just some pics

Chloe and Ava–friends who could be sisters

Happy Zoo Day!

Easter at Gabe’s Grandpa’s house

Ready for church

Grandma and Papaw Taviano

2nd cousins and buddies–Ethan and Nina

30 thoughts on “just some pics

  1. angntug

    I just showed Tug the pic, he was like, “whoa!” They’re so cute! I will have to check Tug’s pics and send you the ones of your kids…

  2. angntug

    I had a dream before you got prego with Nina that you had 4 girls…..I think Chloe’s the sister! They look identical to each other! What a fun day with kids! It’s always nice to see you guys…Tug and I will have to come and spend the day with you guys sometime when it warms up…maybe we’ll plan it with Rock and Janelle, too if they want….I love watching the kids play…they have so much fun together!

  3. faithchick

    can’t we all just get along?

    i cannot believe chloe & ava. i looked at that picture at first, w/o reading the caption and i thought, “wow. i didn’t realize how much ava & livi look alike.” unreal.

    wasn’t last easter the debut of your very short haircut? it looks really cute now, too.

  4. KmHunsberger

    I can’t believe how much Choloe and Ava look alike!  I feel like Ava and Livi have changed so much since I “met” you a year ago!!! You look awesome in the bf church pic too…what a BEAUTIFUL family!!!!

  5. Nixter77

    Cute pics – all looking very lovely… Happy Easter, we just got back from our weekend away. Hope to chat soon 😉

    Chloe and Ava look so alike – both extremely cute and cheeky chicas.

  6. jennikim

    oh yeah, and just keep up the pic posts like this and maybe someday you will be able to catch up to me!!

    my husband teases me, saying that he is going to have to get a bigger hard drive for all the pics i take. he also says we could watch caiden’s life in a flip book if we printed off all the pics we have of him.

    what can i say? i love my baby and i hate the thought of forgetting anything about this incredible first year of his life!

  7. YoYoYoder

    LOVE the pics! I wore a dress with pants to church last Sunday, too! Ha! You look hot in your black shirt and jeans! I can’t wait until Tuesday! Who’s Chloe?

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