last sunday in photos

I’m years behind on photo posts–fun stuff we’ve done, cute people we know (i.e., my 9-month-old niece), ZOOS. Who knows if I’ll ever catch up?

The good news? The globe will continue to spin, with or without my life chronicled pic by pic here in Blogland.

Anyway. Last Sunday was fun. Church (great message!), Get to Know You Lunch afterwards (sat with people we know but not well–found out we were both married on January 3, 1998! and we each have a daughter born on January 5!).

Then the girls and I went to Barnes & Noble (Gabe was at the airport picking up band people) to spend our gift card from my friend Nadine. (Livi–American Girl book, Ava–stuffed guinea pig, Nina–stuffed Kai Lan)

Nadine and I went to Cedarville together, didn’t know each other super well, but had some of the same education classes. She and 2 of her 3 kiddos (ages 3 and 1) were driving from NY to TN and needed a place to stay, so I invited her to stay with us.

That was before I realized that my niece Morgan was having a birthday party at an indoor water park here in town–and they got a big suite at the hotel for us all to stay in. So, my family went on ahead, I waited for Nadine, we chatted for a bit, then I headed to the hotel. Nadine insisted she and the girls would have a relaxing night with no worries of keeping our family awake. They did. Thanks for the gift card, Nadine! You made my girlies’ day!

So, then Gabe picked us up in the Columbus Crew‘s 15-passenger van and we headed to Crew Stadium where my brother-in-law Tug was having a Will Rock 4 Food concert for Faith and Family Night after the game.

We didn’t know this when we first made plans to go to the game, but it was also Zoo at the Crew night. We were walking around before the game and saw some Zoo Mascots. A nice gal in a Columbus Zoo shirt–Lisa–was standing by the mascots. Tug says to her, “Have you heard of 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks?” I wanted to die of embarrassment. I could just picture her saying, “Excuse me, what?” But she didn’t. And long story short, she said, “Oh, I know Jack will want to meet you.” And sure enough…

We had met him briefly once before (back in December, I believe), but this time we got to talk to him about our Zoo Trip. Very, very cool. Thanking God for an incredible opportunity.

The Crew? Pretty good soccer team. They were last year’s MLS Champs.

They did not disappoint. Beat the Houston Dynamo 2-1. This guy, Steven Lenhart, was one of the guys who shared his testimony at the concert after the game.

Pillar rocked the house.

We watched the game (and the concert) from the stage. Pretty sweet. We saw highlights from the soccer game on TV this week, and (briefly–for less than two seconds) saw ourselves cheering when they scored their second goal to win. Ava said, “Now I’ve been on TV two times!”

Ang and Tug, two people I love being related to (by marriage, anyway).

Our fam. What a day–zoo stuff, soccer, concert. Dudn’t (Nina’s word) get much better than that! Thank you, Jesus, for life’s sweet pleasures!

So, tell me–if you could:

1. go to any concert,

2. go to any sporting event, and

3. meet any “celebrity,

what/who would they be?

Have an awesome weekend, friends!

14 thoughts on “last sunday in photos

  1. Teressa Vanputten

    Can you believe that the multitude of talent that Mr. Johnny Depp portrayed on the set throughout his prominent career especially with a movie like Pirates of the Caribbean. Thanks for doing what you do Johnny Depp!

  2. Rachele

    I just read this post – sorry Marla but I was in Disneyland with my family- and my husband and I were married on Jan. 3rd 2004! 🙂 What a random time to get married right???

  3. Amy

    1. I have pretty much seen everyone I want to see, however, if i had to pick I would want to go and see Bon Jovi. I missed out on an opportunity to go when I was young and I had their posters plastered all over the walls my room!

    2. I wish I had season tickets to all Nebraska football games and a private jet to take me to and from every game, every weekend. It would include both away and home games…of course. 🙂

    3. I would love to sit down and chat with the First Ladies of our country.

  4. Ellen R.

    1. This sounds shallow, but I really, really, really want to see Bon Jovi live before I die. 🙂

    2. Definitely would love to see an OSU vs. Michigan game in the horseshoe!

    3. Yikes, I have no idea! Maybe Deena Kastor (famous American Marathoner – I’m crazy like that).

    Can you e-mail me? I have a friend who wants to do a giveaway on your blog but when I tried to use the “contact me” button on your blog it wouldn’t let me install the capthcha thingy for word verification. Thanks Marla!

  5. Elizabeth

    Gosh, I wish my Sundays were as exciting as yours!

    1. I would want to see Chris Tomlin or David Crowder Band in concert. I’ve never seen either of them and they come to Tulsa all the time.

    2. I don’t really care for sporting events, unless it’s my kids playing soccer. Those are my favorite even though I’m a really bad soccer mom!

    3. I want to meet all the authors of my favorite books, even if they’re not all technically celebrities. You’re the only celebrity author I’ve met:)

  6. Sarah Montanye

    1. I would love to go to go see another Chris Tomlin concert. The last one I went to was AMAZING.

    2. Want to go see an Olympic womens indoor volleyball match. Or a AVP beach vball tournament.

    3. Would love to meet Misty May & Kerry Walsh.

  7. Jennifer

    1. George Strait
    2. San Antonio Spurs game
    3. Oprah Winfrey (not that I necessarily agree with all that she promotes/believes, but I love some of the more philanthropic things she’s done, like starting a school for girls in South Africa)

  8. Denise

    1. Superchick or Barlow Girl (I can’t pick just one! And actually – I have a huge list!)
    3. Johnny Depp (my heart skips a beat!)

    Looks like a fun time! Is Jack Hanna as nice in person as he seems on TV?

  9. Colleen

    1. Brad Paisley
    2. Some big golf tournament with my hubby
    3. I don’t know:)

    p.s. Marla, did Gabe get a telephoto lens (or maybe you’ve had one for awhile) what type did you have, I love the sharpness of your pics!!!

  10. Krysten

    1. Almost any country concert.
    2. I am planning on attending a international horseshow next year.
    3. I would love to meet George Strait.
    I saw where Livi bought an American Girl book. I collected the dolls and books for seven years. I’m saving my stuff in the hopes that I have a little girl who will like them too.

  11. Crissy

    Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! We almost went, and should have we could have hung out with the famous Taviano family! 😉

    1. I enjoy most concerts. So I would be up for almost anything. (especially if I have tickets that are free)

    2. Not really big on sporting events, unless my kids are playing. I just mentioned to my husband the other day that I didn’t get the pull to go to a game. I would rather watch from my couch, have a better view from my TV, and not have a big drunk dude screaming in my ear. He almost passed out in disbelief! Okay, so any sporting event my kids are in. Does that count? 😉

    3. I am not a star struck person. Although, I have met a couple ‘important’ people. One that comes to mind is…MARLA TAVIANO!!!! She is amazing!! 🙂

  12. joyce

    1. U2…I know I know…but I love their music. I’d also love to see Point of Grace and David Crowder-they are my other favorites.

    2. sporting event-University of Tennessee playing anyone as long as it is a home game in Neyland Stadium. There is nothing like it!

    3. Beth Moore. Maybe she’s not a celebrity in the traditional sense of the word but I’d love a chance to tell her how much her Bible Studies have meant to me.

  13. Gail

    What a fun, fun day!

    1. I think, as of this.very.minute, I’d go to a Barlow Girl concert. I’m digging them lately.
    2. I’m a college football sort of girl, so I’d love, love, love to go to the Rose Bowl.
    3. I’m not that into celebrity…I can’t think of a single someone right now!

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