medial monikers

That would be Old English for middle names. Not really–medial just made me think of medieval. Anyway.

Back in Novemberish, I took a little survey on middle names. What’s your middle name? Why were you named that? What made your parents think up such a weird name? Did they hate you? Stuff like that.

On Monday I got to thinking about middle names again. Nina and I spent 3ish hours at the zoo with my friend Kim and her daughter Kara (who’s just 4 days older than Nina). Aside from the huge silverback gorilla that threw himself against the glass to scare the girls (it worked) and three VERY um, ACTIVE (and shameless) male bonobos, it was a delightful day. The girls are the best of friends and total chatterboxes. Kim and I have a lot in common and chatted non-stop too. (She just got back from a missions trip to Cambodia. Our church supports an orphanage there, and I so want to go.) At some point, Kim asked me how I decided on my girls’ names. I was so glad she asked. The stories behind their names are so brilliant and sweet.

Olivia Joy. Gabe and I couldn’t agree on a single name. One night I said, “Olivia.” He said, “I like it.” And when your name is Olivia Taviano, you need a short middle name. We chose Joy. It sounded happy. And it’s also my sister’s middle name.

Ava Marie. I have no idea where I got the name Ava. It’s super popular now, but I didn’t know any Avas at the time. Marie is Gabe’s grandma’s middle name. And his mom’s. And my SIL’s. And a bunch of my cousins’.

Nina Gabriel. I can’t say with 100% certaintly, but I’m pretty sure I was browsing a Pottery Barn Kids catalog and saw Nina on the back of one of those adorable plush chairs. Gabriel is Gabe’s full name. The name we picked out as a middle name for a boy all three times.

See? Touching.

I’m Marla Rachelle. A form of Mary and Rachel, sweet Bible women. Mom tells me my name means motherly and loving (or something like that). But I’m pretty sure Marla means bitter.

Gabriel Anson. Roman Gabriel was a football player. Anson Williams was Potsie on Happy Days.

Livi and Ava were chatting tonight before supper, and Ava wanted to know why Livi goes by “Olivia” at school. Livi just shrugged. Ava turned to me and said, “Is my real name Ava?” I said yes. “But do I have a longer name?” No. “Why did you name me short?” she asked. I told her I liked her name. And that Nina’s is short too–just 4 letters. Mine is 5. Olivia’s is 7. “Actually, mine’s 6,” Livi said. I counted her name on my fingers. Yeah, I meant 6.

So, my girls all have pretty first names that go nicely with Taviano. And they each share their middle name with someone they love. But there’s really nothing super-symbolic about their names. Oh well.

I do want to know about your middle names though. Do you have a really strange one? A long one? More than one? None at all? Were you named after a relative? A favorite dog? Did your sister get to name you? Were you named after a soap opera star? Is your middle name spelled funny? Is it a name usually reserved for the opposite sex? Do you love it/hate it/not really care? Did you change your middle name to your maiden name when you got married? Is there a middle name you secretly wish was yours?

Can’t wait to hear your medial moniker! And the story behind it! On Friday, I’ll announce Special Winners! In All Manner of Categories!

Have a Whipper-Snap of a Wednesday!

76 thoughts on “medial monikers

  1. Becky Jo

    My middle name is Jo – in our family you get one Biblical name and one family name. Rebecca came from the Bible and Jo came from my Great Grandma Josie Or Josephine. The funny thing is they chose Jo because my mom decided that if it was Rebecca Josephine, and I married someone with a long last name, there would never be enough squares on the government forms to fit it all in. Yeah … that is what a person thinks about when naming a child!!!

    My children are Hattie Grace (Hattie for my OTHER great grandmother and Grace is Biblical) and Sophie Lee (Sophie is from the greek word for wisdom – and in some translations of the Bible the wise men are called Sophus, and Lee for BOTH of my grandfathers!)

    And I am with you, I love to know where names come from!

  2. Conny

    Ok, Marla….I’ll give you a hint…..
    My “real” name is NOT Condaleeza, although that would have been WAAAAY cooler than my “real” name.
    My daughter is totally into American Girl stuff (which I so can’t afford) – so we got her the movie SAMANTHA recently. Samantha’s future aunt has the SAME NAME as me!!! And for once, my real name is portrayed by a young, pretty woman. Otherwise, everyone else I’ve ever known/heard of with my read name was 80 years old & living in a nursing home. It’s a “common” name in Germany – which my mom is German. Her name, btw, is HEIDELINDE – isn’t that beautiful!? She goes by Heidi….but why couldn’t she name ME after her??! Well, it’s ok – she WAS going to name me Claudia – which I am indifferent to … I just tend to think of CLOD-EE-A – but no offense to anyone named Claudia. Ok, I’ll shut up & stick to writing senselessly on my own blog 😉

  3. Deanna

    My middle name is Marie…as is a lot of others. Back in the 70’s and 80’s I think if people couldn’t think of a middle name or couldn’t agree on a middle name they just said “Marie it is!” I have two aunt’s whose middle name is Marie and my sis-in-law’s middle name is Marie.

