livi learns a lesson

Remember a few weeks ago when Ava stayed home from church because she said she felt sick? Then later wanted to go to Target and play in the leaves, and she didn’t get to? Remember Livi’s bedtime prayer, “God, thank you that Ava learned her lesson not to skip church if she wants to do fun things?”


So, Nina’s been puking. Last night I was thinking the other two would probably get it. Ava feels lousy when she goes to bed. Wakes up fine. Is traipsing off the the bus stop with Gabe as I type. Traipsing in her new multi-colored sweater from Once Upon a Child, a red and pink flowered skirt, and red striped leggings. Oh, and pink tennis shoes. She has been puked on by a rainbow and yet somehow looks adorable. I love that she hates to match and craves color.

Anyway, I couldn’t drag Livi out of bed this morning. She had a headache last night and said it was worse this morning. Her stomach was fine, but her head really hurt. I gave her the option of staying home from school. She hasn’t missed a day yet this year. She stayed home.

Now, she’s fine and wants to play games and have parties. I’m leaving in a bit to help out in Ava’s classroom. (They’re making pumpkin pies. They’re in kindergarten. Heaven help us.) Instead of designing web sites, Gabe is going to nurse sick children. Livi is crying because Gabe told her that when you skip school you don’t get to have fun and party. He reminded her of the lesson she was so glad Ava learned. She cried even harder.

Nina hasn’t thrown up in four hours–praise the Lord! She’s as skinny as a rail and pale as a ghost, but hopefully this marks the end, and she’ll be on the upswing from here. She ate some crackers a little while ago–her first food in 40 hours–and they’re still in her.

That’s all for now. Thanks for your prayers!

Oh no, Nina’s crying like she’s in pain. Keep praying please!

10 thoughts on “livi learns a lesson

  1. ergirl053

    I’ll be praying that the puking stops with Nina, and that it stops soon!
    We had a great time in NY- doing absolutely nothing!
    Happy Thanksgiving (a few days early) 🙂

  2. gsowell

    ^It’s not quite the worst thing in the world, but it’s close! Truthfully, all those mommy hormones or genes or whatever kick in, and you just do it and take care of things. When it’s over, you go, “Ew,ew, ew!!!!!!”^

    I love that you let her go to school that way. I let Susannah wear striped tights, a sparkly skirt and a button-down with SHINY buttons to church yesterday. It makes me happey, too.

  3. kkakwright

    ^You have NEVER had a puking child.  Are you kidding me Kristen?  That is amazing.  It is absolutely awful.  In my experience you don’t really have to chase em around with a bowl because they are very lethargic.  Mine always cried right before they puked, so whenever I would hear them cry I would come running with a puke bowl.  It is terrible.  Every single thing in your home  has puke on it by the time they are well. 

  4. KmHunsberger

    I love the sound of Ava’s outfit…exactly how i will dress my adopted daughters

    So, I need to know…how do you take care of a puking child? I have not ever had one (and still don’t PRAISE THE LORD!) But I have wondered bc I know the day will come…do you keep trying to get liguids down them? When do you worry about dehydration? And how do you take care of a puking 1 year old…do you eternally chase her around with a puke bowl????

    I will lose it the day my kid gets the stomach flu. I shiver just thinking about it. I know…I am weird…but puke is a phobia of mine (I know weird…considering how much I do it when I am pregnant).

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