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  1. jessmariecarpenter


    Hi. It’s Jessica Miner Carpenter. I think you’ll remember me as one of T’s (Janelle…weird for me to call her that) cheerleaders from Temple. I ordered both of your books and am waiting for them to come from Amazon and I saw that Harvest House was wanting you to send them to people and influential people. Me…not so much in the influential realm; but I do happen to be the wedding director at our church http://www.seacoast.org  and it’s a church of several thousand w/ multiple locations in NC, SC and even GA. I can’t wait to read it and recommend it to all the brides and get it in our bookstore… I know I haven’t read it yet; but this is a HUGE topic for marriage that really really needs a voice.. I can tell you that all my girlfriends would agree.

    Jessica (P.S…..Hi Gabe and girls)


  2. thejdfamily

    ok – i don’t know you, but saw your blog through kristen’s – are you an the author – marla? if so i’m reading your book, from blushing bride to wedded wife, at the moment… i saw it on a friends sight & it looked interesting… (i know this has nothing to do w/ your family pics, i just wanted to leave a comment.)

  3. Nixter77

    I asked Scoot if we could come visit one day – he said yes!!! Woo Hoot. Not sure if I will make it for Ava’s birthday at least not in person BUT as I said mayb I could attend via Skype??? Anyhoo, I am excited that we are one day going to visit, just need to work on when!

  4. faithchick

    “just” some pics?!?!

    No, not “just”. Those are more than “just pics” they are absolutely ADORABLE!!! 🙂 SO bright & cheery! Wonderful. 🙂 Your family is precious, precious, precious!!

    (somehow I missed this post on monday…)

  5. ctorlone

    Looks like sooooooo much fun!  Depending on how the snow goes today up here in the Delaware area, AND if I can get this big baby belly rolling…it’d be fun to bundle up and play outside with the girls!  Your pictures are definitely inspiration!!!  Have a GREAT week!

  6. gsowell

    The valentines turned out cute…and it looks like everyone had fun! I LOVE that last picture of Livi and Ava lying on the snow. Beautiful, beautiful girls! So is Nina-Blue-Eyes!

  7. tonialynn59

    Love the pictures.  I was sad to read in your book you don’t like to scrapbook.  I will forgive you!haha  Anyway I see these beautiful pictures and the bright colors and I see page layouts.  Can’t help myself.  Glad to see you enjoyed your time with your sisters and it sure looks like your girls did.  We are on the north end of the storm you all are supposed to get.  We are only supposed to get 2-4″ tonight.

  8. angntug

    How adorable! Little Nina looks so much like you and your sisters! She’s so cute! Hopefully It’ll be “warm” enough to take the kids outside after all the snow we’re supposed to get….tell the girls we said “hi!”

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