  4. Rebecca

    In all the excitement of yesterday, I totally forgot to tell you that my middle name is actually my mother’s middle name which I think is pretty cool! 🙂

    Also, since you prodded me to look up the meaning of my middle name, I discovered that since Ann means favored grace, that I have a connection that I never knew about with my daughter’s middle name: Grace. How cool is that???

  5. Kelli

    My middle name is Nicole. I think that my mom just liked it. I was nameless girl baby for several hours maybe days. My parents were getting desperate and we even contemplating naming me Snow… my maiden name is White. HAHA! Can you imagine the torture of that! I did change my middle name to my maiden name. I was more attached to that than my middle name. My mom, grandma, etc. did it so I wanted to keep the tradition. My daughter’s middle name is my mom’s first name. It is very special to me!

  6. Conny

    I just re-read my post – oh the horrors….grammatical & spelling/typing errors 🙁 I can’t let them go:
    Conny is just my NICKNAME………
    -and when I wrote my name on a form once, I put……

  7. Conny

    Because my mom gave me a horrendous first name (Conny is just my nicknam – if you ever do a post about first names, I’ll tell you all my REAL name), I have no middle name – perhaps a blessing in disguise.
    My husband was in the Army for a while…and that means filling out paperwork, forms, and more paperwork for all kinds of things – and when I wrote my name on one, I put {REAL FIRST NAME} NMI HUTCHINSON. The clerk who took my form looks at it & says, “NMI? Was your mom CHinese?” Ummmm, NMI = “no middle initial”.

  8. Sarah

    My name is Sarah Marie – Sarah from the Bible and Marie was my grandmothers middle name.

    We named our daughter Cameron Michele. Cameron – because we thought it had a nice ring to it (and it was the only name we could agree on) and Michele after my mom.

    It’s so interesting to read everyone’s names 🙂

  9. Kim Webb

    I forgot my favorite, my brothers. My dad’s name was Thomas Robert Walker and they just reversed it for my brother Robert Thomas Walker, it was easy to remember.

  10. Kim Webb

    Kay for me – it was my mom’s middle name.

    Brian’s is Eugene, when I ask his mom why she would do that to him she says “I just liked the name”. I think she was taking some happy medicine (it was the early 70s).

    Kara’s middle name is Grace. With everything that God showed us through the process of adopting her – he showed us much grace.

  11. Kelly, the zoo girl

    My middle name is Lynn. It’s my grandpa’s and aunt’s middle name. I always thought it was weird that my grandpa has the middle name of Lynn because he’s a boy! It means “lake” which is just strange too!

  12. Stacy

    Some how my comment got posted before I was done typing…lol

    Stacy Pauline- Growing up I didn’t like my name. Mom said Stacy was what she always wanted to name a little girl. Pauline was my great-grandmother’s middle name.

    Steven Daniel-Hubby is named after his Dad’s uncle that helped raise his Dad and his Dad’s brother that was killed before hubby was born.

    1st Daughter is Sarah Elizabeth- Elizabeth is always what I wanted my name to be and it is my grandmother & aunt’s middle name. Hubby didn’t like it as a first name because he didn’t want people to call her Lizzie. Sarah was the compromise but fits her oh so well. It means Princess.

    2nd Daughter- Kaley Ann-was born 14 months after Sarah. I was overwhelmed…lol. Kaley is what my step-mom was going to use if my brother had been a girl (she was going to spell it Kaleigh, I thought Kaley was easier to learn) Ann was the middle name I had picked to go with Elizabeth and it is a family name.

    Son- Steven Craig-He is not named after his dad. About 2 weeks before we found out I was pregnant was 9/11. On 9/12 the man that married hubby and I and was also hubby’s mentor in the ministry was killed in a car accident. His name was Steven Craig and he went by his middle name. So to honor him we named our son the same name and he goes by Craig as well. It drives the health insurance company crazy having a Steven D. and a Steven C.

    What fun!

  13. Kathryn

    My middle name is Jane. I know it is plain (hehe) but I LOVE it! My middle name was my grandmother’s middle name, Betty Jane. It is also my mother’s middle name, Vanessa Jane. I am praying to be able to give it to my daughter one day.

    I was blessed with a little boy the first time around, so I couldn’t give him Jane for a middle name! His name is Landen Christopher, Christopher is his daddy’s first name. He is Christopher Robin…. yes named after, and on purpose, Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh!! Needless to say, my hubby NEVER writes out his full name!! hehehehehehe!!!

    So, that’s my story! I love the name conversations! They are so much fun!

  14. Suzanne

    Mine is Lynette. I used to like my middle name better than my first name, but now I prefer Suzanne. We gave Thomas my grandpa’s (on my dad’s side) middle name, Klyne. Meg got my grandma’s (on my mom’s side) middle name, Elisabeth (only we changed the “z” to an “s”). Tessa’s middle name comes from my mother-in-law’s first name, Jane. I’m really happy with all their names so far. I was uncertain about Thomas at first (Nate’s middle name is Thomas), but now it suits him!

