Let it Snow!

20 thoughts on “Let it Snow!

  1. gsowell

    I love how all the bright snow clothes play off the white background of the snowy landscape. We had 27 flakes. I counted ’em. (See Krista’s comment…except add people who do NOT know how to deal with snow and freak out if there is a dusting and every two years schedule 26″ and it’s about right.)

  2. faithchick

    hey you. 🙂  I actually used to ALWAYS order matte.  BUt on a whim one time, I ordered glossy.  I was shocked that I don’t prefer one over the other!  I like them both for different reasons. So, I get whatever I’m in the mood fore. But, they’re both favorites.  So, I think you’ll be good. 🙂  (plus, if you put matte in a frame or in a photo album they become glossy anyway.)

  3. SuperGirlAmelia

    I have two B’s for these pictures.

    Speaking of brrr… we’re going to be in c-bus the weekend after Christmas. I’m still not exactly sure on the dates, but maybe we could finally meet?? Even just briefly!

  4. stephaniedawnbasham

    You have NO idea how depressing it is to look at those pictures, and then look outside to the bright 67 degree weather outside my bedroom window. NO idea.

    I want snow. 🙁

    But your family is gorgeous! And that’s not depressing. 🙂

  5. kkakwright

    ^yes, yes, yes.  i was going to comment on how nina is a little female gabe.
    you know, i don’t even buy my kids snow boots or snow suits because it never snows down here.  how sad. 🙁

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