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Wow. I feel a little bubbly. Bubbly with more than a hint of exhaustion and headache. Let me back up a couple days…
My friend Cami and her kiddos came for lunch on Friday, and we had a wonderful afternoon of talking and dreaming. She and I share this desire to express our creativity (she’s a photographer) while keeping our lives balanced, and it’s always fun to exchange stories and ideas.

Livi went to her first sleepover Friday night. She was a little nervous, seemed fine when she got there, then ran to hug me with tears in her eyes as I was leaving. It was a 25-minute drive home. Ava cried for over 24 minutes of it. “I miss Liiiiiiiivi! I miss Liiiiiiiiiivi! I’ve never been away from her befoooooooore!” (I made the mistake of mentioning this to Livi’s friend’s mom before I left.) They’ve spent the night at their grandmas’ houses, but never a friend’s and always together.

So. We got home, ate supper, played, Nina went to bed, and Ava and I went on a date to Barnes & Noble. It was so much fun. We read all the Fancy Nancy books and a ton of others. Played with the train set. Talked about important things. We were there from 8:30-10:00, and it was super special.

Saturday morning the four of us ate breakfast at Tim Horton’s (a first) on our way to pick up Livi. Everybody got donuts (yuck) but me. I got a B.E.L.T. (yum)

We had a big “publishing meeting” after lunch, then naps for Nina and me.

Church this morning, lunch, another publishing meeting, another nap. (Livi and Ava voted that since I took a nap yesterday, I didn’t need one today. I vetoed them.)

Our publishing meeting was interesting. We talked about homeschooling. I may be bringing this up in a blog sometime in the near future. Too much to go into now.

We went to our friends Kary and Kelly’s tonight for pizza. Gabe knew Kary from Grace. I went to Cedarville with Kelly. Had no idea they got married until last year. They have 2 little ones. We’ve been trying to get together forever, and everyone kept getting sick. Finally. We had a great time.

I finished week 40 of my Pregnant Prayers devotional tonight! Woohoo! I have until Friday to tweak and revise it. That feels good. It will feel even better when I’ve e-mailed it to the publisher.

Not sure when my MGH project is due. I only know that I probably need more days than they’re going to give me. Hmm.

I got 2 e-mails yesterday from random people who were blessed by Blushing. Did I mention my plan to re-work the book a bit and try to re-release it as a book for married women in general, not just newlyweds? Bilbo says my target audience was too limited.

Have you heard about the bloggers on their way to Uganda right now with Compassion International? It is so very cool, and if my clock didn’t say 12:10 a.m., I’d tell you all about it. Soon!

I’m speaking at my sister Bethany’s church Tuesday. They got the sex talk last year, so this time it’s “Non-Denominational Motherhood.” All about not comparing ourselves to each other and bashing each other’s mothering choices/abilities, etc. Fun stuff.

Heigh ho! Heigh ho! It’s off to bed I go! Happy Monday!

15 thoughts on “many much things to say

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    I love talking about homeschooling.  Got involved in the movement about 23 years ago.  Have had the privilege of serving as a homeschool group registrar and as an evaluating teacher.  Homeschooling was a way for me to give PR attention when Tina demanded so much.

    Hope Livi had a good time. 

  2. ladymiss3739

    I think your books would be great as a “gift set” sold as a pack of three.  Newlywed/marital expectations, Marital sexpectations, Mommy expectations.  I’d give it as a gift for sure. 

    I think homeschooling is a hot topic in more ways than one…can’t wait to hear what you (and all of your xanga commenter friends) will have to say!!!! 

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