less than three hours left! hurry!

EDIT: Some of you have asked about pre-ordering the Diaper book. Gabe set it up on the site, and you can pre-order via Paypal. If you like the “send her a check in the mail” idea better, message me, and I’ll give you my address. The book is $10 including shipping. And don’t forget–if you filled out a survey, you get the book for FREE. (like you’d forget that)

If you haven’t entered the drawing for the FREE BOOK, comment on the post below. You have until noon today (Friday).

So, I “slept in” until 8:30 this morning. By that I mean that I got up at 6:30, changed a wet diaper, turned on the TV, got breakfast for 3 little girls, went back to bed, got up to put a DVD in, went back to bed, got up to change a poopy diaper, went back to bed, got up to settle a disagreement, went back to bed, got up to put a different DVD in, went back to bed. Two “restful” hours later, I was up for the day. I thought I remembered “sleeping in” being something a little different back in the day. Oh well.

Thanks for all the celebrity ideas! Risha told me about www.celebrity-babies.com where I can find out about every pregnant woman/new mom in Hollywood. (Or I could just ask Megan, who seems to know quite a bit about the topic.) And Jenny told me about www.fanmail.biz that has thousands of celebrity addresses and then a forum where people write in and say, ” Jennifer Lopez SUCCESS using this address!” This is going to be fun. And expensive. I’ll have to do a little at a time.

To answer the question, “If I’ve already won, can I be in the drawing?” Yes. It’s a brand new year. You’re all back in! (Jess, Gail, Nichole) Jamie and her family are coming at noon to spend the day, and I think I’ll have her draw the name. Then you can all beef at her about the unfairness of the whole process. 🙂 And no, Jen, Gabe cannot win the drawing. I might put his name in just for fun though, to see if he gets picked.

So, I’m at the kitchen table this morning eating some banana bread, and Gabe starts laughing out loud at his computer. He doesn’t laugh out loud a ton, so I asked him what was so funny. “Krista’s blog,” he said. (the story of K3rry and the cardinal mascot) Krista, you’re so funny. So LOL funny.

Sorry I’m not putting links to any sites or people like I usually do. I have a list of 43 things to do before noon, and since I “slept in,” I’m way behind.

Yuki asked me about my new book–it’s called Changing Your World, One Diaper at a Time. Releases March 1. More info on my website. www.taviano.com. (and I just posted another blog there about my pregnancy book) Yuki also said that if I’m as cool as my brother and sister-in-law, she knows she’ll like me. Well, I am nearly as cool as them, which should count for something. And I’d love to meet you at Women of Faith, YackyYuki, but I’ll be in Michigan speaking at Tonia’s church. Can’t wait, Tonia!

Another God thing. So, tomorrow (the girls don’t know–we’re surprising them) we’re headed to Lima for my niece Reese’s 3rd birthday party from 2-4. Then we’re heading to Rock and Janelle’s (with Tug, Angie and gang) for Nina’s belated 2nd birthday party. I asked Janelle what Reese wants/needs. I know Angie is trying to clear out clutter like me. So, she said panties, bubble gum, etc. THEN she said that Reesey loves her big sister Morgan’s pic (I framed it for her for Christmas) of Livi and Morgan sticking their tongues out at each other in the bathtub. “When I get big, I want a silly picture like that,” Reese said. I ran up to my bedroom, flipped through a stack of pics and found a close-up one of Reese licking Uncle Gabe’s nose. Gabe’s mouth is wide open. Definitely a “silly” picture. I’m so excited. And easily amused. I’ll grab some panties and gum tomorrow a.m. and we’ll be set.

Don’t forget to enter the give-away by noon today. (comment on the previous post) Happy Weekend!

And that’s all she wrote.

12 thoughts on “less than three hours left! hurry!

  1. angntug

    ok, am I too late for this drawing? Comment. lol. Thanks for understanding about the clutter 🙂 she got her ears pierced today and was sooo excited! She said “mommy, I got my ears pierced just like my cousins, Livi and Ava! 🙂 Nice to get all the parties done in one day, huh? 🙂 I love our kids birthdays 🙂 ok, today by noon, just read it, disregard my comment 🙂 see you tomorrow!

  2. tonialynn59

    Sleeping in is such a sore spot with me.  When the kids were little forget it.  They get older but then we do too and hormones do wonderful things to us and we can’t for the life of us sleep in. But I’m staying in bed tomorrow till at least……8 a.m. or so!

    Can’t wait for April and you in Michigan here either!  I am gonna try to figure out your friend Krista’s site again and read what in the world made Gabe laugh.

  3. ch1pch0p

    I’m sleeping in tomorrow. As in, closing the blinds and curtains, turning off the phone, and shutting out the world sleeping in. Most likely, I’ll wake up at seven because I have to go to the bathroom and won’t be able to go back to sleep.

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