Me is back

Happy, joyful, optimistic, thankful-to-be-alive, all-about-counting-my-blessings Me is back. I know there are two Mes. I know that I should do away with the bad Me altogether. I am working toward that end.

Never started my you-know. Can’t blame my atrocious attitude on female hormones. Ah, but I just remembered I am semi-weaning Nina, so maybe I can blame it on that after all! It’s all related, I’m sure.

As it turns out, kids were not really making fun of Livi on the bus. A kindergartener and his big brother were teasing her a bit. The smaller boy was trying to grab her hand and asked if he could kiss her (I’m assuming big bro was egging him on.) The other 2 kids were “staring” at her and “smiling.” Not a crime. Hasn’t been an issue since that second day, so I’m thankful.

The kids she gets on the bus with are so cute. Deston had some really cool Ohio State black/red long shorts on today. If I were a boy (and liked the Buckeyes) I would definitely get a pair. Kameron asked me why I couldn’t put some different clothes on Nina “and push his hair down so it’s not stickin’ up.” Her friend (can’t remember her name) has tons of braids with the coolest beads. I told her we’d have to do Nina’s hair like hers when she got some more. Sophie is a trip, always talking about force fields and detective agents and the like.

Ava didn’t take a nap today. And Nina just woke up way early. Please, Lord, tell me that my peaceful afternoons aren’t over already!!! I will die.

I know I had more to say…

8 thoughts on “Me is back

  1. KmHunsberger

    Yes, my dear, you have me thouroughly confused, but very interested 🙂

    Thank you for your congrats! We are so, so thrilled and excited, and glad to move on from the “trying” to the “anticipating” 🙂 I just feel so humbled that God chose to bless us yet again, despite my doubting and sin. Guess that is why it is called “Grace.” Anyway…THANK YOU!

  2. biblestorebrowser

    Yea! Welcome back!
    And hey, there’s always “feet on bed” time even if they don’t sleep! (DD1 often skips naps, but the time between her trips to the potty and other “important things” are very welcome.)

  3. rachmckinney

    the hormonal thing, with nursing and all that…been there myself, it is truly all a part of it! it’s all related:) anyway, glad your day is a good one. i had a friend just comlete your book and said she can already see how it’s making a difference for her. ju st t hought you’d want to know:)!

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