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Sorry for my sporadic blog presence lately. I’ve hit what you might call a WALL. Not a blogging wall so much as a life wall. I’ve just about got the Trust-God-to-Provide-for-Zoos Thing down pat. I’m stuck on the Trust-God-to-Lift-Me-Out-of-My-Self-Pity-Funk Junk.

As of a few hours ago, things are going MUCH better.

I have something fun to share! A couple fun things actually. The first being–my little sister is PREGNANT! No, not Bethany of Darling Isabelle Kate Fame. But Stephanie of Lives Far Away in South Carolina Fame. And soon to be, Stephanie of Designer Jewelry Creator Fame.

CONGRATULATIONS to Stephi and her hubby Daniel expecting their first little one in February! I can’t wait!

So, the jewelry thing. If you’ve been around awhile, you know how much I love Big Mama. She’s brilliant and witty and laugh-out-loud hilarious. LOVE her. I got to meet her in April, and I’ll spare you the pic since I’ve already posted it twice (maybe thrice?). You can see it here if you missed it all the other times.

So, I’m reading Kelly’s blog the other day and was so excited to see that she got to meet Big Mama and Boo Mama. I got to meet Boo last summer, and I could cry that I didn’t have my camera with me.

ANYWAY, I see a delightful pic of Melanie (Big Mama) holding Harper (Kelly’s baby girl) and as pretty as both of them are, I only had eyes for one thing–Melanie’s NECKLACE! See, back when we met in April, I took her a little gift–a necklace my talented sister Stephanie made. Mel was wearing the necklace in the pic, and it looked stunning on her!

I e-mailed her right away and she said she’d been meaning to ask me if my sister sells them somewhere because “it’s seriously becoming part of her summer wardrobe” and people keep asking her about it. How fun is that?!?

I asked Kelly if I could “borrow” the pic of Melanie and Harper for your viewing enjoyment, and she said of course and absolutely. So here you go:

Do you see that necklace?! Isn’t it just STUNNING?! Don’t you want one for your very own self, so that you can be JUST LIKE BIG MAMA??

Well, be patient, because I’m working on that. If I wasn’t leaving in 11 days to go to 11 Zoos in 15 days and planning a party for a couple hundred people a week after I got back… I would sweetly ask my hubby to scrape together a little website where you could buy Steph’s Stuff. He said he’d love to help out, but he has a couple hundred things to do before we leave next Friday. So, you may have to wait a little while, but I couldn’t wait to share the fun news.

Before summer’s end, Steph will have a website where you can buy beautiful handmade necklaces and earrings just like all the cool people are wearing these days. Woohoo!!

In Other News:

–Andrea (Italian friend of ours) is back from holiday. Back with a vengeance I should say. If you left any sort of comment on any of the politics/faith posts a couple weeks ago, Andrea most likely has a word (or 400) specifically for you. Especially if you happen to believe in Creationism. Check here, here, and here to see if he responded to you personally.

And Andrea, I know you find it offensive when I say something’s missing in your life, but I’m not backing down, bro. Praying for you daily.

–We’ve got places to stay in Denver, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, San Diego and Phoenix. Still looking for friends in/near Omaha (July 10), Wichita (July 21), Kansas City (July 22) and St. Louis (July 23). If you’re up for a party with people you’ve never met (and who most likely will smell like a zoo when they get to your house), let us know!!

–Coming later this week–pics from the National Zoo in DC and the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. And a fun interview with a Sweet Texas Mama and friend of mine (not 2 interviews–they’re the same person). And the afore-promised pic of me kissing a giraffe. And some pics of four sweet little girls in dresses…

May your Monday be a hundred kinds of delightful!

13 thoughts on “just like big mama

  1. Kelli

    I get compliments on Stephanie’s necklace that you gave me ALL the time. I would have some VERY happy friends to know they could buy her stuff!! How exciting that she is pregnant!

  2. Andrea De Togni

    hahaah back with vengeance! 🙂
    What a bad presentation you gave 🙂

    I suppose there’s no way I could convince you to spend in a more useful way your time instead of praying for me, right? 🙂

  3. Laura Strough

    Anxiously awaiting pictures from our house!!! Can I steal some from you? I know they must be great with that nifty schmifty camera you had 😉 miss you and praying you all will continue to feel peace during the end of yer adventure and everything will fall into place with accomidations like it did in the past! love you guys!

  4. Stephanie

    I feel so special to have most of a whole blog devoted to me! Having a famous sister with a long line of devoted blog fans is going to be good for business. 🙂

    Thanks for getting the ball rolling with my online jewelry selling! I can be so unmotivated.

    For those of you who asked, I actually do have an etsy account, I’ve just never taken the time to get things going. Not sure it’s the route I want to go.

    I love you big sis!

  5. Michaela

    I have to tell you about our trip to the Columbus zoo on Sunday. We were walking up to the tortoise and I was telling my husband about your experience with them and we were laughing. We watched them for a little while and all of the sudden the male (I’m guessing) decided to get up and move and before we knew it (who knew they moved that fast!) they were “at it”. We just laughed and I couldn’t help but think about how fitting your description was of the “event”. Must be the time of year for them to mate??? Have a wonderful trip coming up! We’ll be praying for you and congratulations to your sister!!!

  6. Sarah S

    I was also wondering if Stephanie has an Etsy. It’s my favorite place to find unique, homemade jewelry (among other things).

  7. Kaye

    LOVE the necklace! Your sister is very talented! Congratulations on your growing family. I know they are very excited about their first.
    And girly, please know how very much I am praying for this last leg of your trip to come together and in the midst of all the preparations you’ll be at PEACE and allowing HIM to hold you throughout this journey.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  8. The Secret Life of Kat

    Sometimes I start to think I’m busy. Then I read your blog – and I eat another bon bon.

    Whew. I don’t know how to keep blogging with so much going on. You need to write a post sometime on how to juggle everything. I’m always curious to see how other moms find time to blog.

    Has your sister looked into Etsy.com? I have some friends who use it and have found it to be a great way to sell online.

    Have a wonderful, peaceful, content week, Marla.

  9. Missy

    Congrats to Stephanie AND Auntie Marla! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of your sis’s jewelry later this summer!

  10. Marla Taviano


    I’m the oldest of 4 kids. Josh is 30, married to Jess, has 3 kids (around my kids’ ages). Bethany is 27, married to Stewart, has 8-month-old Isabelle Kate. Stephanie is 24, married to Daniel, baby on the way.

    I’ll tell you the rest soon. Or whenever you’re tired of the mystery. 🙂

  11. Colleen

    I am addicted to Melanie’s blog! I LOVE HER! Every morning I’m crying from laughter reading about her antics! She must be a HOOT in person!

  12. Ali

    I’ve never asked you about your family. But from this, I’m guessing you have two younger sisters. And one brother-in-law, at least.

    Funny how I know so much about your personal life – second-hand undergarments, motherhoood struggles, political stance, giraffe obsession (or is it a fetish, I’m beginning to wonder – wink), passion for all-things Jesus – but I know so little about your history.

    I kind of like it that way: Marla the Mystery . . .

  13. Elizabeth

    I noticed that necklace on Kelly’s blog and wondered about it. Please let us know when Gabe gets your sister’s site up and running, and tell her congrats on the baby!

    I gave my sister your book this weekend and bragged about you to my family. They all think you’re great. I do too, and I am praying with you that all the zoo details get worked out perfectly.

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