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This evening I’m handing over my blog to my oldest daughter, Olivia (11). She’s going to be sharing some thoughts totally unprompted and unassisted by her mama, so I just wanted to give you a little background (i.e., get my 2 cents in first).

Livi’s got a little project she’s working on called Operation: Camp. She’s excited to go to camp for the first time this summer, but she knows it’s not really in the family budget at the moment.

She’s not one to let that stop her.

She’s seen God work miracles too many times in her 11 years to spend a lot of time doubting his provision (her 36-year-old mother has much to learn from her childlike faith).

An example? My Facebook post from last night: Today has been a good day in the trusting-instead-of-worrying department (finally! thank you, Jesus!), and I can’t not share this God story. We have a non-negotiable bill due Friday, and we were x dollars short as of this afternoon. A dear friend handed us an envelope tonight. The note said she and her hubby had been praying for us today, and God prompted them to give us a certain sum of money. The EXACT amount we needed. I KNOW. God is incredible.

We’re also a super-open family (maybe a little too open?) when it comes to sharing things with our girls. They know all the ins and outs of our finances, family relationships, Daddy’s anxiety/health issues, pretty much everything we’re going through. We also talk a lot about sex (ahem).

So camp. Camping has played a pretty big part in our family’s history, which is a blog post all its own. The nutshell version is that Gabe and I met as counselors at a church camp in 1996 and walked down the aisle 18 months later. (Livi is under strict orders NOT to meet the man she’s going to marry this summer.)

Our dear friend Britt is the new Program Director at Camp Mission Meadows in Western New York. You might remember that we took a trip to visit her a couple months ago (and I MET MIKE HOLMGREN). She invited me (and the fam) to come speak at Family Camp the first week in July (we are SO pumped), and then Livi will be heading back to camp 2 weeks later.

(You can pray for Ava. She desperately wants to go but is so conflicted. She’s got a few fears about things and doesn’t know if a week away from Mom and Dad is going to work for her.)

So, Livi is going to be earning some money ($350) to go to camp. When we were in Cambodia, we skipped Christmas, so the girls took their $ from Grandma and Grandpa (both sets) and bought stuff at the markets and fair trade shops. They kept some stuff, gave a lot away as gifts, and now Livi’s going to sell what she has left.

If the item cost her $2 and she sells it for $5, she’ll recoup her $2 and put it in the Camp Fund and send the other $3 to our friends in Cambodia.

She’s also hoping to do a little bit of tutoring (an idea we came up with just last night). She’s an excellent student and loves to teach (she taught Nina how to read). And this probably isn’t something a rebellious, delinquent parent should admit, but she missed THIRTY-TWO days of school this year (with 3 tardies) and still managed to snag the President’s Award (given to one 5th grade boy & one 5th grade girl) for Academic Excellence.

So, if you live in Columbus, Ohio, and your K-5th grader needs some extra help with school stuff (I’m thinking Math in particular), let us know, and we’ll negotiate a fair price (anyone know the going rate for 11yo tutors?).

(Ava, who does not enjoy school but LOVES babies and animals is hoping to do some baby/pet sitting–with Mom’s supervision–but she has to decide about camp first.)

I love that I sat down at my laptop to write a quick intro to Livi’s upcoming post and already rambled over 600 words. If only this blog paid by the word (or at all).


Look for Livi’s post this evening (I promised my friends who work during the day that I’d save some fun for them). It should be… interesting.

11 thoughts on “livi's up to something

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    1. Loretta

      I am wondering how one goes about purchasing these great items you have pictured on your blog ?
      Any asistance would be great!

  2. Marla Fletcher

    Wish we lived closer – I could use a Mother’s Helper this summer!! Is an 9 hour commute to much??? 🙂

  3. Lesley

    Hey – a future blog post idea would be about talking about s-e-x with the kids.

    Good luck to Livi with the fund raising. I would totally hire her if we lived in C-bus.

  4. Valerie

    If she wants to try and teach and or occasionally wrangle an almost 2 year old…I pay well. I love him to bits but occasionally I need a break….and do have a few Columbus doctor’s appointments coming up. Some like with the OB/GYN I’d prefer to not take him to those….most definitely not the repeat biopsy appointment.

      1. Valerie

        The two of them I’ll have to locate the date/times in my planner book…currently MIA. Have a sneaky idea Sean found a “treasure” and has stashed it somewhere…like he did with my cupcake hairbrush a couple weeks ago. Kids are nuts! 🙂 I’m in the process of cleaning out the toy bins to purge what he’s no longer interested in and make room for new big boy stuff since his birthday is coming up soon. If I don’t find today I will call the offices in the morning to verify my appointment times.

        My biopsy appointment is on August 1st at 2 however, if my MIL has gotten the day off and I can be drugged I’ll need to be there around 30 minutes early. The office is in Hilliard off of Mill Run. So probably an anticipated arrival there by 1. If I’m not having a ride to/from I’ll need to not do it with drugs again…really don’t want to do that.

        1. Valerie

          Located the planner…. it looks like both of the other appointments are June 28th. The first is at 11 and the second at 1. If that works that’d be awesome…if it doesn’t he’ll just be going along to the Endocrinologist and Hematologist…at least the worst they’ll do to me that day maybe some bloodwork to check different things again.

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