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EDIT 2: We did it! We survived! Thank you for praying! I didn’t hear a peep from the girls, and the interview went well. He followed the script Harvest House gave him, which sometimes makes for a boring interview, but it actually made it easier on me since I didn’t have to think too much. Praise You, Lord!

EDIT: Prayer please! Radio interview in 15 minutes, and Nina is screaming. Nothing is making her happy, and I have no back-up plan. Thanks! (Uh, okay, now she’s laughing. That was some quick praying!)

For lactating mommies, that would be expressed breastmilk. For mommies of teething psycho babies, that would be children’s ibuprofen. Tylenol is for the birds–birds who don’t want to get any sleep. I bought 2 bottles of ibuprofen last night so I would never run out again. Only to discover that I already had an extra bottle in the cupboard which I bought last time so that I would never run out again. Grrr… And to think that I could have saved myself all those sleepless hours.

Our neighbors (Sophie’s parents) invited Livi to go to see Sleeping Beauty (the ballet) last night. Grandma was supposed to go with them and got sick. After school, Sophie came over to play. Then Livi took a shower, dried her hair, I curled it under, she wore her Easter dress and lip gloss (and a dab of perfume), and looked way too grown-up and adorable. They picked her and her booster seat up at 6:50 and got back around 10:30. She had a lot of fun.

Ava was soooo sad when she found out that Livi was leaving without her. Sometimes I forget that those two aren’t twins. She cried for awhile, “I miss Liiiiiiiiivi!” Then we went to Target and she got a $1 wipe-off board and a bag of candy corn. Livi forgotten. Well, not really. The three of us (our fam minus Gabe and Livi) got caught in a nasty downpour coming out of Target. We were sopping. And all the stuff I bought with cardboard packaging got all warped and soggy. (baggies, mac-n-cheese, cheese nips, fruit snacks–all the essentials). Bathtime. Nina to bed (where, you’ll remember, she slept soundly until 7am!). Ava curled up in a blanket by the open office window waiting for Livi. Over an hour later, she fell asleep on the floor. Thirty minutes after that, Livi got home.

Gabe decided last night not to take the girls to Lima. He hated to miss the concert but wanted to do what was best for the girls. It was just going to be too much work to drive 2 hours, keep them out of trouble for 8 hours during concert set-up and concert, and then either bring them home or stay overnight.

This morning he changed his mind. They’re going.

I’ve got to go get my stuff packed for WOF and the rest of my little family’s stuff packed for a big day and an overnighter at Grandma’s. Finishing up laundry, trying to leave the house in order. Have the interview at 11:20. Gabe is dropping me off at a shopping plaza not too far away to meet up with friends from our old church. I’m excited about the conference–if I can just keep from worrying about Gabe and the girlies.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

13 thoughts on “liquid gold

  1. gtaviano

    ^^Thanks for thining about us, jbnygaard! Nina was getting a bit sleep around 7 (when the concert was ready to start), so I headed out to the van for a drive back to Columbus. They were great for the 4-5 hours we were at the concert, watching everything get ready. Nina slept the whole way home and then slept through the night when we got back here. Livi and Ava were a little sad that we all didn’t spend the night with Grandma and Papaw, but they’re ready for soccer this AM. I’m just glad Marla could get away a little, although I’m not giving two thumbs up for this being frequent. You mothers just blow my mind! Maybe God could have given us a few of your wires?

  2. jbnygaard

    ^^Marla, see, someone else knows about Bunco! I’m not the only crazy one that likes to throw dice and talk! :)^^

    I really wished I could’ve helped tonight! The girls have been on my “motherly mind” all day, and I really wished I had Gabe’s cell phone so I could drive to Lima to pick them up!

  3. tonialynn59

    Glad to hear your interview went well.  That was special for Livi to get to go last night.  I hope they have fun tonight.  It sounds great and you too.  I’ve never been to Women of Faith before.  It will be fun to get away with the girls tonight!

  4. ladyjabez

    Its funny… but even when I just go out and about to little things away from the girls (like a Bunco night or something) I still worry about them… and set their PJ’s out so he doesn’t forget to put them on…. I think there’s just something in our Mama genes that make us worry about our families.  I’m sure they’ll be fine

  5. mrsnorthern8605

    I will talk to drew and see when is a good time for us to come by. We miss you guys too. I can generally do nights during the week, he is harder to work with, so we will go by his work schedule and see what’s going on.

  6. Abs7

    How frustrating that you actually had a bottle right there. poor you and poor Nina!

    That sounds like such a fun night for Livi!… and Ava too- Target is always a good time.

  7. ladymiss3739

    You’re right about the ibuprofen.  It works wonders…that and sometimes a little teething gel and baby’s good to go! 

    Just prayed for you and your interview tomorrow!  Tell us what station – maybe they stream it online and we can all listen in.   

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