miss moody’s happy again

EDIT: (7:52am) This will make sense only if you read the rest of the blog. Okay, so I’m dumber than we originally thought. It was my left hand I shut in the door, which means both my arms were crossed over my body. This is why I looked so “odd” and had such trouble breaking free. Anyway… Laugh all you want, because it’s not even sore anymore.

You poor things probably check my blog with trepidation. Oh, dear, you think. What kind of mood will she be in today? Grumpy? Angry? Excited? Bubbly? Dejected? Who can really know?

Well, this night finds me in a fine mood. I literally feel uplifted by prayer. Yesterday, I felt attacked at most every turn, and today has been 96% delightful. Thank you for your encouragement.

I went to Bible study this morning. I’m 2 for 2 so far. I think my record is 3 in a row. I aim to shatter it. Even if my kids are puking, I’m going. I’ll just send them to childcare with a barf bag. (Kidding.)

Our study was really good. The ladies in my group are open and real, and I look forward to getting to know them better. The study is eye-opening and a bit frightening. I soooo do not want to be seduced by Satan EVER in any way. I know I need to saturate my mind with more and more of God’s truth and be ever on the offensive. Beth said something that really struck me. The armor available to us in Ephesians 6 covers everything but our backs. We can’t turn our back on the enemy or we’re history. We cannot run from satan. We must face him–and destroy him. And it’s much easier to do when you’re surrounded by other godly women–women who’ve “got your back,” so to speak. Thanks for gottin my back, girls! (that one was for you, Kimberly–I think it’s an irregular participular something-or-other).

Gabe came home for lunch which is always a treat. He took Livi to the bus stop on his way back to work, freeing me up to get more fun household tasks done. Nina fell asleep during Bible study, so she wouldn’t go down for a nap at her normal time. She finally gave in 2 hours later. The little tyke has her first molar poking through. Ouch! I got my outline for my talk on Saturday all finished up, some stuff printed up, and some props gathered and packed.

Please do pray for the luncheon Saturday. It starts at 1:00. I’m really looking forward to it. Tonia has told me about some of the ladies who’ll be coming, and God has placed a burden for them on my heart. Pray that the Spirit will speak through me in a powerful way and that these women will hear exactly what they need to minister to their hearts. And that we’ll have fun and the gals will be willing to participate in my wacko activities!

My mom and Gabe’s are coming to stay with the girls. I think I mentioned that they’ll be going to Livi’s soccer game tomorrow night and Ava’s Saturday morning. And I just found out that Livi has team soccer pictures Saturday afternoon. And my aunt needs picked up at the airport that evening. I told Janelle I was thinking of scheduling a couple doctor’s appts or a minor surgery in there sometime, too. I’m so thankful my mom-in-law is so soccer-savvy, so she can help the girlies with their shin guards and cleats and stuff.

Ava cried herself to sleep tonight, distraught over the thought of me leaving tomorrow. This is the girl who usually pushes me out the door.

Fifteen minutes after I put them to bed:
Ava: (sob, sob, sob)
Me: (holding her in bed, scratching her back, offering soothing words)
Ava: (sob, sob, sob)
Me: Don’t you love your grandmas?
Ava: Yeah, (sniff, sob) but not as best as yooooooooou!

We went to the Metro Gardens tonight. As you know, I absolutely love that place. My heart always feels filled to the brim when I’m there in God’s creation in the beautiful weather with my fun little family. The waterfall was turned on–that means spring is here for good! We saw lots of frogs and ducks and squirrels and found new trails and took cute pictures.

So, we decided to go to DQ afterwards. I planned to sit in the middle seat of the van, so I could share my ice cream with Nina. I won’t be able to describe what happened to me as I climbed in the van, so I’ll just speak in vague generalities. I’m half standing up next to the seat, sliding door is half closed. Instead of turning around and shutting the door by the handle, I grab the other side of it with my right hand and pull it shut. I shut it in the door. It kills. I panic. I try to reach the handle to free myself, but I can’t reach it while I’m stuck at this angle. I start crying. Livi and Ava start screaming and crying. Nina starts crying. Gabe is rushing around the van to help, just as I take one last lunge and freed myself. Gabe thinks I have issues. He couldn’t think of any examples, but he says I’m odd and am always hurting myself in ways that are just ridiculous. He said this lovingly.