  15. Rebecca

    Okay, this is way cool chickadee! My middle name is Ann. Once upon a time in grade school, I hated my name, Becky, (short for Rebecca), and wanted to go by Ann. Mom didn’t buy it, and I’ve been really glad about that most of my life. I love the name Rebecca, which means to bind. hmmmm. Anyway, I’ve never looked up the meaning of Ann until today. You know what it means?????

    It means “favored grace.” I LOVE THAT!!!! Our first born’s middle name is Grace because: 1.) it was by God’s grace that I was able to conceive when the doctor’s said I would never be able to (because I had PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome) without tons of fertility treatments–if then; ha! My God is bigger than any doctor! 🙂 ; and 2.) the person who led me to the Lord at the age of 19 had the middle name Grace.

    You have given me a smiley face today!!! Thanks for the prod to look up the meaning of my middle name!

    Oh, and by the way, I kept my maiden name and gave up my last name. To me, it was a biblical thing and a gift to my husband. I was receiving the last name of my husband and throwing my former name away because it was no longer my identity. Consquently, my initials spell rat. A funny that keeps my family in stitches a lot! hahaha 🙂

  16. jenniwren130

    Me: Jennifer Marie. My parents liked the name Jennifer (they called me Jenni when I was little and sometimes “Jenni Wren”, like the little bird, hence the xanga nickname). Marie was my grandmother’s middle name.

    My hubby, Paul Steven: I think his parents just liked the name.

    My little girl, Samantha Grace: I’ve always liked the name Samantha, and Paul thought it was nice, too. Her middle name is for Paul’s grandmother.

  17. Krisco

    Hey ! I saw another Krista. Good thing I go under my code name of “Krisco” 😉

    Krista Elisabeth – Mom wanted Kristie but appearantly there was some slutty girl on a popular tv show at the time and daddy didn’t want to name his baby girl after a slutty girl so they changed it to Krista. 🙂 Elisabeth is the same middle name as my sister and is a name that shows all over the place in our lineage.

    Kerris Lee – named after his father. Mother named him that when his father left the room cause father wanted to name him Benjamin. Mother made sure to sign everything before father came back.

    Adalyn Elisabeth – She was Kate Elisabeth until about 1 week before she was born. I LOVED Kate but didn’t really like Katie so we were still open to other options. A patient came into the dentist office and said her sister just had a baby and named her Adalyn. I loved it. Kerry did too. We stole it.

    Kerris Lee – fairly obvious.

    Kain Michael – We were looking through the Bible for names. Came upon Cain. Our family has a thing with “K’s” so we changed it to Kain. Michael is after my father, brother (his middle) and good friend (first name).

    This was fun!

  18. Emily Kay

    I commented on your original blog about this, but I’m happy to do it again. 🙂

    My middle name is Kay because that’s the name my grandmother goes by. I always liked having two short names because it made it easier when I had to write my long last name (Marchand) after those names. I hated being an “Emily” when I was growing up though…it didn’t become popular until about 10 year ago so I felt like I had the strangest name ever. Now I can’t walk through a store without hearing some mother yell at her daughter with my name…I have this constant guilty feeling for some reason. 🙂

  19. Shannon

    My middle name is Lynn. It is my mom’s middle name too, but I’m not sure why it was given to her. I’ve always liked it and hope to one day have a daughter to give that middle name to. I did, however, change my maiden name to my middle name once I was married.

  20. Bethany

    My middle name is JOY! I used to hate my middle name because I thought it was boring. And it made my initials B.J., which I can’t stand. But then in junior high my friends nicknamed me Joyful and then I started wanting to live up to my name, Joy. I always loved the song, “J-O-Y, J-O-Y, tell you what it means…Jesus first and Yourself last and Others in Betwee–EEN!” Happiness is based on happenings, Joy is based on Jesus. I know lots of girls with the middle name Joy, but I decided not to pass it on to Isabelle. I like Kate better for her middle name and that means “pure”. Such a cute, simple, lovable middle name, don’t you think? (Kate, I mean, not Joy) And I like that me and Livi share a middle name. 🙂

  21. Angela

    My middle name is Marie, also. I think it was only chosen because my mom needed something to go well with Angela. The reason, though, that she tried so hard for that was because Angela was my aunt’s middle name only because my grandmother loved the name but couldn’t think of a suitable middle, so settled on Betty Angela, planning to call her Angela. Long story short, she’s called Betty, so my mom tried just a little harder to find something that fit.

    I am proud of my daughter’s middle name, though. After working so hard to find a first name with meaning, we were working on finding a middle name, so I was browsing through a baby naming website, starting with “A”. When I got to Aydan and saw that it meant, “Little Fire,” I knew that was my baby girl – I could tell already 🙂 So, even though it’s popular and I’m not one for going with the crowd, we had to stick with it.

