meeting mia! (and other "m" names)

That was A lot of fun yesterday with 5 Amys, 1 Amie, 3 Angelas, 2 Amandas, 2 Ambers, 1 Allison, 1 Alison, 1 Allie, 1 Ali, 1 Anna and an Anne Marie. Thanks, you beautiful A girls!

Today is M day. If your name starts with M, give me a whoop whoop!

And now, the Moment I’d been waiting for since February 3rd–meeting my beautiful new niece Mia Noelle for the first time. Oh, I just love her so much! And I’m actually glad I had to wait 2 months, because she’s already advanced out of the boring (but darling) newborn stage and is grinning and cooing, and I could just eat her all up!

Everybody looooved holding her.

She did not always love being held.

This is before sweet Ava got sick for almost a week.

Look how proud Isabelle is to be holding a baby.

All the Yoder grandkids that don’t actually have the last name of Yoder (my brother has 3 adorable kiddos too–1 girl, 2 boys).

Guess where I dragged the whole fam? THE ZOO!!

I can’t think of many things more thrilling than introducing my little loved ones to GIRAFFES!!!

Isabelle was hysterical with him (her?). She’d throw the food in his mouth and then jerk her hand away AFAP (as fast as possible).

Nina getting in on the action. The Riverbanks Zoo is a great place to feed giraffes.

Daniel, the lone male, held his own with all us crazy women.

Have you ever seen such edible cheeks? YUM!

I love my family. Sigh.

Don’t forget–if your name starts with M (best letter EVER!), give me a shout!

And have a MARVELOUS day!!

27 thoughts on “meeting mia! (and other "m" names)

  1. Omom

    Those girraffe pictures are amazing!

    I have no M names, but I always wanted to name a little boy Max. 🙂
    I gave you an award on my blog today! 🙂

  2. Teresa Henry

    Love the pictures…so cute….love cheeks…love giraffes…love kids holding babies…so glad you got to see your neice.

    Okay my name doesn’t start with an M…but both of my girlies are M’s….Megan and Madeline.

  3. Missy June

    MMmmmmmmissy! Looks like a fun time with the family….that 2-3 months stage is the ONLY thing that tempts me to want another one. I just LOVE the cooing and that look of smiling out of your skin!

    My husband’s name is Mike and I wanted to name all our children M-names. He didn’t so much go for that.

  4. kellie@laVidaDulce

    Hi Marla,

    I was going to say that I go by Mom….but Amber beat me to it!

    That sweet baby is adorable and the A’s are pretty cute too!

    February 3rd is a great day! My Daughter was born that day too….a decade ago!

  5. amber

    I answer to Mom, Mommy, Mama, and when they’re screaming it sounds like “Maahhhh-Maaaaahhhhhhhh.”

    Does that count?

    Love your zoorific pictures. And that giraffe…it doesn’t get better than that.

  6. Megan

    Yes for M’s!!!! My name is Megan….and my sister’s name is Molly, and my brother’s name is Matt! How about that for liking M names! 🙂 Your trip to SC looks like loads of fun and what a beautiful family! 🙂

  7. Stephanie your sister

    I love all those pictures so much! I’m so glad you finally met Mia, and I, too, am very glad she’s out of the boring/ sleepless/ screaming-all-the-time stage. 🙂

  8. Marla Fletcher

    WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!! We have the best name ever – MARLA!!! not MARIA, but MARLA!!!!!! MARLA MARLA MARLA!!!

  9. Mary

    Whoop Whoop for M! 🙂 It IS the best letter ever. Looks like so much fun (I agree about the boring newborn stage by the way…except you don’t realize that until after the fact).

  10. mary

    (Mary! )your family is adorable. Jamie’s little one is due in two weeks(go read her last blog post).

    We went to Ft Lee to visit Sara and grand babies on my spring break and while there went to zoo in Richmond. Fed the giraffes there ! Dan is in Kuwait (from Afghanistan) and back to Ft Lee by early May!

  11. Bethany your sis

    Oh I love these beautiful pics! I forgot how much I love love LOVE giraffes! Seeing them again in person has me hooked again. I love the one of the giraffe sticking his or her tongue out! And the last one of my baby girl! Thanks Marla!

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