My house is clean (by that, I mean things are put in their place, not that anything has been scrubbed or dusted). I’m almost done with the laundry. Dishes put away. Stuff for tomorrow mostly packed. My fingers are a little sore, but not bad at all.

Have a great weekend!

18 thoughts on “miss moody’s happy again

  1. tonialynn59

    Just stopping by to say thanks for the weekend.  You did an awesome job!  Such fun!  I will be posting pictures on my site hopefully tomorrow or Monday afternoon.

  2. scottnjes

    Yikes, sorry about your accident! I saw a cute little sign today that said something to the effect of  enjoying my house in the state of my loose interpretation of clean. shoot. shoulda bought it. I wanted it but thought if i hung it up people would start to figure out that when i say “i cleaned today!” I really mean “I picked Ivy’s toys up today!”

  3. gsowell

    You did what to your hand? How on earth? Glad it doesn’t even hurt now. And I thought I had accomplished all the weird, ungraceful injuries (remind me to tell you about falling off the log when crossing the creek sometime…so pathetic).

  4. ladymiss3739

    I’m glad I read your edit first so I didn’t feel guilty laughing as hard as I did when I got to your hand story!  I’m also glad to know that it didn’t do too much damage…I think every mom with a minivan has had a few close calls and has cringed wondering what it would be like.  Thanks for going on before us on this one, Marla!

  5. luvmynoah

    Maybe it’s just me but I think you have a future in professional Twister?  With the moves you made I’m sure you’d be a champ!

    I’m glad your hand it okay. Have fun tomorrow and just let God control your words.  If you ask… He’ll help you and guide you in all You say.  I know many will be reached if He is in control.

  6. ch1pch0p

    Sounds like Ava has her mother’s mood swings… big surprise there, huh?

    It’s okay that you can’t speak or write English correctly. I mean, it’s not like that’s what you do for a job or anything. It’s not like you teach children anymore…

  7. Nixter77

    Poor little Ava, I really can’t wait to meet her. Hope you aren’t in too much pain now you poor thing. Will be praying for you sweet friend 😉

    Metro Gardens sounds so lovely, when we come out you will have to take us…

  8. YoYoYoder

    I hurt myself all the time! I know how you feel and Stew just doesn’t understand.

    Ava is so sweet. I love your little fun family! I can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks! Woohoo!

  9. trishlrich

    You crack me up!  I always get a laugh when I come to your site!  Glad your hand is feeling better!

    Don’t you love that your kids love you best???  So precious!!

  10. rachmckinney

    have a great weekend. i ‘ll be praying for your time. i am sure God will bless it.
    glad your hand feels better. and if it means anything to you, i do things like that all the time somehow. michael sort of lovingly rolls his eyes w hen i get hurt again! and that’s ok…i am learning to laugh about it, too:)! (when it doesn’t hurt anyway!)
    i love how you talked about the eph. 6 and not turning our backs….so true!

  11. ClutzyButtercup

    Sorry about your hand…My mother has told me for years that there is a reason my middle name isn’t grace!  🙂  My husband’s reaction when I get hurt is always interesting too!

    I’m praying for you this weekend.

  12. tonialynn59

    So sorry to hear about your hand.  That sounds painful!  Also sorry to hear Ava will miss you so much!  I know it will be nice for you and Gabe to get away even it is a quick trip.  I am looking forward to dinner with you guys tonight.  I think you will like Lucky’s.  Awesome bread!:) well other stuff too.  This luncheon and you have been prayed for so much even just by our ministry team that I know God is going to use you in a mighty way!

    I’ve heard Beth talk like that about friends “having our backs” and I like that.  See you very soon!

  13. angntug

    Sorry, that is a little odd…lol…anyways, I have 2 verses for you…
    Isaiah 52:12-“But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard.”

    Isaiah 58:8-“Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.”

    Maybe the healing is for the hand (lol!) but God does have our back!!! Funny you wrote this because I was doing a lesson with the girls on the armor of God today and created the whole armor out of paper and string….wanted to find these verses anyways…The devil tried the “frontal” attack in heaven but was kicked out for it…now his only way of attacking is by his backstabbing techniques….but God still has us!!!

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