just too much

“What?! You didn’t blog today?!” Gabe says to me late last night from his computer chair. “I didn’t have time,” I reply. “What do you mean, you didn’t have time? How can you have time to read other people’s blogs and not time to write your own?”

Oh, Gabe. Gabe, Gabe, Gabe. That’s a valid question, but the answer is obvious. Because. Just because. That’s just how it works. The more blog-worthy stuff that happens, the longer I put off blogging, because it overwhelms me. So, I’m hunkering down and making myself post something before heading to the bus stop.

I really need a voice recorder to use while I’m running. Can you get that option on the iPod shuffle? I get so many writing ideas while I run that I need a place to store them until I get back. I have the space on my brain drive. I just have no idea how to retrieve the information once it’s stored.

Speaking of running, I realized today that I should technically be calling it “jogging.” What I do out there, around my block, bears only a foggy resemblance to “running.” I’m an insult to those of you who actually run.

So, yesterday was Columbus Day. I usually can’t keep up with minor holidays. Now that I have Kimberly though, it’s much easier. I went out to the mailbox two different times before I remembered that the mail wasn’t going to come. Later that evening, we drove by a woman out by her mailbox, peeking inside. “Columbus Day!” I yelled condescendingly (with the windows up).

Speaking of mailboxes, Terri got her surprise yesterday. Thanks for your sweet words, friend.

Yesterday was also Gabe’s first day of work from home. It went amazingly well. You might be surprised to know that Satan took Columbus Day off. Yeah, I was taken off guard too. I kept waiting for him to strike, but everything kept going so smoothly. The girls were good, I played lots of games with Ava. We did puzzles. I got work done. Gabe got work done. He walked with us down to the bus stop. He and Livi took a bike ride when she got home from school. It was wonderful.

Ava’s soccer team had an end-of-the-season party at CiCi’s Pizza last night. (the world’s nastiest pizza, if you’re unfamiliar with it) We spent so much time chasing Nina during the season that we didn’t have a chance to talk to the other parents very much. It turns out that her coach is a pastor at a Presbyterian church here in town. We had fun chatting. The team will be together in the spring, too, so I hope to get to know everybody better then.

Around 7:30 or so, I think Satan remembered about me and started barking orders at his demons from his La-Z-Boy. “Yeah, go ahead and do something to her before the day’s up. Holiday or no, we’re not lettin’ that one slip away.” But I’m a fighter, so no biggie.

Nina is really starting to talk. It’s adorable.

There have been some crazy developments with my book–but the bus is due in just a few minutes. More tomorrow! I’m going to need your help.

Have a great, great day, girls!

13 thoughts on “just too much

  1. filledeparis

    How fun about Nina talking–it would be cool to see a video if you have a chance, and she is cooperating. Prayed just now for the issues with your book–God has a perfect trtack record. I look forward to hearing how He meets your needs.

  2. ClutzyButtercup

    So relate to the blogging issues…I also can relate to storing things on the hard drive of my brain and then struggling to retrieve them.  I thought it was old age but knowing that you struggle with this too makes me realize that it isn’t because I am old!

  3. Nixter77

    I love how you yelled that ‘with the windows closed’. Something I would do 😉

    Glad Gabe’s first day working at home went well – that is excellent…

    Love you!

  4. faithchick

    that teacher terri card is hilarious.  it was nice of you to send the match. 🙂  did i ever tell you that we bought the jumbo matching game that was in the same bin with those old maid cards?  we did.

    i have the same problem when i read peoples’ blogs.  so much to say…overwhelmed…so i don’t say anything…

  5. terriwright

    Satan is only lulling you into a false sense of security….watch out for that blasted lion!!!!!!

    See…I have the exact opposite problem: nothing ever happens here…

  6. gsowell

    I have the same issues with too much to blog. Thanks for squeezing us one in. Somehow, I knew yesterday would be Gabe’s start day for work-at-home. I prayed for you two. God is so good. Glad you were not under much attack yesterday. This IS God’s will, and He will see you through it. Hugs!

  7. Abs7

    I kept checking the mail yesterday too. Why do we even celebrate Columbus day?

    I hate CiCi’s. Tommy and I had CiCi’s for Valentines a couple years ago. Long story, but needless to say that Cici’s definitely wasn’t the game plan. Let’s just say we seem to have really bad luck on valentines day. I’ll save those stories for a later time.

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