loose ends

We leave for the Smokies at 5:30 pm. I’m really looking forward to the time away. The girls are so excited, and while I have no grand aspirations of a peaceful, relaxing respite, I am thrilled to be going on this trip with the four people I love most in this world.

A few quick prayer requests:
–The girls have been battling colds, and Livi’s eyes look a little bloodshot today. Please pray for God’s grace–and no pinkeye!
–My grandma’s back surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Third time’s a charm? Pray it will really happen and be successful.
–My dad is really sick–he’s missed work all week which is rare for him.

A few mommy blunders:
I had the foresight to schedule Nina’s 9-month check-up with our busy doctor a few weeks in advance. Too bad I happened to look at the calendar yesterday at 3:30 and see that I missed her 1:00 appointment. Grrr…
–Basking in the glow of Gabe’s xanga comment yesterday, blissfully making Rice Krispie treats with Livi and Ava while Nina played on the kitchen floor…rinsing out the pan and hear a wail. Nina is at the bottom of our half-flight of stairs. She either rolled down, tumbled, dove–oh the horror. I begin sobbing, gather her in my arms, rock her back and forth, shaking, crying. She stops crying. Livi begs me to stop because, “Nina’s fine and you’re the only one crying.” She really is fine. Thank you, Lord.

Mrs. God’sMac:
Gabe had me on his podcast last night. I debated sharing this on xanga, because the interview is a tad humiliating, and while my marriage is now fine, last night was a big nightmarish. I went to bed at 2:00 am pretty discouraged with life.

Now, it’s back to packing. It’s been a 3-day affair. Half as long as our vacation itself. I’ll miss you all! Be good while I’m gone!

15 thoughts on “loose ends

  1. biblestorebrowser

    Both our dd’s have taken dives down our stairs. One at around 21 months thought she should drive her car down them. The other one got pushed by big sis when she was just beginning to figure out the stairs. Boy, was I furious about that! I’m so thankful God has His hand on all our little ones!

  2. mrsnorthern8605

    Have a GREAT time! I am so jealous, I want to go to the mountains again! Glad Nina is ok! Poor thing! See you soon hopefully! Can’t wait to hear the podcast and I am currently sporting the shirt!

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