Sorry I haven’t kept everybody up-to-date with what’s going on in our lives lately. I hadn’t really noticed, because I carry on conversations with all of you in my head for a good part of my day. I keep forgetting you don’t actually live here with me.

This past week has gone by so fast it’s a blur to me now. The thing that stands out most in my mind is the French toast I made for breakfast, and the only reason I remember it is because I’m still taking bites of it between sentences.

I never blogged about this weekend, did I? We left for Detroit way early, met a friend from my Cedarville days who I knew on a “hi, how’s it goin’?” basis. After a day at the zoo, a night of pizza, kiddos and euchre, and sleeping at their home, we’re all great friends. Thanks, Dave and Liz! Let us know when you’re in C-bus next!

Toledo was our Best Zoo Day Yet. Partly because it’s such a great zoo and partly because of the fabulous company. We stopped at Shelly’s first and met her man and darling boys. She had coffee drinks! And muffins! And Ben entertained us with his super-fast chicken dance. We met Jamie and her boys at the zoo and had an awesome day. And I get to see them both again Saturday!

We spent Saturday evening and Sunday with Gabe’s dad. (His mom is in Kenya for a month.) I spoke to a young marrieds class at a church in Lima about s-e-x and kiddos (fun times!) then met my fam at Tug’s church for the service. We headed home after the Browns (boo) game.

Monday was cool. We met the ZOO GUYS (the authors of America’s Best Zoos who we met for the first time at the Indy Zoo on Labor Day) at the C-bus Zoo. They had a meeting with Jack Hanna at noon, so we met them at 10:00 and walked around the zoo with them until their Jack appointment. It was so much fun! They’re great. Allen is close to my dad’s age, and Jon is like a younger brother. Jon has 895,000 animal facts stored in his head. Amazing. It has definitely been a God-ordained meeting. Very, very cool.

OH! They gave me a brand-spankin’-new SIGNED copy of America’s Best Zoos to give away on my blog. I have a little something to add to the prize package, and I’ll do the give-away early next week. You NEED this book for sure.

What else is going on?

Soccer. After 3 amazing games, the girls had 2 big losses. Game #6 is tonight.

Life Groups. They started up last night, and we signed up for one randomly. We’re the only ones with kiddos, everyone else is young and cool. Praying we can work out a quiet arrangement for the girls and that we’ll have experience and wisdom to share as the token old couple.

Dreams. I keep having bad dreams about animals. Last night I dreamed that I met Kristin. I was shocked that she was about four inches taller than me. And I kept trying to hold baby James, but no one would give him to me. I did hold a baby yesterday–my friend Deb’s 3-month-old Susanna. We had just finished lunch, and I had Susanna propped up on my lap. I felt a rumbling and smiled. Then I felt something else. A stream of liquid yellow running down my leg. The little darling totally plastered my shorts. Too funny.

Volunteering. I helped out in Ava’s class for 2 hours yesterday. They had a lockdown drill. As I sat huddled on the floor behind the teacher’s desk with 25 first-graders, I tried not to think of an actual lockdown with terrorists and my baby girl. Be her shield, Lord!

Xangafest Saturday! Hope to see all of you there! Working/praying on getting some of our far-flung friends in town for the big day. Hoping to see my sister (she’s totally avoiding me and ignoring all my pleas) and my niece-bump.

Speaking of bumps, Happy Hump Day!

20 thoughts on “life

  1. gsowell

    I’m too tired and busy for a real comment. So I’ll just say that I love you bunches and can’t wait to see you Saturday. And Caroline this morning asked if Marla could please come to our house again because then our house is exciting and not so ordinary.

  2. bethelaine

    ok, just curious.  you said “I keep having bad dreams about animals.”  and then you went on to explain a dream about kristin.  ummmmm……..????  i’m missing the correlation. 

  3. luvmynoah

    What  a fun trip!  I wish we could’ve come up to Toledo with our zoo passes.. but, we had an outreach that night.

    I hope you find a solution for the girls for Life Groups.  Half of the folks helping launch our church are in there early and mid twenties.  I had a complex in the band at first as Shan and I were a bit older…I even put pink highlights in to help me out.  🙂  They love us no matter what….and I think they even learn a thing or two from us sometimes.   I’m sure God will use you all and them as well to grow and learn from each other!

    Eww..on the poopy!  I love that you are having animal dreams… funny!

  4. Airdee26

    The Toledo zoo is fun…I’ve been there before.

    I’ve had some odd dreams lately. I was supposed to get my hair done yesterday. But the night before I dreamed I went and the lady that was supposed to do it was not there so this other lady did it. A horrible job mind you and then wanted to charge me $157!! I let her have it in my dream 🙂 Then when I woke up a call and rescheduled my appointment to next week 🙂

    My son always get someone else with the poo 🙂

  5. bensmomshelly

    @kellycohan – There are no tips, I assure you.  Except don’t be too attached to wearing the same outfit for very long, practice stain-removal tactics now, and if you’re really cautious you could always sit the baby on a cloth before holding them on your lap.  So there you go.

    Marla, that is too funny about Kristin, especially because she’s only like 2 or 3 inches taller than me.  And I’m so sorry Josiah couldn’t have plastered you this weekend, too, so you’d have a real story to tell.

  6. kellycohan

    I’m so not ready for shorts-plasterization baby-style. Any tips on getting ramped up for it?

    Also, your prayer for Ava reminded me… when I’m praying for protection for someone, I really enjoy praying for a hundred different types of protection (Lord, be bubble-wrap around her. Lord, be a hedge – the shrubbery kind – around her. Lord, surround her in marshmallow so nothing can touch her. Etc, etc.) It’s fun and it reminds me of how creative God can be when he intervenes in our lives.

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