m is for moms and p is for… something else

So, I didn’t blog about this when it happened, because, frankly… well, I wasn’t in the mood. Gabe opened the front door one morning last week, and this is what he saw:

What would you think?? A.) Ewwwww!!! B.) Ha, ha! Very funny! One of my friends has SUCH a sense of humor! or C.) Oh my word. Stalker. Someone hates me. Very much. My children are in danger. They can never play outside again.

I kind of waffled back and forth among all three choices. Then I dumped the bag on the floor, looking for a note or something. Nothing. Then I looked for rubber gloves, so I could put the flimsy little things back in the bag. Then I dumped the whole thing in a garbage bag and put it in my closet.

My first thought–twitter, facebook, blog immediately and ask for a confession. My second thought–I’m not playing this game. If it’s someone who hates me, let them suffer in my silence.

Then I forgot all about it.

Fast forward a couple days to Mother’s Day weekend.

Here’s Gabe with his mama (and our girlies):

And me, my girlies, my Dad and his mama:

And my darling niece Isabelle who made my sister Bethany a mama last November after almost 2 years of praying for a baby. The muscular, hairy arm in the picture belongs to Isabelle’s daddy, not her mommy.

And me, my mama and my girlies:

Speaking of my mama, we were chatting about don’t-remember-what, and she says, “Did something happen at your house that you didn’t tell me about?”

Uhhh… no. I’m not pregnant. Nobody got a new raise. No lost teeth. No new pets.

“Not that I know of,” I say.

“Nothing on your doorstep…?”

Are you stinking kidding me?! “You know who put that bag on my doorstep?!?”

Her grin said it all. “We kept waiting for you to write about it on your blog, and you never did…”

It was my cousin, Camy. My cousin Camy who I lovingly wished Happy Birthday to yesterday. My cousin Camy who lived a mile from me when we were growing up and lives just a couple miles from me now. My cousin Camy who loves a good prank and who apparently has a lot of old undies she doesn’t wear anymore. Camy who loves me and is not a stalker. Whew!

I’ll get her back one of these days. Because, you see, I now have in my possession 47 pairs of her old underwear. The possibilities are endless. I welcome any and all (clean, moral, cheap) suggestions.

You owe me a meal at Chipotle, Carol. (Her hubby works for Chipotle corporate here in town.) And Carol?  C.A.M.Y. is actually an acronym for Camy’s real name–Carol Ann Marie Yoder. Her last name is Ashley now. I should probably start calling her Camya. You can call me MR. T.

Anyway. Joke’s on me.

Hope your Wednesday is delightful in every way!

22 thoughts on “m is for moms and p is for… something else

  1. Ashley P

    send them my way! lol… my undies leave a lot to be desired… i could use some free ones (even if they’ve been gently used)… lol 🙂

  2. Krista

    Days at home with wee ones+Writing hilarious things that encourage others in various times of struggle+being a Daughter of the King+ family who knows your heart= skivvies on your doorstep (PRICELESS!)

  3. Carrie

    That is hilarious, and yeah, kind of creepy at first. Funny joke, though. 🙂

    And your pictures were adorable- Bethany’s little girl is TOOOO cute! 🙂

  4. Laura

    Awesome!!!! Go Camy!! Never know about those Yoder girls! Your Grandma looks as beautiful as always! Yes, she is as sweet as she looks!

  5. Tara

    Marla…although the underwear prank was very funny…
    I wanted to comment more on your family pictures…so nice to see the family, thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Carissa

    Oh. My. Gracious.

    If I think of a good payback, I’ll message you on facebook… wouldn’t want to give Camy a heads up here on your blog, right Mr. T? (That cracks me up!)

    Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Elizabeth

    The best prank ever! For you anyway. Every time we pass the Goodwill I think of you and your underwear obsession:)

    I gave all of my sister the lingerie that doesn’t fit me anymore, but we swore never to tell either of our husbands. Does Gabe think it’s weird? I doubt it. Cute stuff!

  8. Lisa

    Oh, my gosh, Marla. I’m sure it wasn’t funny then, but that is too much! I would’ve been completely grossed out myself.

    Yes, free Chipotle for a year sounds just about right. It’s a very good thing the closest one is a half hour from our house because I would be there EVERY day. Seriously.

    Count me among those who are glad it wasn’t a stalker. But man, I can only imagine what went through your mind!!!

  9. Charity

    So glad it wasn’t a stalker! I was worried for a second. By the way, I thought of you on Mother’s Day when I got a VS gift card! And last night, when the Wings lost Game 6. Boooooo.

  10. Ali

    This makes me laugh to no end. Your fam sounds great. I only wish I would have thought of something so cute and clever.

  11. Holly V.

    This is absolutely hilarious. Wish I’d though of it myself.

    You have a relative that works for Chipotle? Yes, I think she owes you BIG for this prank. Chipotle gift cards for a year would probably make you feel better….right?


  12. Gaile Uka

    Hi marla, I am officially delurking here. This is totally so cool. I was very afraid that it was a stalker. Thank God that it was family. I hope you look for a very good trick to get back at her. 🙂

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