Livi and Ava LIVE!

Gabe did a 30-minute interview with Livi and Ava for his podcast tonight if you want to take a listen. It’s awfully cute–even if you’re not their mom, I think. 🙂 After you click on the link below that takes you to, then click on the blue box that says, “Open our MP3 player.”

Livi and Ava discuss Christmas. 🙂

Gabe watched Nina yesterday while I took Livi and Ava to see The Nativity Story. It was really wonderful, I thought. So real, very moving, true to Scripture. I’ll definitely buy it when it comes out and make it a Christmas tradition.

I don’t get out to the movies very often. Gabe and the girls go every couple weeks. I had to laugh as we pulled into a nearby shopping center and they pointed me to the right parking lot, showed me where the ticket machine was and where to put my credit card, dragged me to the escalator, and led me to the “secret gate” after the movie.

Livi had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie (somewhere along the donkey ride to Bethlehem), and I was secretly glad because it gave us an excuse to find new seats (in the front row–headache!). The two kids behind us had their feet on our seats and kept kicking them. Their parents didn’t seem to find anything wrong with this, although Dad did tell Jr. once to move his feet from Livi’s seat when she looked up to see them sticking out over her head.

There were a couple graphic scenes, but it was very tastefully done. I had to laugh at baby John the Baptist’s circumcision ceremony though. “What are they doing to him, Mommy?” Livi asked. “Just a little surgery,” I replied, to her satisfaction.

Last night we did some last-minute Christmas shopping at the Buckeye Corner, ate at Chili’s, and went to see the Picktown Lights. Some tech-head figured out how to synchronize zillions of lights on his street to music on a local radio station. You drive down the street with the radio on and watch the lights dance violently to jingle bell rock and 12 other Christmas songs. It is sweet. We might even go back.

I went to the dentist again today loaded up with Advil, thinking I was getting 2 fillings. No fillings–just got my teeth cleaned (a gentler follow-up to the debridement horror from last time). It still hurt. 🙂 I go in January for the fillings.

I’ve been getting so many wonderful Christmas cards and beautiful family pictures in the mail–and keeping them in a nice, big pile I like to call “people I owe a Christmas card (and picture of my girls from Halloween) to when January (or February) rolls around.”

Have a wonderful weekend! Looking forward to hearing everyone’s Christmas stories!

12 thoughts on “Livi and Ava LIVE!

  1. ch1pch0p

    For some reason, I’ve never really gotten into Bible re-enactments. I guess I’d just rather concentrate on Jesus’ actual words than some human interpretations…

    And I’m not really a movie girl anyway.

  2. Abs7

    i too heard mixed reviews about the nativity story, but like kristin said, not ones that i really trust. i’ll put it on my list of movies to see.

    merry christmas!

  3. kkakwright

    Merry Christmas to the Tavianos!  Consider this my Christmas card and my profile pic the enclosed picture! HA! 🙂  I usually do so good at getting cards out. This year….not so much.

  4. tonialynn59

    I had to tell you that Justin and I listened to the podcast while he ate his breakfast. It took longer for him to eat cause he loved your little girls voices and when they would talk or laugh he would stop eating and listen and he would laugh and laugh.  You know he is 18 and I can never get tired of hearing him laugh.  His laugh just makes me laugh and that is a very good thing!  Thanks for the review on the movie.  We need to see it and it sounds like one we need to buy!

  5. faithchick

    …and can you give me your mailing address so i can add to your pile of cards? i almost sent you one to your old address. :-P. (even though it says merry christmas, just consider it a happy new year card. 😉 I started SO EARLY…and i’m SO BEHIND now. ugh.

  6. faithchick

    i really want to see that movie, too. I can’t wait!
    seems the music/christmas light combination is popping up everywhere this year. My cousin did the same thing at his house (and the paper ran a story about it yesterday. ) and then we heard about someone that did their house the same way right aroundthe corner from us. It’s very, very cool! i can’t imagine an entire street!

  7. Marketer319

    I’m glad to hear your thoughts on the Nativity Story.  I haven’t seen it yet and I’ve heard mixed reviews – but not necessarily from people whose opinions I value (i.e. the critics weren’t impressed).  But now that I’ve gotten a positive from someone I trust, we’ll probably see it.

  8. Nixter77

    I really want to see that movie – think I will while I am here.  Can’t wait to listen to the podcast – we must organise a skype chat with the little chicas soon.  I am in Worcs at folks until 2nd Jan.

    Happy Friday 😉

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