  22. Sarina

    My middle name is Leigh (Lee). I was named after my Aunt Sabrina Leigh. They only took the “B” out and gave me the rest of the name.
    I have one son Lukas Kendall. We used a “K” instead of a “c” to be different, but I am told now that it is the classic spelling. Kendall is my husband’s name.

  23. Krista

    My middle name is Joy, named after a cousin of my Dad’s that he was really close to. Every time I see her (couple years or so) someone points out the namesake and she’s always really sweet about it. If there’s a story behind her name, I don’t know it. My parents have said that they considered “Noel” as a middle name, but it just didn’t “go” as well. 🙂

  24. Krisha Fansler

    My middle name is “Werdehoff”. It is my Grandmothers maiden name. I never got made fun of for that name either!!! I wish!!! I have 4 other siblings and they were given the middle names, Marie, Wilson, William, and Huss. Nothing close to the “Uniqueness” of mine. I once had a friend of mine ask me what my middle name is and when I told her, she replied, “Wart Hog?” I used to hate my middle name but as I have gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate it. What an honor to be named after a wonderful, godly woman!

    My husband is David Alan. No idea where his name came from. Pretty sure there is no real significance to is.

    My children are:
    Jordan Wayne : Wayne is my dad’s name and my father-in-laws name. It is also the 3rd generation to name the first born after the grandfather. My father-n-law passed away a few months after we got married, so I always knew I wanted to use his name.

    Joshua David: David is my husbands name.

    Braden Cole: My sister in Nicole and I just liked the name

    Logan Jacob: Jacob is a name that is traced back into my husband ancestry.

    What a great question Marla. It was nice to take time to reflect back on our names.

    I enjoy reading your blog everyday. Keep up the good work!!!!

  25. Mindy

    My full name is Malynda May. My Mom told me that she spelled my name the way she did because my Dad liked Lynda Carter from Wonder Woman. And May because that is my Grandmothers first name.
    I have one son named Jacob Christopher. Jacob is my 10 year old brothers middle name and there was a really nice boy in high school who was named Jacob. Christopher is a family name but mostly he was named after his uncle. It is his first name.

  26. Robin Purdy

    My name is Robin Kay Purdy. Robin was the first girls name that my parents thought of once they realized I was a girl. All through my mom’s pregnancy they kept telling her she was having a boy. Thankfully my nursery was pretty neutral just had to change a few things and get some girls clothes! My name was supposed to be Chad Neal Sauerwein (maiden name). Boy am I glad I was not named Chad in 2004 with the whole hanging chad fiasco:) during the election. Neal is my dad’s middle name. So as soon as I was born they just switched and named me Kay after my mom’s middle name.

    While I was growing up I did not like my middle name because the favorite childhood game was what is the first letter of your name? I would say “K” and they would start guessing anything from Karen, Kathleen, to Katie or a host of other “k” names. When they would finally give up- I would say my name is Kay, K-A-Y. and they would be like that is a weird name.

    No children yet but my husband and I would like to name our children Biblical first names and personal middle names. We shall see…

    Love your blog and especially this post!

  27. Joslyn

    I never liked my first and middle name, Joslyn Marie, my parents said they “made it up” out of their names. My father’s name is Joseph and my mother’s middle name is Lynn they took the first three letters of each of their names and that was my first name. The middle name was just a filler.

    I have three children. My first is Daniel Joseph, he was named after my sweet cousin Daniel who lost his battle with leukemia at the age of 5. My Daniel was born the day of my cousin’s funeral. It was shocking to everyone and I could not think of any other name (We did not know the gender) for the baby but Daniel. It was a bitter sweet time for my family.

    My second child is named Amelia Elise. I know that Elise was my great grandmother’s middle name but my husband and I thought we were being original with Amelia. We came to find out from my 90 year old grandmother that her mother’s first name was Amelia! Apparently she went by Julia which was actually some sort of nickname (confusing).

    My third child is Hannah Lenore, it took us forever to pick out a name for her. We both liked the name Hannah so that one stuck and my husband said I could pick out the middle name by myself, now if left to my own devices I can not make a decisions on my own. It takes me at least 30 minutes to decide what sort of dessert I want when we go out to eat. I could not think of anything so I prayed about it and a few week before Hannah was born the name Lenore came to me one night and I knew that was it. I later looked up the meaning of the names Hannah means grace and Lenore = light, what a better combination!

    Sorry my comment was so long, baby names is one of my favorite topics!!

    Love your blog!

  28. Jennifer

    I’m the one named after the dog! My sister (who was almost four at the time) picked Danielle for my middle name because that was the name of the dog next door. It works with my first name, though, so I’m not complaining.

  29. Sarah McGalliard

    Well my middle name is Lillian. It is both my mom and dad’s grandmother’s name. Does that make sense? My mom had a grandmother named Lillian and my dad had a grandmother named Lillian. Weird, huh?

