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If you didn’t check out the slide show below, DO IT NOW. My friend Cami took pics of my siblings and I and our families in December. She did an amazing job. Sigh.

Okay, so this first one isn’t fun, but I’d be remiss not to blog about it. We’ll call it, “Why I’m Not a Candidate for Mother of the Year.” I’m leading my small group Bible study at 10:30ish this morning. Hear a buzzing noise. Must be someone’s cell phone. Must be MY cell phone. Glance in my bag. It’s Gabe. Must have forgotten I’m BUSY. Buzzes again. Gabe again. Okay, must be some sort of emergency. Excuse myself. Call him back. He had called NINE times. I only heard 2. Oops.

So, anyway, Livi had just called from school, sobbing. Apparently I had sent her out the door with an empty lunch box. Bible study morning is always rushed. We leave the same time Livi gets on the bus. Anyway, our cupboards are getting bare, so I had Gabe grab a Capri Sun Water, the last apple, pizza goldfish and some puppy chow (for people), and he took it to school. Usually she puts her empty lunch box on the counter. When I see it, it reminds me to pack her lunch. If she forgets to get it out of her backpack, I usually remember. Not today. I made it 100+ days and then messed up. Her first day of school without a note from Mommy in  her lunch. 🙁  I’ll double up tomorrow.

Livi and Ava have their bedroom set up as a NICU nursery. It is absolutely precious. I’m letting them keep it that way at least until Kimmy comes Monday. Babies, cribs, makeshift cribs, blankets EVERYWHERE. Livi hasn’t been a big baby doll fan for awhile, but she is loving this new play-acting gig. (it even trumps Webkinz, which is saying a lot) They are so cute to watch and listen to.

So, I open my new Bible to Leviticus 23 last night to finish up my Bible Study homework. (got a leather, square-shaped Bible with huge write-in margins at 1/2 Price Books in December) Something doesn’t look right. Chapter 23 is on the right-hand page. The left-hand page starts with chapter 10. The page #s in the corner say “100” and “113.” Is this why the Bible was $14.98 instead of $34.99. I’m e-mailing Zondervan as soon as I get a free moment.

So, Gabe is now friends with Dave Ramsey (get-out-of-debt-but-not-free guy) on facebook. He messages Dave and says something to the effect of, “I’m sick of not eating out, and it’s all your fault.”

Cracking up last night at Nick, an Apple employee in the Army Reserves (I think) whom Gabe interviewed on his latest podcast. He’s a Mac freak–so much so that he’s on a 2-week leave and bought an iPhone, even though he can’t use it in Iraq. Anyway, Gabe and Lee are interviewing him, and he’s talking about an old girlfriend of his. He was planning on asking her to marry him, but she wanted a really big ring, so he had to save up his money. He gets this nice bonus for re-enlisting and decides to use it for a ring and a Powerbook (cheapest Mac laptop). Then starts thinking, “Do I really even like this girl? We really don’t have much in common. Why are we even getting married?” and proceeds to spend the whole check on a top-of-the-line Mac Book Pro. 🙂 They break up. Check out the podcast if you like Macs or need a diversion.

That’s it for now. I’m thisclose to caving on the “no eating out” rule tonight. I am WIPED and have bunches to do this afternoon. And another meal made with ground chuck sounds about as appealing as the burnt cookies that are still on my deck from when the Nygaards were here on Friday (I threw them in the snow, so they’d stop smoking). We’ll see.

Happy Last Day of January! And good riddance! (to January, not you)

23 thoughts on “many fun things

  1. Nixter77

    the chick from the place where I ordered your gift called me on thursday to tell me the gift had been sent back to her…… So she explained she was going to courier it and it shoud be there Monday she said. My goodness what a drama!

    Let’s talk soon..

  2. angntug

    LOVE the pics! Beautiful family! Maybe we could share some cheap recipe ideas with each other since half of us are trying to be wise with our money 🙂

  3. ladymiss3739

    A few things:

    1.  I hope Gabe gets one of Dave’s trademark saracstic encouraging replies back.  If he does, you so have to post it. 

    2.  If you find a pregnant woman in your backyard eating cookies in the snow, leave her alone and consider it charity.  Or a form of pay-it-forward.   

  4. ClutzyButtercup

    Just remember that the worst way to diet is to cut out all of your favorite foods…you need to plan cheating so that you keep working towards the goal.  Budgets are the same way.  If you don’t allow for an occasional “treat”, you run the risk of spending even more later. 

  5. terriwright

    5. If there IS a book to be shortened, my choice would BE Leviticus….

    6. I cooked a casserole one night that we gave up on, had peanut butter sandwiches…even the cats would not eat the casserole.

  6. terriwright

    1.We budget so much each month FOR eating out….cash in an envelope. When it’s gone, we’re done. We do groceries, gas, etc. the same way. With CASH.

    2. How cool that Gabe ‘fussed’ at Dave!!! Have you watched him on FBN at 8 nightly yet?

    3.If the guy decided that easily to blow off the girl and get a bigger computer, he CERTAINLY needed not to get engaged!!!!!

    4.If that’s the worst thing you ever do as a mother, you have nothing to worry about.

  7. singenschmetterling

    Hey Marla!!!  I didn’t realize you had Xanga;)…. yay!  I love your header thingy!  It’s very shiek…. Is that how you spell shiek?  Sheik?  Whatever.. I like it….

    Jackson is sleeping so I’m going to take advantage and hop off to bed…. Looking forward to reading your posts!  xoxo

  8. jbnygaard

    Loved the pictures. I’d love to meet Cami sometime.

    You mean no animal wanted those cookies? Bummer.

    Dave Ramsey’s on facebook? Does he really respond back to you? Or is it some other person doing his job?

  9. mrsnorthern8605

    Somehow I didn’t know that Gabe had interviewed Nick. I went to CCU with him my last year there. We weren’t friends, but I sure do remember him well! Wow, so weird, I will have to check out the podcast!

  10. tonialynn59

    I want to see those pictures.  Will they be up for awhile?  I can’t on this computer and I don’t know when mine is coming back.  (Long story!)  I’ve had it back twice and it’s been something else not working.  I’m ready for Jan. to go too.

  11. rocknnell

    Rock and I try to stay under this certain, eat out plan…and a couple of weekends ago.. he took charge,  ” I don’t care, we are going to Beer Barrel…ordering pizza and mushrooms..that is it”  and we went… , It was funny…. fyi. lol  get off the bike…then get back on.  otherwise you might get off for good and walk !

  12. gsowell

    Hey. You have Kimberly’s crockpot still, right? Just go back to that blog I had where people did crockpot recipes. Then you have easy supper with no ground chuck. We’re having Julie’s pineapple chicken tonight.

    I can so feel for Livi and her lunch. And I can so feel for you forgetting! I am waiting for the day I totally forget something major. I make my kids buy lunch at school because I know there is no way in the world I would remember every day.

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