Okay, so Maren tells Krista that my new nickname should be Marlavous, because “there’s just something about her that’s not quite marvelous.” Whatever, Maren. (Okay, so I started it, and I deserve whatever names she wants to call me. And I happen to think that Marlavous is cute. So, there. And Maren lives in Kentucky.)

I’m whipped. In fact, I think I might probably fall over dead here in a bit. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I started doing things that just don’t make any sense. Pouring things on things they don’t belong on–stuff like that. Pulled into the garage tonight. Got Nina out of her car seat. Something just seemed off. Shrug. Turns out, something was on. The van. I was about ready to walk in the house with the van still running.

Earlier today, I nearly ran off the road on the way to Bible study. Was doing 55 in a 35 on the way home–had no idea. Took the girls to a park after school. On the way home, I closed my eyes for a mini-snooze at all the red lights. I’m in a fog and have big plans to get to bed early tonight.

Got up early to run this morning. Did anyone happen to see the MOON? It was huge and full and brilliant, and I lifted up my hands and praised God for His creation. (Actually, I only half-raised them. I was so tired I couldn’t get them to go up.) I ran about a mile. My Bible study friend Dana ran a marathon this weekend. I sometimes think I’d like to do one of those one of these days. Mostly I just think, no thanks. Why run 26.2 miles when I could just run 1?

Thanks for the great “oops!” stories. I could still use a  few more if you have them, but I’m going to make the cut-off tomorrow (Friday) at 3:00 p.m.

Went to a parent-teacher conference for Livi this afternoon at 2:25. Waited for 30 minutes for them to come in from recess. Going back on Thursday, November 15th–the actual scheduled date for the conference. Don’t ask. I left in tears. Told you I was tired.

Livi got off the bus yesterday crying. “I don’t want to ride the bus tomorrow. There’s going to be a real fire!” Um, how about a real fire drill? I finally convinced her that you can’t plan fires ahead of time.

Ava got off the bus today, told me she had a secret, “I had to flip a card,” starts crying. It’s a discipline thing. She says it wasn’t her fault. A boy hit her. The teacher turned around, made them both flip a card. We had a talk about how much we love her, we’re not mad, just do your best, teachers can’t see everything. Livi smugly informed us that she has never had to flip a card. “Well, once, but the teacher meant to say Sophie, not me, so I didn’t have to do it.”

I have a feeling this may not be the last card Ava flips in her school career. Just a hunch. As long as she doesn’t make 2-liter bombs and put them outside the girls’ dorm after curfew like someone in our family…

Have yourselves a merry little Friday!

17 thoughts on “marlavous

  1. scottnjes

    Have you had a break yet?

    How is it that I ALWAYS miss your funny questions for your books? I missed it but i’m going to tell you anyway. I was so tired that I nursed Ivy, put her to bed, picked her back up, and nursed her again. She’s such a good sport that she didn’t even complain about having to eat twice in a row. Well, that and the fact that she’s never declined food in her life.

  2. Abs7

    The Marlavous comment cracked me up! I think you’re marvelous.

    I’ve never heard of flipping a card as a punishment. How does it work? Poor Ava!

  3. jessyomama

    I like Marlavous! It’s hilarious! And, just to let you know, whenever I get tired, I lose my coffee or water or something, and Josh starts going around opening closet doors and looking in random places like that – on high shelves or cabinets below the counter – and, wouldn’t you know, he always finds my coffee!

  4. terriwright


    Don’t start with me, Child – – – you will not win.

    I do hope you’re in bed reading these., If your next post details 19, 000,000 things you’ve done today, I’m comin’ after you. Columbus is NOT that far away.  Lovin’ you.

  5. ch1pch0p

    Do you need me to come over for a bit this weekend??? I don’t think I’m doing anything on Sunday.

    I don’t care if Ava had to flip a card. I know she’s mostly perfect anyway. Poor kid…all scared to tell you. Give her a hug.

  6. filledeparis

    Oh–have you heard the classic song in “An American in Paris” that goes
    “It’s wonderful….it’s marvelous…”
    “You’re wonderful…you’re marlavous…!”
    You should rent it! But go to bed 1st!

  7. filledeparis

    Seriously, Marlavous, take a nap. Set a timer, if you must, and just do it! Prayed for you to get rest today–maybe while Nina naps, and Ava is at school? Or, Ava can watch a movie with a timer, or rest, too. Sweet dreams!

  8. Nixter77

    you better get some rest young lady or else I am going to come over there myself and make sure you do!!!!!

    please don’t take naps at the wheel = not a good thing.

    you should come and hang out with me though as I am totally doing some silly stuff myself at the moment – it’s bad….

  9. kkakwright

    please stop snoozing while driving…..please.
    and, for the record, we aren’t FROM kentucky, we live in kentucky.  maren is originally from oklahoma (i think) and you know my roots are 100% buckeye baby! 😉

    smooches marlavous!

  10. tonialynn59

    I just LOL’d literally at the bomb comment.  I’m with you on the tired and it just really made me laugh.  James and Hayley are here watching a really scary movie (which she hates) and they just looked at me like I lost my senses laughing like that.

    I know I have oops stories but I have been trying to come up with them all week.  I just have nothing.  I know it will come to me after Friday.

  11. terriwright

    Sweetheart, you are in the terminal stages of exhaustion. Stop pushing yourself like a Big Stupid Idiot, and just stop for a while. Do nothing…..reflect on God’s grace, snooze a little(outside the car ), read a chapter or two of a book – – -TAKE A DAY OFF!!!! All you’re proving right now is that the body CAN actually function without a brain.

    (I already knew that  – – – I taught 7th grade). And what was that crack about someone even being from KY??? You better watch it, Missy!

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