let’s go Krogert-ing!

In honor of Gail and Josie (who calls Kroger “Krogert”), I just asked Gabe to resurrect something he created five years ago while we lived and worked at a church camp in Southern Ohio (more Kentucky-ish than Kentucky itself).

He designed a website called Taviland, created little Lego characters for the 4 of us (minus Nina obviously), and we made up Taviland “episodes.” I had all but forgotten about this. It seems like a lifetime ago. And was.

I wrote scripts, Gabe did the animation, we recorded our voices. It’s embarrassing really, but who cares, right?

Before you do anything else today, you MUST visit TAVILAND! You won’t be sad you did!

Click on “family” and then choose “Let’s go Krogerting!”

21 thoughts on “let’s go Krogert-ing!

  1. terriwright

    You are a sick puppy. Sicker than I thought. Sicker than I ever thought about being. You are completely sick. Sick doesn’t begin to explain Taviland. You are sick. Sick.  I loved it!

  2. allieanne

    I laughed out LOUD…I love it! I especially like the Scioto Hills skit and you definitely need to finish it??? Did Stephanie meet Daniel there? Your family is the best 🙂 Stewart is so funny trying to study Bethany 🙂 That is GREAT! thanks for the much needed laugh

  3. bekisue

    You are a nut! I loved that. Jason and I would totally do stuff like that if we were talented in that way. You are funny.

    I LOVE THE BOOK!!! 1 Chapter to go! Really good!

  4. faithchick

    wow, that’s so homestar runner.  i love it. 🙂  well, i would love it.  except something is dreadfully wrong with the sound on our computer & i can’t hear a word.  when it does work, though.  i’m gonna watch it! 🙂

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