    I used to hate the name because my brother would call me “lily pad” and that upset me very much. Now I LOVE the name, and the fact that it is passed down to me. I want to name one of my daughters Lillian (if I get that chance!). I think it’s beautiful.

    My mom has told me recently that she wanted to name me Bernadette… my father wouldn’t have that so she suggested Bronwyn. He said no to that one too, so she just surrendered and the first “normal” name she thought of was Sarah… I am very thankful to my father.

    When I got married I originally wanted to keep all of my names (Sarah Lillian Baker McGalliard) but I thought it would be too long… so I dropped the maiden name…. now I still wish I had kept them all and might change it some day.

    My husband’s name has a better story. While his mom was pregant it was unseasonably cold (in the months of sept. & oct.) and his grandfather said that he was a cold weather baby. They started calling him CW bc there hadn’t been a decision made on a name… the initials stuck but instead of Cold Weather, he was named Corey Wayne.

  30. Missy

    My name is Melissa Ann. No reason, my parents just liked it.

    Edward Frank – my hubby is the 3rd, so other than passing on the family name….

    Leah Elizabeth – our daugher. Elizabeth went well with Leah (we thought).

    Gabriel David – our son. We liked the name and the character.

    So far, none of our children are named after anyone, other than Bible people…which so far, Ed and I seem to be drawn to! We try to stay away from the Pilate’s and Jezebel’s, though.

  31. sheila p.

    Well to start my middle name is Carol and so is my moms and my daughter. Her first name is Stacia, I liked it cause its different. My last name is Putt, when my husband was little he said he thought they were named after putt putt golf. My Uncles are named after Dean Martin and John Wayne, Ricky Ricardo, Roy Rogers, Dean Martin, guess mawmaw liked t.v. shows ha!!! they are Ricky Dean, Johnny Wayne and Roy Malvin. HA!

  32. Tanya

    My middle name is “Sue.” Not Susan or Suzanne or anything more dignified. It’s simply Sue. Normally, this would be a fine name except that I grew up on a farm with two brothers and pigs. Can you guess what my nickname quickly became? I share this middle name with both of my female cousins: Jannie Sue and Tami Sue. Of course, growing up in rural Indiana, we all have to go by two names. It’s a unique practice (torture) known only to redneck families like mine. Oh, I love them! 🙂 I was so excited to move east where I could shed my “medial moniker”. Unfortunately, there were four Tanyas in my dorm, so the “Tanya Sue” hung on for an extra two years. I am happy to say only really good, old friends still use it, and they do it in love. I hope.

    I actually have a better story for my first name. My mama wanted to name me Sonjia Renee, but my dad preferred alliterated names (another quirky torture parents inflict on their offspring). Since they already had Tim and Tracy, Dad insisted my name be Tonjia. My mother, though, was afraid kids would tease me. She was not about to have her daughter called “Tonjia the Ton”, so she changed the spelling. Now no one knows how to correctly pronounce my name. Well, except for the Sue part, which Dad so kindly added.

  33. Claire

    Good morning! My middle name is Christine, after my mother’s sister. My older brothers gave their input when my parents were choosing names and agreed that I should be given the regal name of Fluffy; which may have actually been more fitting than Claire Christine 🙂

    My hubby is Ryan Joseph…. no story behind the first name, but Joseph is a family name.

    Our son is Henry Ryan- we thought Henry was just too cute and he looked like a Henry right away. And, of course, Ryan after his daddy.

    I love your girls’ names and thought you should know that should I ever have a little girl, she will be Nora JOY. Joy is my mother’s name and it is just the brightest, happiest name! Happy Wednesday!

  34. Amanda

    My middle name is Sheree, which I totally hated when I was a kid. When I got older I started to appreciate it because my first name and maiden name are so common. Then I married a Jones, the most common name of all time, and I decided to hang on to that middle name I had hated for so long.

  35. ginger

    My middle name is Virginia. But I have to also say that my first name is Elizabeth is & I am named for both of my grandmothers. And I have always (since birth) been called Ginger. I have found that nicknames as real names can be somewhat confusing, especially when they come from your middle name. But I love my my name & its meaning, all in all.
    My children’s middle names: Renae, a form of Renee’, for my sister-in-law; Grace, for its meaning; & Dale, a family name from my mother’s family as well as a sports figure my husband admires.
    Fun post!

  36. Krysten

    My name is Krysten Renee. There is no interesting story behind my name, it is the only combination my parents could agree on. I have already picked the first and middle name for the girl I hope to have, Lydia Elizabeth. Lydia becuase I like it and Elizabeth is my grandmother’s name.

  37. Andrea Sutherin

    Hi…My middle name is “Jeanne” it comes from my Mother’s middle name which is “Jean” which comes from her Aunt on her Father’s side…”Aunt Jeannette”. I have always loved my middle name…in fact i have always been proud of my full name. “Jean” will be used as the middle name of our second child if it is a “GIRL”.

    Now as for my Husband his middle name is “James” which comes from his Grandfather…and will be used as a middle name for our second child if it is a “BOY”.

