  13. Susan J.

    Last name starts with J. I know that doesn’t count. =) I may be biased, but I think S would be a wonderful letter for tomorrow.

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