Ava found a nickel in a parking lot last night. A few days before, she found a penny. She might come in handy with all this money that keeps slipping through my fingers. We’re in the van and she’s admiring her nickel…

Ava: Raise your hand if you’re a good money-founder!
Me: (hand at my side) Ha! I’m a good money-loser.
Ava: If you’re not a good money-founder, point to the one that is!

Great weekend. Gabe did get home safely Thursday night. Well, Friday morning. At 2:30. He had fun at the concert–Toby Mac, Barlow Girl, and Thousand Foot Krutch. Tug got four free tickets and four free backstage passes. He and Gabe got the first two, then the youth group kids put their names in a hat for the other two.

A new girl  in the youth group (moved to the area a couple months ago) looooooooves Barlow Girl and was dying to meet them. Sadly, she didn’t get picked. Her new friend did. The friend turned around and immediately handed her free pass to the new girl. How sweet is that? I got tears in my eyes when Gabe told me.

Toby Mac signed Gabe’s chest. Well, his shirt. Gabe had a God’s Mac shirt on. Toby signed “Toby” right over the word Mac. Ha! They got pics with everyone. And Gabe says, “Barlow Girl stinkin’ rocks! For being girls.”

Friday was fun day at the zoo. We met Josh, Jess, Anna, Ethan and Gavin there at 10:45ish. Had loads of fun. The weather was to die for. Mom and Dad met us there around 1:00. We all rode the carousel.

Last time Anna sat on my lap on one of the benches, because she was scared to get on the horse. This time she was feeling much braver. She had one hand on the pole, one arm wrapped tightly around my neck the entire time. When the horse went up, I was up on my tippy-tip-toes. When the horse went down, I was doing squats. I woke up rather sore the next morning.

“When I get in 6th or 7th grade,” Anna told me (she’s in kindergarten), “I’m going to be so brave, I’ll ride the horse without you, Aunt Marla!” (Then later she changed it to 10th grade.)

I’m back! Didn’t know I left, did you? I was so immersed in my blogging that Ava about missed the bus. Oops!

The rest of Friday… Lunch at Wendy’s, back to our house where the kids played outside and the adults collapsed. Aunt Bethy came at 4ish. Chicken tacos for supper, Jess’s caramel brownies and ice cream for dessert. Josh and Jess left around 7:30, Bethy at 10:00, and Mom and Dad spent the night (that was fun! they’ve never done it before.)

Dad got up at 4:00 (!) to go to work. Mom watched the girls while Gabe and I went to Barnes & Noble. I worked on my book for a few hours, P.F. Chang’s for lunch (my first time–yum!), back home. Gabe watched football with Dad, Mom played with the girls, Nina napped, and I wrote some more. Pizza for sup. Mom and Dad went home. Back to writing.

Bored yet?

Sunday–woke up at 8:00. Out the door by 8:35 for church. Impressive, no? Leftover pizza for lunch, took a walk through the woods to a park, Nina and I took a THREE-HOUR nap. Went to a metro park for another walk. Target for necessities. Bed time for girls. Gabe watched a movie while I worked on the book–until 2:30 am! My nap was just a bit too long, I guess.

The book is coming along–10 days ’til my deadline! Thanks so much for praying!

Have a great week! Ta Ta For Now! (aka, TTFN)

18 thoughts on “money-founder

  1. ergirl053

    I am terribly impressed by the “wake up at 8 out the door by 835” thing. That’s quite an accomplishment. Maybe sometime in the future Kylie and I will come down to the zoo and your gang can meet us there- I think it sounds like good fun!

  2. tonialynn59

    I think your weekend sounds wonderful!  Love the chicken tacos.  Hey, I found a new thing to use that chicken for (if that is the chicken you were talking about).  I made taco soup, that I normally make with beef, using that chicken and man was it good!

  3. faithchick

    OKAY!  I get it.  Somehow, when I saw her xanga site for the first time I didn’t recognize her picture at all (of course, maybe there wasn’t a picture of her.)  but, I’m aaaaall cleared up now.  🙂  Thanks for elightening me.

  4. terriwright


    A money-founder…that would Alexander Hamilton. In the  mkost technical sense.

    Hooray for book progress, hooray for grandparent/grandbaby time(priceless), yea for nap, Boo for 2:30 in the morning!!!!!

    I am extremely impressed that you left the house for church 35 minutes after getting up. Was the Keystone Kops chase music running through your head the whole time you were hurtling around the house? That’s what always used to play in MY head. Then we’d dash to the car, and Kirby would drive 20 mph down the road to church……………..

  5. kkakwright

    All this talk about food is making me hungry.  chicken tacos, pizza, caramel brownies.  This is all rather mean to do to us in the middle of the afternoon.
    I love having my mom and dad spend the night. it really is fun.  the kids love love love waking up and having their grandparents there.  What fun.

  6. mtaviano

    ^Nope, just one. Unless I count you as my sista. My sister Bethany has 2 sisters-in-law named Jessica (one on Stew’s side). Maybe that’s what you’re thinking.

  7. ladymiss3739

    I’ve been out of the loop…is this the life as a mom book you’re working on a deadline for?  I hate deadlines.  And I love them.  You’ll make it and then you can celebrate when you do! 

  8. faithchick

    Okay…so…Josh’s last name would be Yoder, right?  just like the rest of you, I assume.  And his wife is Jess.  So…I know of a couple that is Josh & Jess Yoder becasue Idobelive they were my friend Amanda & her new husband Andy’s premarital couselors or mentors or something.  or they at least go to the same church.  they go to church in jamestown, yeah?  It’s gotta be one in the same.  i just figured that out allbymyself.  These rkts are good brain food.

    i went to target 5 times this week, i know it.  And i think i’m going to go back there again today.  i’m such a nerd.  but, it’s a great outing.  it relaxes me &the little lady loves it.

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