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EDIT 2: The interview was great! Thanks for praying. It got cut short, because they were running behind, but the host was bubbly and fun, and I had a great time. (And Nina filled her diaper–and got changed–right before I started. Perfect timing.)

EDIT: Happy 22nd Birthday to my sister STEPHANIE! Love you, girl!

For Tonia’s scrumpsh chicken, you just put chicken breasts (I cut the fat off and cut them into tender-sized pieces) in a crock pot with taco seasoning and salsa and let the crock pot work its magic all day. Stir occasionally, and the chicken shreds and soaks up all the juicy salsa. I do about 3 pounds at a time, then use it for chicken nachos, chicken fajitas or tacos, and chicken enchiladas. So much yummy for so little work! I’m all about that.

I took Ava to the doctor this afternoon for her pre-surgery physical. You might remember all the trouble I went through to get this all figured out in the first place. (The anesthesiologist finally told me that all he cares about is having a doctor vouch that she has no life-threatening health problems–a well-child exam would suffice.)

Ava’s name is called, and a male nurse walks us back to the room.
Nurse: Do you have her shot records?
Me: Not with me, no.
Nurse: (quite rudely, at least I thought so) Well, we need them if we’re going to get her caught up on her shots.
Me: Oh, she doesn’t need any shots. She’s all caught up.
Nurse: We don’t know that. (glares at me)
Me: (Stare, not glare, back at him.)
Me: (Keep staring)
Me: So, we need to go home then?
Nurse: No, no, just bring them next time.

Once he understood why we were there (to get clearance for minor surgery), he lightened up and became civil. I braced myself for more nastiness from the doctor (I’m such an optimist) since this office has given me so much grief in the past. Surprise! She was wonderful–so sweet and kind, praising Ava over and over. I went from bitter to beaming in 20 seconds flat.

Then the nurse (a woman this time–I probably scared the guy off) came in to do Ava’s vision and hearing exams. She was wonderful, too.
Nurse: Do you know your letters, sweetie?
Ava: (shrugs)
Me: Most of them, I think.
Nurse: Do you want to play a game?
Ava: (nods yes)
Nurse: (pulls out chart) If you don’t know one of the letters, just say, “I don’t know.” Can you read this letter?”
Me: (sweating, knowing Ava does not know all her letters)
Ava: P
Nurse: Good!
(It went downhill from there. She knew O and L but not D or T or Z. The nurse pulled out the E chart for non-readers. Ava loved it. The nurse showered her with stickers.)

In other news:

–I have another radio interview tomorrow at 10:45 am. I’d love it if you’d pray for me. I’m letting the girls watch Nina again (it’s just 15 minutes). I’ll keep doing it until it doesn’t work. I have another one scheduled for mid-June that’s 45 minutes long–that scares me a little.)

–Gabe had a podcast interview at 7:00 tonight, so I took the girls to the Metro Gardens (shocker) and Target (shocker) from 6:15-8:30 to get them out of his hair. The interview had to be rescheduled. Grrr…

–Please pray for my Grandma. She has cancer in her bladder and has lots of yucky treatments coming up. Thankfully, this is supposed to be the easiest cancer to treat.

–My parents and all my siblings (with spouses/kids) are converging on our house Friday for some family fun. We don’t all get to be together very often, and I love it when we do. Steph and Daniel are coming up from SC to graduate from CU, so they’ll be in OH for a few days. Hooray!

–Mom, can you bring my jewelry from Grandma when you come to Ava’s game tomorrow? Thanks! (My dad has been in Mexico for 3 weeks and has to go back for 3 more. He has one chance to see the girls play soccer, so it’s Ava tomorrow and Livi on Friday.)

–I made chicken nachos tonight using Tonia’s chicken recipe. I do that chicken all the time now, Tonia! Gabe gets chicken nachos at every single restaurant we go to that serves them. He said mine are better than La Charreada’s (this is a big compliment for me).

–One of my best friends from high school just got engaged. I am soooooo excited for her. She waited patiently for God to bring the right guy along, and He delivered. They’re getting married in September.

–I should have some news to report about book #3 next week. I’m not a huge fan of this waiting game, but I should probably get used to it. I’m really looking forward to quoting all of you wise people.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

22 thoughts on “just some stuff

  1. tonialynn59

    I found out the beef recipe.  Do the same thing only use round steak. Shredd and use for beef nacho’s, enchilada’s or whatever you want to do.

  2. ladymiss3739

    I finally got to hear you on the interview…it was fun hearing you and I was amazed at how well you answered the questions.  I know you wrote the book, but I don’t know how good I’d be if I knew my answers were being recorded.   

    The chicken sounds good…I’ll have to try it. 

  3. gsowell

    Finally listened to your interview…isn’t it weird how hearing the voice that goes with the face and words I know made me feel a step closer to “knowing” you?

  4. tonialynn59

    You know someone told me you can do the recipe with beef too.  I can’t remember what though.  I’ll have to figure out who told me cause I’ve been meaning to try it.  I’m thinking a chuck roast but not sure.

  5. gsowell

    Thanks! I remember that now. I guess in my brain I had down-graded it from actual surgery to something lesser…but if they’re knocking her out, it is surely surgery.

  6. gsowell

    Easy recipe…why didn’t I think of that? Loved the doctor’s office stories. I know that is what we are up against very soon! Eye exams for school. I am sorry for asking this, but what kind of surgery does Ava need? When is it? How did I miss that info?

  7. kkakwright

    Ever since I read that recipe I have been wanting chicken tacos.  The lady from my church that brought us dinner this evening brought us chicken tacos!!!!!!  They were oh so good.  Shredded, moist chicken……yum.

  8. Nixter77

    that recipe sounds yummy yum yum. So please the interview went well and glad Ava is all good and that you are getting to hang with you family on Friday – woo hoot!!

    nixie = loves marsy

  9. faithchick

    i am so curious about next week’s announcement. 🙂

    my mama is reading your books now. kinda gives me the heebie jeebies to see book #2 on her bedside table…but…i know it’ll have good results. (gross.)

    i’m palnning an outing to target today. 🙂 it’s such a great place!

  10. tonialynn59

    Don’t you just love dealing with all the red tape and such with the dr.’s?  I feel so many times especially with Justin that I have to jump through so many hoops.  It is tiring.  Glad Ava’s went as well as it did.  I am praying for your interview.  Praying for your Grandma.  Sounds like it will be exciting times with everyone home for the graduation.  I hope you all have a wonderful time!  I’m so glad you liked the chicken recipe.  So good and so easy.  I use that chicken then in lots of stuff, enchiladas too.  Can’t wait to hear about the book!

  11. angntug

    Yeah, you must be much nicer than I…I caught my dermatologist in a complete contradicting statement and HE glared at me…hehe….long story short…why, if a dr tells you a certain area of your skin is NOT inflamed, would he prescribe an anti-inflammatory? That’s what I thought, too….oh, and I had some guy “checking me out” in c-bus a couple weeks ago…I looked at him, yelled, “WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?! and gave him an awful face with my tongue sticking out….lol…I don’t think he looked at me at again….
    Glad your fam will be in town! can’t wait to hear about your 3rd book!

  12. YoYoYoder

    So THAT’S what the E sight charts are for! Ha! You gotta love those stickers. Good job Ava!

    I want the recipe for those chicken nachos!

    I can’t wait till Friday!

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