    Our son’s name 1st-Marshall comes from my husband’s mother’s maiden name (who passed when he was 19). His 2nd-Thomas comes from my Fathers first name.

  38. Marla Taviano

    Yeah, Steph. I never knew Daniel had another wife with your name. 🙂

    Hannah–that is CRAZY about Female! Femolly!!

    Faith–you have the coolest name in the world. Seriously–Faith Vision. C’mon.

    Yes, Joanne. Potsie. (I’ve never even seen Happy Days.)

    Jessifaithchickinalina?! Your mom must’ve been nutso to name you that!

    Nicki, meet Danielle. She doesn’t have a middle name either. 🙂

  39. Trina

    I’m Trina Marie. Marie was my dad’s SIL’s name and she was a favorite of the family. Plus, I think it just sounded good with my first name. My mawmaw calls me Trina ‘Ree. lol

    You didn’t ask, but I can tell you about my kids’ middle names too. 🙂

    My first born is Rayna Danielle. My husband really wanted a boy first and since he didn’t get his wish, we used the feminine form of his middle name Daniel as her middle name.

    My second and last is Xander Blaize. (Can you tell we like different names?) Xander means “Defender or Protector” and as we looked for middle names to go with it Blaize was perfect because it meant “Flame of God”. My husband said, he’ll be the defender of the flame of God. And I was cool with that. 🙂

  40. Becky

    No winning answer here! I have no idea why my middle name is Lynn. I don’t really have an opinion about it either. I’ve always liked my name. In college and once I became a “professional” I toyed with the idea of using my full name Rebecca but it felt fake. I guess I am at my core a Becky. So yes, my name is in a LOT of country songs. Becky Lynn!

  41. Hannah

    My middle name is Edith after my grandmother Edithanne. I went to highschool with a girl that her first name was Elizabeth and then her middle name was Jane Margaret Ruth Katherin Joy Hunt. We were also just talking about names in our Bible Study. One lady went to highschool with a girl named Kinda Foxy. Another lady went to highschool with a girl named Female (pronounced Femolly) When her mother was asked how she came up with that name, she replied that the hospital had named her daughter for her. She was brought back to her hospital bed with her name on her bracelet…FEMALE! NO JOKE

  42. Kimberly

    First of all, if you were at the Columbus Zoo, you are right! The bonobos are shameless! We’ve seen them eat their own POOP! EWWWW!

    My middle name is Ruth, after two aunts, one on each side. I don’t really like it! I think it’s a little “old-ish” for my young , hip self.

    All of our kids have Irish first names and the girls are both typically boys names (although not in the U.S.) because of our ancestry. All the kids middle names begin with an E and are meaningful because of who they were named for.

    Reilly Elizabeth-named after my grammy
    Braeden Ellis-named after my husband’s grandfather
    Avery Elaine-named after my “surrogate” mom
    and even our dog, Finley got Elliot for a middle name because I liked it but it held no significance like the kids middle names.

    P.S. We call Avery ‘Ava’ and she still sometimes asks, “But what is my REAL name?”
    P.S.S. And for a real laugh, my maiden name was Dinger! No joke!

  43. Tanya

    My middle name is Shin…it’s my mom’s maiden name (apparently super popular in Korea…so she says), and I never heard the end of it especially in junior high and high school. Boys would kick me in the shin and say “Ah – I kicked Shin in the shin!” I really hate it. When I became pregnant, the same boy that used to kick me in the shins facebook messaged me and said that I should keep the leg in the family and make my little one’s middle name kneecap or thigh. I decided on Calder Dylan instead (Calder being his dad’s middle name…his dad is Alexander Calder, the artist….and Dylan after Bob Dylan…we were reading a rolling stone when we were thinking of middle names!). So, long story short – Shin was an AWfUL middle name.

  44. Crystal

    I actually go by my middle name, Crystal. My brother is also called his middle name – don’t know why my parents did that. But my Dad’s family has no middle names – none of them – so I’m just happy they gave me a middle name. 🙂 My first name is Andrea. I’m not sure how my parents came up with Andrea (pronounced ahndrea) but they had a friend named Crystal whom they really liked so decided to name me after her. My childrens’ middle names are Davis (family name), Hope (just like it), Nicole (liked it), Parker (family name), and Naomi (love it and the meaning).

  45. Ali

    Your girls have gorgeous names.
    Henry’s middle name is Duran, and I still don’t care for it. But it’s my husband’s dad’s middle name and my husband’s middle name, so I had little choice.
    Duran does have meaning, but it’s too long of a story for this little comment.

  46. Amber

    Amber Nicole. My dad had a girlfriend once named Amber. I think she was his first girlfriend. While he CLAIMS that he didn’t name me after her, I think he secretly did. Nicole… no idea where that came from, but my parents liked it, so they used it!

    I’m ok with my name. I used to hate it, but it’s growing on me. Amber just seems so… plain. And 80s. Definitely an 80s name, but I suppose since I was born in the 80s that’s ok. LOL!

