little house by a big highway

A big storm blew through our area last night, and our electricity went out for a few hours, so no blog post. But we had a delightful candle-lit time as a family. Very Charles and Caroline Ingalls-ish. Okay, so not really, since we had Gabe’s fully-charged iPhone to help get us through. 🙂

See you tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “little house by a big highway

  1. Rachelle

    once we were without electricity for 3 days; it was due to a January snow/ice storm, with lots of poles down. I had a 2-month old baby at the time…and we felt like the Ingalls. When we did get electricity back a friend’s 8 yo son asked if they could turn the lights out for 1 more night…cause he was enjoying evenigs by candlelight!

  2. Gaylene

    I always like having a fully charged portable DVD player to also help get through the night (and my laptop stays fully charged since I keep it hooked up unless taking it somewhere, so that also helps).

    I have never met you nor your family, but I loved yesterday’s pictures! Such fun!

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