Knoxville Zoo (#15 of 52)

Thought about waiting to post our Knoxville pics, but Gabe turns 32 tomorrow and deserves a Birthday Tribute. A few items of business first:

Author Sheila Wray Gregoire is giving away a copy of Diapers on her blog, To Love, Honor and Vacuum. We did a fun interview, if you want to check it out. Or if you need a Christmas gift for a new (ish) mom.

Also, my friend Ang wrote a delightful post about a day with 2 small boys. I hesitate to share it with you, because I’d love to keep Ang all to myself. But how selfish is that? A good friend shares. Go read it. You’ll love her. Especially if you have small boys. Goodness, I don’t have any at all, and I loved this post!

And now, Knoxville. Enjoy!

There wasn’t anyone around to take our picture (everyone in TN was watching football by the fire), so Gabe set the camera on the stroller and used the timer. Good job, Gabe! Nice closed eyes, Marla!
Knoxville TN

Not sure why this elephant was throwing dirt on himself. I thought that was something they did to keep cool. ??
Elephant throwing dirt

The zebras were beautiful. And very interested in us.
With the zebras

Here’s a good pic of miserable Nina. Notice her black eye, runny nose, red cheeks, and yesterday’s hairdo. 🙂
Nina driving

And now, my favorite. Mama Daisy Chimpanzee nursing her 4-month old son, George. Sigh. Makes me want a baby. (a baby chimp)
Baby chimp nursing

Look at little George! Could he BE any cuter? See that red on his mouth? I’m pretty sure his mom drew on him with a crayon. Seriously. She had a red crayon and a coloring page (for enrichment) in her cage. She sat on the page and ate the crayon. And colored on her baby a little bit too.
Baby chimp

He kept sucking his thumb. So cute. And look at those ears!
Baby chimp

Have a great day, friends!

12 thoughts on “Knoxville Zoo (#15 of 52)

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  2. beautifulheritage

    I’m sorry Nina was so miserable! I hope she is feeling better today.

    Looks like a great zoo day!

    (Elephants throw dust on their backs to prevent sunburn)

    (and probably if they’re just bored too)


  3. ahigby0214

    Looks like an awesome time (both Zoos).  So when’s your NY zoo run?  We’re still 1/2-45 minutes away from Bronx Zoo.  (okay…I write “Zoe” everytime I intend to write “Zoo”…it’s out of control!)

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