    I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do when I get married. I kind of like my middle name. I’ve thought about being Amber Nicole Hill __________ and just having 2 middle names. Definitely don’t want to hyphenate. I want to honor my family and keep my last name as part of my name, but at the same time, I don’t feel that much attachment to it (What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet)… who knows. I guess I’ll figure it out when I get there!

  47. Faith

    My name is Faith Annette. Beautiful, isn’t it? One would think that there would be a wonderful story behind it. However, my folks were attending my aunt’s graduation, saw the name in the program, and liked it. Yep, that’s it!

    Of course, nothing beats the combination I received when I got married…. “Faith Vision” (You can’t make this stuff up!)

  48. Stephanie

    I’m pretty sure Marla means super awesome.

    My middle name is Dawn, as you well know. It’s after my mom’s sister’s first name (the above ‘kelly your cousin’s’ mother). My cousin Sarah also shares our middle name. I never knew of another person (first or middle name) named Dawn until I met my now husband’s wife, whose name is also Stephanie Dawn.

    I felt indifferent to my middle name growing up. I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. It was just there. But then I started loving it when I went to college. It’s simple and sweet. And that’s how I like things. I felt no attachment to my maiden name, so I dropped that without a thought when I got married. Plus, it’s fun to be Stephanie Dawn Basham when Daniel’s sister was that all her life (she got married before we did, though, and so we never had the same full name at the same time).

  49. Lindsey

    My middle name is Robin. I was supposed to be the last child :)…so, I was named after my parents. My Dad’s name is Lynn and my Mom’s name is Robin…hence, Lindsey Robin. I love my name so much. Thouigh it’s tradition to drop your middle name when you marry, I just don’t think I will be able to part with it!

  50. Indy Kelly

    (your cousin made a good point about the Kellys)

    So sadly, there’s nothing special about me being Kelly Marie. So generic. However, a few years back my mom told me that they were considering Fields for my middle name…her maiden name. Sadly, they chose Marie because they were hesitant to have my initials be KFC. Sigh…

  51. jessifaithchickinalina

    Hey both of you Hollys. Just so you know, Holly is one of my favorite names, as is Noel. 🙂 They were both on the name list this last time around. 🙂

    And, I forgot to say before that clearly we are going to have another kid because our kids have been named after my mom, matt’s dad & matt’s mom. So…for my dad’s sake….

  52. Megan @ Hold it UP to the Light

    I’ve always really liked my name, and I hope that my children will feel the same about theirs (I secretly worry that they will hate me for naming them what we did…but that’s just part of the mommy guilt we all feel, right?)

    Megan Elizabeth – my name. My mom just liked Megan (there weren’t very many back in the 70’s, and Elizabeth was my great grandmother’s name

    Reeves Christian – my son’s name. Reeves is the last name of a woman who was very special to my husband and I growing up. If it weren’t for her, we would have probably never met. Christian is my husband’s full name (he goes by Chris), and I had always loved that name even before we met.

    Lucy Matthews – our first daughter. Lucy is after my great aunt and Chris’ grandmother. Matthews is my mother’s maiden name (there were VERY few names to choose from her side of the family)! I love it though

    Greer Elizabeth – our baby girl. Greer is just a name we both loved. My sister has a friend from college named Greer and the first time I heard it I loved it. Of course I guess you can figure out where Elizabeth came from !

  53. Holly V.

    Holly B….you totally had me laughing! I always wanted to be Holly Noelle also!!! I figured if I had the Christmas name, they should have given me the whole kit and caboodle! And my dad always teased that he wanted to name me an ivy and it was good thing I wouldn’t have been born in the summer or they would have had to call me POISON.

    And now…you can say you have a friend named Holly.

    So…when my daughter was born she got my favorite middle name. Both of our children have a Christmas name and an Ocean name.

    Coral Noel
    Jonah David

    My names both came from my Mom’s college roommates and my Dad’s love of Christmas.

  54. Kelly Your Cousin

    (Since there are like 80 Kellys who comment here, I thought I should do that^)

    My middle names are Lee Elizabeth, which you already know. Lee is my dad’s middle name, and Elizabeth is my mom’s (and her mom’s, and her mom’s mom’s, and…).

    Lee means like meadow or something. And Elizabeth means… I don’t remember. But I do know that Kelly means warrior. My brothers used to make fun of me for that. Apparently I fit the description. I would rather my name meant like graceful, calm doe or something. Oh well. Meadows are peaceful, right?

  55. Danielle Barger

    My parents gave me no middle name. So I was Danielle ________ Ciotta for 22 years until I got married. I was very tired of having paperwork handed back to me with the comment “you didn’t fill in your middle initial”, so I decided to make Ciotta my middle name when I got married. So Danielle Ciotta Barger. And now no one can tell me I didn’t fill out my paperwork correctly! 🙂

  56. Linds

    My second name is Anne, just because my parents liked it. My kids second names are Mark, Alexandra and James. Again, just because we liked them! No connections or weird stories. Sorry!
    Actually, I have something amusing re names here….my son texted me last week to ask why I named him Andrew. This was for the ante-natal class he and his wife were attending. (My first grandchild is now overdue and my patience is wearing thin!) I sent a message back saying – well the family options were Leonard, Passmore, Wilfred, Russell or Sydney, so we decided on Andrew. He responded… Cool thanks! I think he owes me big time.

