made ya look!

Today at lunch:
Livi (sitting at table, facing sliding door) pointing: Ava! Airplane!
(Ava is passionate about airplanes. We now live close to an airport. She’s in heaven.)
Ava (jumps out of chair, looks out window): I don’t see it, but I believe you.
Livi: (looks sheepish)
Me: (don’t miss nothin’): You’re lying, aren’t you?
Livi: (nods affirmatively)
Ava: (crushed)
Me: (give speech about how disappointed I am in her)
Livi: (feels remorse)

Earlier this week:
Ava: What is skinny? When your belly is all the way in? (looks down at hers) Mine’s all the way out.
Me: Yeah, mine, too. Don’t worry though. It’s cute when you’re four.

Last week sometime:
Me: (hungry, pour bowl of cereal)
Twenty minutes later…
Me:  (even hungrier than before)
Me: (thinking to myself) Man, what’s up with my voracious appetite?
Me: (walk out to kitchen. see my untouched bowl of cereal)
Me: Man, what’s up with my brain cells?

Ava (reading one of the Chronicles of Narnia to Nina):
I got her bankment veckmark. And her checkment for her doctor partment. Number eight, and I’ll catch it. She’s an eight to her pound a seven, eight months. For the doctorment… (goes on for ten more minutes)

Have a great one!

14 thoughts on “made ya look!

  1. biblestorebrowser

    DD1’s been lying, too, lately. Once for about 15 hours. So since we had to wait that long to hear the “sweet” truth from her mouth, she lost her “sweets” (including her Gummy Vites, OJ, and raisins) for several days. We’ll see how that works as a deterrent. . .
    She also likes to “read.” At bedtime, she insists that she have light to do so. They’re so cute how grown up they want to appear.
    C brought the stuff back today, btw. 🙂 Did you get to use the videos since plans changed?

  2. angntug

    Haha! Half the time I have no time to eat, I grab quick snacks throughout the day…tell Ava my belly sticks out, too, that’s ok……

    Thanks for coming tuesday! We had a blast! That became a huge day, didn’t it? Glad everything worked out with the car situation…looking forward to saturday….party…bonfire….we’ll be all partied out by sunday morning!

  3. jbnygaard


    I was thinking that maybe Friday, Oct. 27th. Or are you still gone? I can’t remember when you are returning. And would you rather we come in the morning or afternoon? It would probably be easier for me to come in the morning, so the kids could crash on the way home during nap time. Let me know.

  4. gsowell

    Love the stories. I can SOOOO relate to the first one. Amazing how it is that no one ever teaches them to be mean to their sisters. My Susannah has been “tricking people” a lot lately [code name for LYING!] Maybe I need a copy of your speech so she’ll feel more remorse, like Livi!

  5. hcole86

    Cute stories! I wish I could have heard Ava too…how adorable?! I can’t do cereal full stop…too much milk.

    Sorry I haven’t been around much – been working too hard – unlike some of us psuedo Aussies 😉

    Maybe one day I can visit Nicki and we can webchat to you!

  6. YoYoYoder

    I love Ava’s attempt to read Narnia! I so wish I could have watched and listened to her do that! She is such a riot! I can still picture her coming down the stairs after her nap when I visited last week–her pretty dress and hair in a ponytail–and then her running back upstairs and saying “No No!!” when you kept asking her to come down! How can you stand it?

    Mom told me Livi made a goal last night at her soccer game! Yea!! I’m so sad I missed it! Tell her great job for me!

  7. Nixter77

    soggy cereal = gives me the vomits.

    Which Narnia book is that from? 😉  I am currently reading the Narnia series and have just got to Prince Caspian – I am loving them.

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