life on brown avenue

Time for random lists like faithchick does so well…

1. Last night Nina was asleep in my arms, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her tiny feet peeking out from beneath her blanket. They are so cute and so precious. Each tiny toe so perfect and…perfect. At the moment I can’t think of anything more beautiful. She is an absolute angel.

2. So Livi and Ava are riding their bikes on the sidewalk in front of our house yesterday, and Ava yells, “To my wickedness!” and Livi yells back, “To my passion!” What in the ?!? Thankfully none of the neighbors were out and about. Where do they get these things?

3. I had friends over for lunch. It was a good time. Livi, Ava and Belle pretended they were princesses on the top bunk, screaming at little Will, “the dragon.” Melea and Chloe played dress-up in the closet. Andrew wandered around the house, and Nina sat happily in her seat. Thanks, Courtney, for doing my dishes!

4. Gabe likes his new job. The drive and long hours will take some getting used to though. Last night he got home at 6:30, ate supper, fell asleep on the couch at 7, moved to the other (shorter. ??) couch at 8, was there when I went to Wal-Mart at 9:45, hadn’t moved when I got home at 11, got up and went to bed with me at 12. Up at 5:45 for another day. Poor guy!

5. I measured Ava today for her flower girl dress for my sister’s wedding. She has such a cute little body. Measured Livi just for fun. That girl is like a twig. 🙂 Have no desire to measure myself. I ordered a size 10 dress and pray it will fit come July 29th.

That’s all for now!

5 thoughts on “life on brown avenue

  1. faithchick

    1. soon to be famous, surely!!
    2. “got the wickedness from Sunday School.” sounds even funnier without context. 😉
    3. goodness!
    4. Beautiful name! we’ve discovered that we’ve set a very high standard with the bambina’s name. Everywhere we go we get, “OH, what a beee-uuuu-tiiii-full (yes, with that emphasis) name!!!” so, if we end up with another daughter, I couldn’t see naming her jane or something so well-known b/c she wouldn’t get nearly the response….so i’m always on the look out for unique girl names. 😉 I’ve never heard that one before!(how’s that for a life story…i should just copy & paste it into my blog & call it a day!;-))

  2. mtaviano

    1. Um, author yes, famous no. 🙂
    2. She either got the wickedness from Sunday School or Wizard of Oz. 🙂
    3. Yeah, he’s 6 ft. 3 in. on a 5 ft loveseat. Neck cramp?
    4. Muh-LEE-uh. A beautiful name and she is a beautiful little girl.

  3. faithchick

    hey!! 😀 fun to read my “name” at the top of your post. Wow, a famous author mentioned me!

    and…the part about wickedness & passion made me LAUGH!! 🙂 Your girls sound absolutely precious & fun & adorable! 🙂

    the shorter couch made me laugh, too. 🙂

    and…how do you pronouce Melea? MAH-leah? just curious.

  4. KmHunsberger

    My husband worked from home for a year and when he went back to work it was somewhat of an adjustment for both of us…so I am sure it is even more so for you all considering that he was home for three years AND you have three kids and I only have one 😀

    I love the stories of your girls. They sound absolutely wonderful! Kids do say the craziest things…don’t they!

    I read your vacation post to my husband bc it is my nightmare come true. I look so forward to vacations and I would be so sad had all of that happened…and I HATE sickness. I become an uptight mess. I am so amazed at the spirit with which you handled EVERYTHING.

    Thank you so much for your compliment on my post. I do have a great family and what you said about me was encouraging 😀 Thanks for brightening my day!

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