  57. Nixie

    Do we really have to have this conversation again ;(

    just kidding but you know I am the odd one out – thank goodness I haven’t allowed my son to suffer the same sadness as me!

  58. jessifaithchickinalina

    1 handed….
    marie is mine, and my moms, and all her sisters, and all the first daughters of her brothers and sisters, and the bambinas

    matts is philip after his gpa (gpas mn was pasquale–cool huh?). matts big bros middle name is—guess—matthew. hee hee.

    e2s mn is dennis after matts deceased dad

    and baby cs is Kate after mattsmom kathleen.

    the end. 🙂

  59. Katherine Bolton

    My middle name is Jean a feminine form of John;my parents name me after my dad’s only sister Jeannie . My first name Katherine is from one of my mom’s sisters. I named all five of my children after people:
    Lydia Joann: Lydia after her great-great grandmother Lydia Jane and Joann(different spelling) after her great grandmother Mary Joann ;it had to be Joann with two N’s, because both of her Grandmothers have the same middle name Ann.
    Esther Jane: Named after her great-great-great grandmother Esther Jane
    Aaron William: He has the exact name as his great grandfather Aaron William Bolton
    Arnold Eugene: Arnold after 3 Arnolds(Arnold Palmer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Arnold at our church. Eugene is his great grandfather’s middle name Harry Eugene. By the way, Eugene means “Well-Born”;this is the kid that came so fast that his dad caught him as he came flying out. I’d say “the Power of an Eagle” and “Well-Born” are prefect meanings for him.
    Alexander Nathaniel: Named after his great great grandfather Alexander Forsythe and Nathaniel(variation) after his Uncle Nathan.

  60. Holly B.

    Holly Nicole. My dad chose my name. He just liked the combination. Meaning: holly tree (the plant with red berries). I did have reddish hair as a child. I only knew a few other Hollys growing up. Today I have no friends with this name. I always wished that my name was Holly Noelle. I just loved that French name! =0)
    LOL at Potsie from Happy Days!!

  61. Mommy Dot Com

    Well, my brother’s name is Gabriel and we call him Gabe. My sister’s middle name is also Joy. My name is Kara and my middle name is Lee. My mother named me after her two best freinds. They were sisters that lived next door to her. One sister was named Kara and the other was named Lee.

  62. Audrey Denney

    my middle name is Sue. I don’t know why my parents picked this one. I’ll have to find out.

    My children’s names:

    Tara Ashley – both names from Gone with the Wind
    Laura Yvette – Laura from Little House on the Prairie, Yvette from a favorite friend
    Shane Brett – Shane from the book Shane (also his Dad was almost named Shane) and Brett from George Brett, a famous KC Royals baseball player.

    That’s it!

  63. Amanda

    My middle name is Rae. I’m named after my cousin Stacy who was named after our uncle. Our moms just changed the spelling from Ray to Rae 😛

  64. Denise

    So you are up too huh? I slept all day – this is what I get! Shame on me for taking advantage of Parker being sick and sleeping when he did! (Oh and I want to go to Cambodia too!)

    Well my name is Denise Karen – I have asked my mom a lot of times why she chose the names and she said “I just liked them.” So I really don’t have any inspirational/fun story behind my name.

    Hubby’s name is Andrew Peter – I have no idea why he is named that – you’ll have to ask his parents.

    Son is Parker James – Parker because I wanted something unique and different Parker has always been a favorite name of mine. James – is Drew’s brother’s middle name. His brother passed away in 2000 and in order to honor him, I chose to put James as Parker’s middle name. His uncle steve is sort of his name sake! Also, my bother’s middle name is James (Phillip James) so I am also honoring my bro (he’s alive – well I think so anyway!)

    Ok, well there ya have it…I know, real fun huh?

  65. Ruth Barry

    Hey Marla – my middle name is Elizabeth – I think because my parents thought a one syllable first name needed a multi syllabic second name. Also – they like the Bible characters.

    All of my children have a middle name that means ‘gift from God’ – because each of them is…but when we were pregnant with the fifth child, we were starting to worry about finding another boy’s name that had that meaning…thankfully, she is a little girl! (we have four boys before her)

  66. Christine Mitchell

    Hey Marla! Well, my middle name is Louise, named after my mother’s middle name….I’ve always hated it, but am glad she didn’t give me her FIRST name as a middle name….that’s Thelma 🙂

    My children are Nathanael Martin (as in Martin Luther King, Jr) Samantha Davis (her middle name is my mother’s maiden name) and Luke Thome (after Jim Thome, former first basemen for the now World Series Champion Phillies 🙂

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