monday, monday

I’m not feeling particularly inspired this afternoon. This is more of a procrastination post. Avoiding the writing I don’t feel like doing by writing something else.

So, I’m trying to get used to my old desk chair. I’ve had one with wheels for the past few months, compliments of Gabe’s grandpa, but Gabe’s chair is busted and instead of massaging/pounding on his back three times a day, I’m giving him my wheely chair and retrieving my old wooden one from the living room. I still have my eye on that bouncy ball one that Beth Elaine has at work.

Fun weekend. Friday morning I met Rachael and her hubby and kiddos. Hubby had some business to take care of, so Rach and I and our four kids (Livi was in school) piled in our mini-van in search of a Starbucks.  Not exactly easy considering where we were, but we eventually found one! Hello, gingerbread frappuccino! Then we headed to McDonald’s for drinks and fries while we waited for Michael. We had a great chat, and our kids loved each other. I’ll let Rach share her family’s plans for the coming months.

Friday afternoon, I made apple crisp, Tonia’s Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, and Chex Mix (no, wait, that was Thurs. night) for our Yoder Family Reunion. Packed the car, left for Camp Swoneky around 5ish. Lots of traffic, a wreck, etc. We ended up staying until Sunday morning instead of Saturday night. It was all kinds of fun.

Gator rides, tire swing, horses and goats, bonfires, s’mores, lots of food, leaf piles, playground, tug-of-war, sack races, kickball, scooter races, Rook!, chatting, new cuddly babies, lots of photos (I’ll post some soon–maybe). I love my family. Livi and Ava had so much fun with their second cousins. And first cousins too–Anna, Ethan, and Gavin were there on Saturday. Livi cried most of the way home on Sunday because she wanted to stay.

Gabe rented Evan Almighty last night, and we all watched it together. They had all seen it in the theater, but this was my first time. Loved it. It’s on again right now, because I’m supposed to be writing. Well, I am writing, but…

Gabe and I are going away tomorrow (until Wed afternoon) while our moms watch the girls. It’s a combined birthday present get-away. (mine was 10/31, his is 11/25) I’m really looking forward to it but a little worried that my work isn’t going to get done and I’ll have to take it with me. Poo.

One of my old campers stopped by a little bit ago with her hubby and 2 friends. They were shopping at Easton (they live down by Ohio U). She bought 2 boxes of Blushing. Her husband is on staff with Young Life. She remembers making a happy 10-month (dating) anniversary banner for Gabe and me on the floor of our cabin when I was her counselor in junior high. The 6 of us had a nice chat. I sent them on their way with heavy boxes and trick-or-treat candy for the road.

I think that’s going to have to be it for now. See you on Thursday. Hugs and smoochies!

13 thoughts on “monday, monday

  1. luvmynoah

    Might I recommend a book for you two while your away on your hot date/birthday fun time.  It’s by a wonderful young lady named….oh it’s you never mind.  I’m sure you two will have a fun time away.  I know how much it’s needed…having time alone with your spouse.  Uninterrupted conversations is hard to come by in our house!

  2. terriwright

    Chairs, work to do, …stew, worry, worry…..suggestion: breathe, realize it’s all God’s, you’re in charge of absolutely nothing, and just roll with whatever…….

  3. tonialynn59

    I picked up a candle at Walmart today that is gingerbread and man oh man does my kitchen smell wonderful!  So decieving!haha  Did you like the cream cheese coffee cake?  We love that.  I have the stuff and have been going to make it for the last couple weekends and it just never happens.  But I think I need to make it.  Sounds very good.  You have a wonderful getaway with your hubby!!

  4. Nixter77

    I love Christmas time because of the Gingerbread flavours – my fav is Gingerbread Latte although drinking it in hot Australia just isn’t the same.

    Will pray you might be productive and get what you need to get done so you don’t have to take it – that would be what Gail said ‘Blech!’

    Love you

  5. gsowell

    OK…I’ve adjusted my prayers for you: I’m praying that you get enough done that you don’t have to take anything with you on a romantic get away. Blech! Who wants to think about guided practice and differentiated instruction when you could be getting cozy with your cutie? Praying for you. And the family weekend sounds divine…can’t wait for pictures. (and I gave you a mini in my random gifting today…I think it’s the last one of the day!)

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